Glen Canyon Dam Experimental High Flow 2012

Secretary Salazar: Today, I will trigger the first high flow water release under a new protocol that we have all developed which finalized in May of this year, and will be repeated in the years ahead when conditions are right for releases. This long-term protocol extends until 2020 and beyond, and it’s a first of its kind on the Colorado River. Assistant Secretary Castle: In that effort together I think we’ve written a new chapter in Colorado River history. It’s a chapter that we’re all co-authors of. But you know even more than the physical effects I think what we’re doing here today is an important step in fulfilling our responsibility under the Grand Canyon Protection Act.

100 thoughts on “Glen Canyon Dam Experimental High Flow 2012

  1. That depends on your definition of destructive. I don't know about you, but I'd say flooding 254 square miles of pristine land is pretty darn destructive.


  3. ha ha Vegas cartel men in black ordered more water for their casinos , "listen , I ain't mad at ya" but if ya don't get us more water we'll kill ya . . . that's what this "High Flow) was really all about (pay off money) trying to re-fill lake meads water level 'cause that's where Vegas gets its water and is sucking it dry over time . . . . pretty sad
    bastards they are . . just saying

  4. Because you hate humanity and yourself doesn't mean the rest of us do. That reservoir provides vast amounts of clean drinking water to millions of people. The hydro turbines provide vast amounts of clean energy. Glen Canyon Dam is a wonderful thing we should all be proud of and thankful for. I am.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me in the way the bunny huggers want to remove the dams and return the river to its natural state. All the while they are sending out their messages on a computer powered by the electricity that those same dams produce. Stupid shitholes.

  6. Years of drought and these guys want to release more water???  How about keeping the reservoir full so we can have years of steady power generation. But no lets build sand bars instead…

  7. what would happen if you somehow fell off  into that stream of water ?

  8. Sorry, i don't know much about this.  But something just seems wrong here.  Just plain wrong.

  9. Now that's just stupid, sorry California farmers guess you'll just have to pray for rain. Well don't worry people there is plenty of bottled water and and veggies at the store.

  10. Totally fake.  The water is coming from jets in the pipe creating the illusion of fast flowing water.   In reality it's nothing more than an aerated water tube.  

  11. I think this is necessary to release the sand otherwise dam will be without water just mad and sand.

  12. 0:26 U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell August 2013 "I’ve listened to your stories, now I have to listen to the animals."  These are the people in charge…

  13. That was an awful lot of drinking and power water that just went down river, especially for an arid region. Seems a little foolish to me.

    I understand the desire to keep the channel bars in a natural state, but that has to be balanced against the need of millions of people to have clean water.

  14. What the hell is wrong with the people in California… They're now begging Texas for help.  You people need to quit letting Hollywood, special interests, tree huggers, and Hispanics make your decisions… Seriously.

  15. Lot of pomp and ceremony for opening a tap for a while. I was expecting them to cut a ribbon and name the jet of water after a movie star … we now name this jet of water 'Brad Pitt' … enabling lots of wetness in the region 😛 

  16. Salazar is a ass hat. He has closed more family farms and done more harm to American than any other in the history of the US… 

  17. Who cares about this bunch of stupid old jerks? Just show us the damn water !

  18. Bunch of sanctimonious goobers patting themselves on the back.  On the other hand, don't have much sympathy for people who LIVE IN THE DESERT AND COMPLAIN ABOUT LACK OF WATER.  So, environmentalist goober vs. harry homeowner in the dessert – this shit is a spectator sport for me, I love it.

  19. The problem is that such releases do very little to rebuild the sandbars.  They are releasing CLEAN water that is basically devoid of sand and silt – the very materials needed to create the sandbars they are trying to recreate. All of the solid materials have settled in the bottom of the lake, FAR upstream from the dam

  20. I'm the 3rd one who asks… Where's that music from?
    I'm sure the artist appreciates and deserves some credits too 😉

  21. To all the "we will run out of water and die" comments — we will always have water to provide to every region. The water may move to different places and be stored else where. But it will always be there, we will never run out of water.

  22. I guess the 1983 overspill was an unexpected thing? How much money has been made and pissed into the wind by those federalist jackasses?

  23. Don't you love how self-important assholes always gather when cameras are around?

  24. More bureaucrats than engineers in government engineering fields, more bureaucrats than doctors in government healthcare, more bureaucrats than teachers in government education. Naturally, opening valves in a dam is a gauzy public celebration of the inherent goodness in the hearts and minds of benevolent unionized bureaucrats, "writing new chapters" in "protocols" and "in history" which are "even more important than the physical effects" of an engineering or environmental achievement.

  25. Meaning, during a lengthy drought all through the Colorado River drainage due to the world's El Nino/Southern Oscillation natural cycle, the Oboma administration's minions needlessly drained tens of millions of tons of water out through the dam … into nothing.  But it made the eco-freaks "happy" …   Which is all that he wants.

  26. imagine you are standing in front of such a tube/pipe and they pull that lever… goodbye mate

  27. Go to 0:55 if you want to skip over politician/bureaucrat speeches.. Welcome in advance

  28. The smug speech was most of the video and the music was distracting. they also didnt explain anything about how it works or what makes it so great, they only said its the first of its kind. I also heard no useful information, they only talked about the part that involved them being the first to do something and them turning it on – woop de doo.

  29. Do you want increased erosion of the river bed? Because that's how you get increased erosion of the river bed.

  30. Oh boy! I get to turn a knob and make the water go whooosh!! …then it's back to Hollywood bitching and moaning about the drought and how people must conserve water. Dumbass liberals.

  31. yes sit and smile about bull shit the numbers of good rivers through out America ruined for the sake of dams every were used lots of good salmon rivers now there as good as gone we alway take a good thing and ruin it they should be taken dams

  32. That's like a million bucks worth of lost power every minute going out those tubes.

  33. I live in the northeast, isn't the water pissing out those pipe's supposed to be yellow water.

  34. The point is to see the water start out of the Giant Pipes. Not show the Gnomes pull the Lever and slowly pan after the water is going.

  35. i dare a dare devid to skim board the top of the stream. get 2 ropes and attached 1 to the left and one to the right and make them come together like a V. the guy will hold the bottom of the V so he doesnt just slide off the side of the stream. if he successfully glids the top, the force pushing him back should lock him in place. i tell you what……… whoever.. if whoever do it, they'll go down in the history books for sure.

  36. Would rather see the engineers and people who build stuff turn on and open constructions…

  37. Why is Carol from The Walking Dead giving a speech about Colorado Rivers?

  38. 00:03 FUCK OFF! Let's see the water!

  39. It is basically the most terrifying preasure washer on the plant

  40. Dog and Pony show. Two guys could have done that without all the grandstanding.

  41. What's the point? isn't lake Mead at insanely low levels right now? All that precious water wasted away as those guys smile and high five one another. Billions of gallons flowing away. I almost got beat up as a kid for opening a fire hydrant for a couple minutes 🙁 Made us pay the bill for wasted water. Jack asses

  42. Hmmm, the desert golf courses in California, Arizona and Nevada must have asked for a little more water to put into their fake fountains and water traps

  43. The opening of the bottom of a dam valves is always a beautiful spectacle to behold. Thank you for posting ! Greetings from Brazil.

  44. I get tired of watching politicians and bureaucrats get up and pander to the media like this. "Today, we are going to do the right thing because its the right thing to do!"

  45. The operations and maintenance technicians should be the ones getting thanked not these turds

  46. Are not Hoover and Glen Canyon Dam almost exactly alike as far as infastructure? They look almost exactly the same.. Does anyone know any info on the two dams?

  47. I wonder what would happen if you were standing on top of one of those pipes and jumped into the flow. I imagine it would probably kill you, the pressure looks like it could tear you to shreds.

  48. Having run the canyon since this "experiment", it didn't work very well. And Ken Salazar, lose the stupid hats…. we know you are bald.

  49. The same types of people stood on that spot and made smug speeches and created the problems 100 years ago. They were the experts then and these are the experts now proving that no one knows nothing about nothing.

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