GMC Denali HD Plow Truck Strobe Lights

How are you doing? This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for LED safety and emergency lighting for
construction trucks, cars, SUVs, and whatever else you need. Here with a brand-new new face GMC, this is the brand new body style by GM. This particular one
happens to be a GMC Denali HD and we’ve done a couple of different things on
this vehicle. As you can see first and foremost, we’ve got our Razor in the
grille. And I do apologize about how bright that is but if I turn down the
ISO on the camera, you can actually see we do have an alternation of color and
in-person, I can guarantee you that the colors show up very vivid and you can
definitely see the X pattern that we’re going with there. I just have to turn the
camera all the way down to almost nothing to show you. If we return that ISO to
auto, this will be no camera trick, this is exactly how bright it is. Of course,
we’ve also incorporated the ever-popular flood mode into those lights as well. You can see when I dial down the camera, it is only those lights that are on
producing a significant amount of white light forward-facing when required. We
did a little something else on this new truck. Now I’m not sure if you’re aware
but a lot of these GM’s have light-up markers now. It’s a parking light circuit
in the fender well here and we’ve hooked up our Auto Flasher module to the fender
marker lights. This was by customer’s request and I
think it turned out quite nice. This vehicle primarily does snow removal, so
we built the package around what the customer wanted to see. So we wanted to
flash these factory side lights to give them a little bit of extra visibility.
It’s actually not very hard of a job. The wiring is fairly easy to get to and you
can use our standard Auto Flasher module to do it, it’s very easy. There are all
four parking lights. Here you can see them with the front lights activated too.
Now I do not have an install video for the side fender lights for the Auto
Flasher module because as I said, the wiring is fairly easy to get to and it’s
a fairly easy modification by following the standard Auto Flasher instructional
video on the website. So if you’re interested in doing these
fender lights, pick up your Auto Flasher module and you’re gonna have to source
the wiring, it’s very easy to find, interrupt it and you can easily wig-wag your fender lights the same as this. Now the other feature that this truck got
because it plows snow, by owner request we added some flood lighting to the step
pockets. We’ve got a flood light in the front step and a flood light in the back
step and they will be available on the website very soon. We had to trim the
front step bracket very slightly in the back to make a room for the floodlight
and there was very little modification needed in the bumper step, other than to
move the proximity sensor out of the way before you drill your holes. There’s a
little better shot of that floodlight right there. You can see in the back step,
as well as the front step, we just wanted to get a lot more side lighting out
behind the back ends of this truck and as I’ll display right now by shutting
off the shop lights, you can see that that flood lighting adds a significant
amount of light to the sides of the truck. Again, this was by owner request. They have a lot of light out back on the sides of the truck, just like this for when he is snow plowing. Let me show you the warning mode in the back. Well with the shop lights off, you can easily see the pattern that
we have set. It’s a fast 75 FPM triple flash alternation and what we have there
is a couple of TIR-3’s and our LED HAW DUO low dome, back-mounted through the fascia on the corner of the bumper. This is to get as much amber around the back as we can. We didn’t want to manipulate the taillight because although we could wig
wag the OEM white reverse, the goal with this project was to get amber on the
vehicle for plowing purposes. Here you can see a little better shot of those
lights and as I said earlier, you will need to remove temporarily your
proximity sensor in the corner of the bumper in order to get that drill hole
that you need, to drill one-inch hole and back mount that LED HAW DUO right in the corner of the bumper there. I glue it in with RTV sealant from the back and that
way, we don’t have any screws showing. It’s a nice clean install. As you can see, there’s where we mounted the TIR-3’s. There’s where the hideaway DUO is, right there in the corner of the bumper. Here’s a little better shot right
here. I’ll try to get a little closer for you. You can see there how I mounted that
little floodlight, right there in the pocket and how we back-mounted that
amber LED HAW. I’ll go to the front. Here we are at the front pocket. This is the one
you will have to trim slightly the bracket behind it for this mounting
location. I suppose you might be able to mount that light a little higher but
there is slight curvature to the plastic, so we chose to mount it right here and I
just want to show one more time those awesome Auto Flasher modules that we’re using to flash the factory fender lights there. Give them some free side
warning with the factory included fender light, back and forth. If you have mirrors
on this truck you’d like to flash or roof lights, you can contact us about
that via email. I’m sure we’re gonna have options coming available very soon
for the mirrors and the roof light on this model truck as well. Here inside the
vehicle, by customer request, we brought our six-position switch out right from
in here. He wants to be able to just simply tuck it away when not in use and
when he’s plowing, he can bring it up and we’re gonna design a cell phone type cup
mount for right here I believe, or something to go right down in here. We
haven’t added the legends yet but we will be adding those shortly and it’s
all controlled again by the 6 button controller right on our website. Thanks
again for watching George at Wicked Warnings. Remember to bring your new body GM over to Wicked Warnings to get it done right the first time.
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Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings. This is George, your number one source for LED safety and emergency strobe lighting and equipment for cars,
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