GMC Sierra Construction Safety Lights for Trucks

Hi and thanks for watching. This is George here at Wicked Warnings, here with a little bit of GMC love. This particular truck,
2500 Sierra 2012 model year. I wanted to show a
little bit of the side mirror rear flood light action we’ve got going on this
particular truck. I do not currently have a kit for that.
It was a custom shop modification done here at our location. So if you’re
looking for information on the white side mirror lights, rear facing that you
can see flashing up there, please send an email and we will keep you posted when
we have that available. You can see the back end of this truck is featuring our
all-new ECO LED HAW with an all-new flash pattern set. It also has our Thin-X
LED in the LIN version, in amber-white, alternating there on the tool box. Here
you can see the side view mirror a little bit better. This particular client
does a lot of highway construction, where he’s on and off of construction sites
near and around highways. So we definitely needed to get him some good
lighting towards the back of the truck. His front is very much underused, so we
did a simple two light setup on the grille because as I said, almost all the
danger for this particular client is behind him when he enters and exits the
construction zones. On this era of GMC product, the reverse lens is fairly easy
to get a hideaway in. You simply come up from the bottom. It’s a single wall lens.
You can see the hideaway right there. It’s a very easy install. We put a quick
disconnect on the lights on his toolbox, so his toolbox can pop right out with no
problem. Just disconnect the wire on the quick disconnect and remove the toolbox
if needed. The cargo light is also very easy to install a hideaway. You simply
remove the OEM bulb and enlarge the hole and install the hideaway in the OEM
bulb’s place. We’ve utilized the factory plow preparation switch from GM to
activate everything. That switch right there, that’s what’s activating the whole system, per the customer’s request. And out front, we’ve got a simple pair of our Thin-X in LIN amber-white, just like on
the back toolbox. We’ve set them on a more calm alternating amber-white pattern, just to keep it a little bit more friendly on
the eyes when he’s working in front of the vehicle. As I said, most of the time
the work area is in front of this vehicle, so we didn’t want to distract or
blind the workers but we do want to offer warning on both front and rear. If
you happen to have a GMC with one of these really fancy chrome grilles and
you don’t want to put any damage in the grille, we try to be conscious when we do
installs and make sure to do as little damage as we possibly can. And with this
particular grille, we have ABS plastic behind the grille that the screws grab
into, a nice foam gasket that comes with the light and we were able to put the
wire through this hole here and put the ABS plastic insert behind these holes. So
this is actually a damage-free install. The lights can be removed and the
grille is completely untouched. It wouldn’t surprise me that that GMC
grille is $1,000 to replace it, so we again, try if possible to do the install
without damaging. So if you have a grille like this, our Thin-X light might be a
good fit for your grille. And these headlights here, are not very easy to get a hideaway in, so we don’t really suggest putting the hideaway strobe
light in that headlight. We do, however, suggest something like our Thin-X. Fits
very nice, looks very good and has an extremely broad field of light. So as you
see, when we get way over to the side of the vehicle, we can still see that light
fairly well. It is a LIN, a linear, that’s what LIN stands for, linear lens. So it
spreads the light at about a hundred and eighty degrees around the light head,
very good light. Thanks again for watching. Be sure to check the
description for links to the products that we used in this build and as I
mentioned earlier, I do not have a ready-made solution for that mirror
modification. That was done in-house. Come see us here at Wicked Warnings, so we can do your truck too or give us an email at [email protected] and we’ll try
to stay in touch when that product becomes available. As of right now, we
only have the forward-facing kit for flashing the mirror lights. We have not
perfected the rearward white mirror light kit, but it’s in progress. Thanks again
for watching. Stay tuned for more videos.

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  1. Awaiting the complete kit for forward yellows and rearward spots on the mirror. Not wanting to take it apart more than necessary! The dumb things already have some clickidy clack to them…

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