Gnus in the Grumeti River- Wildlife in Serengeti EP02, #03, 그루메티강 누우떼

The Grumeti River in the northern
end of the Serengeti. This is the largest source of water
north of the savanna. After 2 months traveling, the herd of
gnus arrive at the Grumeti River. The sound of gnus wailing in thurst… The Nile crocodiles have waited
a long time for this moment. These gnus run without
a drop of water for many days. The smell of water dries up their uvulae,
but they can’t go down to the river to drink because a sip of water
can mean certain death. Older and experienced gnus are careful, but the young are unaware of
the danger lurking in the waters. The gnus cannot overcome
the sound of sipping and drinking and crowd into the river uncontrollably. This is the very moment the crocodiles
have been waiting for. The first victim is found.
It was a weak young gnu. The gnus cannot give up the water even though they know the crocodiles
are waiting to attack them. The need to quench their thirst
is so desperate
that they are willing to risk their lives. A narrow escape from death. It was only possible
because it was a strong mother gnu. After a while,
more crocodiles crowd in. With eyes on top of their heads
and nostrils open toward the sky, crocodiles can approach their prey right up to their noses
without being discovered. Once it catches the gnu, it pulls it
into the water to drown it to death. When the gnu is drowned,
the carnival of blood begins. Crocodiles turn their bodies around to
take a bite of the flesh and bone off the gnu. Within a split second,
the legs and arms of the gnu
are torn apart. Crocodiles battle with each other
to get more meat. Crocodiles have 66 sharp teeth, but they are only efficient
for biting, not for chewing. Once they bite off the flesh, they swallow it whole
because they can’t chew well. The tail that takes up 40% of its body
length is the source of their strength. They use the strength of their tails when they turn around,
burst out from the water or catch fish. The one with the largest body among
this group of crocodiles is the leader. The leader always takes
the best part of the food. However, not all the crocodiles stuff
their hungry stomachs. Those that have been
waiting for this moment by eating only small fish all year long
cannot be easily satisfied. Another young gnu becomes a victim. Witnessing death all around them,
the gnus begin to step back. But their patience and fear cannot
overcome their blazing thirst. A fairly large gnu is caught
by its ankle. The crocodile pulls its game into the water
in order to drown it to death. The gnu helplessly writhes in vain. In another minute or two,
it will definitely be drowned to death. The carcass of its mate floating around it
strikes a deeper terror into its heart. But no matter how hard it struggles,
it fails to step forward. The crocodile is regaining
its strength again. The gnu will have much less
of a chance of survival if it is pulled deeper into the water. Crocodiles are the smartest animals
among large reptiles, and they are also the most patient. The gnu uses all the strength it has and succeeds
in putting its fore leg on the ground. If it can step up on the ground, the gnu will have the advantage
in this struggle. The turning point of life and death. It cannot be experienced
with anyone else but alone. The other gnus have given up hope.
They begin to leave one by one. The gnu begins to writhe
more frantically, but it only worsened the situation. While it lost its balance,
the crocodile gained the upper hand. Now the gnu is sinking deeper
into the water. Death is imminent. But… the exhausted crocodile
gives the gnu up first. It was a mortal combat that
continued for about 30 minutes. Sometimes survival instincts
become stronger than any other power in the world. Silence has returned to the river
as if nothing happened. For a year until the gnus come back,
the river will remain peaceful. After filling their stomachs, the crocodiles are cooling themselves
in midday by opening up their mouths
to let out the body heat. A living fossil that has existed on earth
for more than 65 million years, the crocodile, will now feed on
small fishes and birds little by little. Crocodiles need to eat
as much as half of its body weight to survive throughout the year.

100 thoughts on “Gnus in the Grumeti River- Wildlife in Serengeti EP02, #03, 그루메티강 누우떼

  1. 5:14 O que estiver na frente eles comem até pedaços dos seus companheiros.

  2. Killing for food is a harsh fact of nature.

    Even herbivores kill grasses, plants, tubers and uproot trees to feed. Along with the flora, numerous insects that live in flora too get killed.

    No one feels sad for floral forms when they become fodder for herbivores.

  3. They need to have more crocs on restaurants' menus. What ugly critters. They should have gone extinct with the dinos.

  4. Thank God us humans have bridges to cross oceans and rivers, repent for your sins God is coming soon praise the Lord.

  5. Great that he escaped now the Lions will get him poor bugger but such is nature

  6. Wildebeest, Gazelles and Zebras are some of the most useless animals on the planet.

  7. প্রাণীজগতে সবচেয়ে আফ্রিকান,নীলনদ কুমিরের সবচেয়ে শক্তি বেশি।এদের সাথে অন্য প্রাণীর শক্তিতে তুলনায় করা যায় না।

  8. Już lepiej jak by ją zjedli bo tak się tylko męczy A i tak ją ktoś inny zabije

  9. That croc showed the wildebeest mercy.But when the other predators see it limping,games over check mate.

  10. What an idiot "I really think its neck is broken" How the fuck is it walking around then. God the stupidity of the Americans in Africa. There is nothing wrong with the Zebra, it will survive just fine. Go back to America, to your Yellowstone!

  11. Witnessing death all around them, the Gnus begin to step back. But their patience and fear can not overcome their blazing thirst.

  12. Tôi đã có nói về việc này nhiều lần rồi, cá sấu là loài ăn tạp,nguy hiểm,đem đến lợi ích cho các giống loài khác thì ít, mà chúng huỷ diệt các giống loài khác thì nhiều.Chỉ trong cái hồ nhỏ bé này, trong chốc lát chúng đã liên tục giết biết bao con linh dương , thử hỏi từng ngày rồi từng tháng chúng đã giết biết bao con vật to lớn kia để được gì ? Vì sinh tồn, vì cân bằng sinh thái ư ? Các nhà chức trách,nhà động vật và môi trường nên can thiệp vào để giảm bớt số lượng loài bò sát này đi. Việc nên làm !

  13. I cant but admire the crocs' power and brutality as a primeval creature..2000lb of crushing force driving tyrannosaurus teeth …..yuk.

  14. heart mold set my heart on your religion….
    Oh God according to my heart of the right religion and right …

    يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك

    اللهم اهد قلبي للدين الصحيح والحق

  15. That assh*le croc ignored the drowned animals to try to kill another for fun, not for food.

  16. Damn… Why they come back drink in river or others places where live crocrodiles ? After escaping the fangs of one, and / or some crocrodiles, wildebeest should go to drink in the streams and in smaller ponds of water where no crocodile lives and await the arrival of wildebeest. I don't know the intelligence of wildebeest, but obviously, it should not be too strong, because they return to the same places where many of them died devoured by crocodiles.

    When we look closely, we see wildebeest approaching the river just inches from crocrodiles at 3:29 min. They are so close that even a blind man would know they are barely hidden underwater? I can't believe they don't realize that crocrodiles are there … under water a few inches from their nostrils and their eyes. It gives me butterflies in the stomach, and wildebeest too should feel that they are there, ready to devour them? I am surprised to find that they have not the slightest doubt so close to each other.

  17. the first cat or hyhena that sees that wildbeast limping is eating him for dinner. he's a walking dead beast

  18. stupid gnu's they watch themselves get picked off one by one, and still go back to the same spot and drink.

  19. This literally reminds me of that lil animation, about the 'log' and the wildebeest ?

  20. Ja tinha visto em outro documentarios desde pequeno ele ja era guerreiro….sua mae morreu e ele ficou so. depois de adulto

  21. Кандэбобер будет урок тебе бля ?

  22. કેમેરા વાલા તારિ માનો ભોસડો બચાવાતુ નથી ભોસડીના

  23. The wildebeest with the broken leg should have sang The Circle of Life and let the croc have its way, was better than being eaten alive by hyenas or wild dogs which I’m sure happened after it limped away


  25. They are killer crocodile please arrange sepert food for only crocodile and arrange drinking water other animals

  26. The body of one huge buffalo, was enough to saved the life of another. The croc, who held on so long had to let the buffalo go. Maybe he felt sorry for him or didn't have the support of his colleagues to bring him down. Was this God's divine intervention??

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  29. Puovrino aeuta te io state felmando perché per soldi non avete anima

  30. One minute you’re having a lovely drink of water and ten seconds later your legs have been ripped off and your inside a crocodiles belly. The lottery ticket of life.

  31. 트라우마가 엄청 날것 같아.올라가도
    다리 상처가 엄청날것 같아

  32. Someone needs to stop lions from eating buffalo. Can't someone donate meat from a grocery store to feed them?

  33. It’s amazing, life and it’s complexity; The will to live; even the strong in many cases do not survive; the weak dies. In order to live some must die, Predators and preys alike- this timeless truth is played out in the jungles of the world.

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