Godox SL-60W | Affordable LED Studio Light w/ Bowens Mount!

Hi everyone, Gio here, and this is the Godox
SL-60W, a pretty awesome LED studio light I’ve been using for the last few months for
my photo and video work. I’ve used in different scenarios
and for different purposes, so here are my thoughts. Out of the box, the light comes with a small
cap, a standard reflector, the DC cable and a small remote. To give a few numbers, the light maxes out
at 60W -as you could expect by the name. It’s roughly equivalent to a 500W tungsten
source in terms of output, at 4100LM at full power. It’s balanced at 5600K, and it offers a CRI
of 93+ and a TLCI of 95+. While on paper it’s a pretty great score,
you can notice a slight magenta cast, which is however easily fixed in camera or in post. The output is pretty great, and the cool part
is that it’s fully dimmable in 1% increments from 10 to 100%. To give you a reference, for my still life
shoots I can easily shoot at f/9 on my G7 and still get proper exposure even through
a layer of diffusion. Sometimes I did wish it could go even lower
than 10%, but it’s overall still pretty flexible. And by the way, you can control the output
by using both the knob on the back or the included remote. One neat trick on the remote is that if you
buy multiple lights -like I did- you can actually group them on different channels. By doing this you control each channel via
the same remote, which can be really handy especially if you can’t easily access the
lights. The only power option available is DC power
via the included adapter, so no battery slot, which is reasonable given the relatively high
wattage. The light comes with a built-in fan that kicks
in immediately and can’t be turned off. While it definitely helps to keep temperatures
down, it can be heard in your videos if the light is really close to the microphone. Still, in a small room like this one and with
a simple mic like my VideoMicro, it doesn’t pick up much noise at all and the
rest is easily removed in post. As for temperatures, the light actually gives
you a real time estimate on the small monitor on the back. With my typical usage, even after a few hours
of use at full power I’ve never seen it go beyond 50 degrees Celsius, which is great. Plus, if you dial down the intensity for just
a couple of minutes, it immediately goes back to around room temperature. The only case in which I’ve found it gets
very hot very fast is when proper airflow is blocked, like when you’re using a snoot,
but apart from that I’ve had no problems so far. While these are all great features, the decisive
one for me was the standard Bowens mount. This allows you to use a ton of available
light modifiers like softboxes, stripboxes, octaboxes and whatnot. The only other Bowens compatible LEDs that
I know of are from Aputure. However, those tend to be quite more expensive,
so for more budget oriented productions like mine you’ll definitely wanna go with this
one. Of course the whole light+modifier setup is
quite heavier than your standard small LED panel, so you’ll want to have a good sturdy
light stand and a few sandbags. In terms of pricing, I’ve seen this light
go from $130 to about $180, but even at $180 it’s a great deal
compared to the competition. Solid color, great output, easily enough light
to use it for a bounce, and the additions of the remote and the Bowens mount are super
sweet. Overall, I find it a really solid option and
I wouldn’t think twice about grabbing one if you need to light small to medium sized
environments. Keep in mind that in case you do need to expand
your kit, there’s a whole series of these ones at different power levels and different
color temperatures. So that will do for this video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this quick gear review because I’m cooking up some more for the upcoming
weeks! Of course, if you did don’t forget to like this video,
and subscribe for more content like this! As always, thank you so much
for watching, this was Gio, and I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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