Godox video light VL150 and FV150 IBC 2019

My name is Joost from Disnet Distributors,
and we’re here at Godox at IBC 2019
looking at some new video lights. well Rachel how’s it going? – hi I’m very
well. How is the show? It’s good here. So you have some video lights, can
you tell me something about this? Yeah sure, here in this IBC show
we have present three new models for the video
light, one is our VL Series: VL150 And second is FV150. And third
we have our S30 focussing light. So, we’ll look at the S30 at the end, can you tell me the difference between the VL 150 and the FV150? For the FV150and VL150 the difference is
that this one is high speed sync flash LED
light. So we have added the flash function based on the traditional LED
light. So it’s a continuous LED Light with high speed sync flash
function. -Yes it can as well flash as well as LED light. So it can
enable to greatly enhance the freezing ability for the const..
instantaneous action. The flash part, can we trigger that with the original 2.4ghz series triggers? Yes sure it is with build-in 2.4
receiver inside, so it is a compatible with the camera for the Nikon
Canon Sony Fuji Olympus Pentax So it is compatible with the Godox all ready existing flash system. Alright, that’s incredible, really nice. Dnd
I see this is a Bowens mount? yeah it is the Bowens mount, so you have
a bunch of accessories for Bowens; softbox, reflectors etc. so
it’s very convenient for the users. And this one is for high speed
sync flash the speed Sync Speed can be 1/8000
second. When used as Flash, the lighting output
for this flash is four times as the LED light output. So and this one has no
recycling time; non-stop shooting. And when will it be available? – it will be
available in October and then in the market will be at the end of October.
– And then this is the VL 150 that doesn’t have flash, but can you tell me something
about this one? For this one, the VL 150, we have you can see that we have already
have a SL series. this LED light compares with that one. With this we have removed the
control part here so that you can use in some circumstances you can light on the
top but while you can still control the light from aside (…) – it’s much more
convenient because you can’t always reach at the top and here you have all the dials.
And it looks like you have DMX as well? Will there be a remote controller that
we can control this? -Yes there will be have 2.4 remote controller for this one
-yeah- besides the remote controller you can also control the light by your phone
app. – oh wow that’s great! Through the Bluetooth connection, yeah. – That’s great, and how do we power this? Because this looks like it has V-mount option as well? -Yes there are two way options a DC power, a DC adapter and you
can mount a V-Mount battery under this V-Lock. That’s great and what was gonna be
the price point of this? You can looks at the Godox website, and you will know.
Ok, so, we have to look online and find out what the price is. And when will it be
available, also around October? Yes, around October it will be available in the market. and this is 150w, will there be also a bigger version? there are two
powers version 150 and 200 watts so So, we’re also gonna look at the s30
I think Rachel, this light was introduced at NAB 2019 as well – can you tell me a
little bit about it? Yeah, sure. This is our LED Focussing Light and then it is used for precision lighting and creative lighting. You can see that
there is a projection attachment, and then we first we have the choice of the lenses:
one is a standard lens is 85mm, one is a one wide angle lens is 60 mm and 1 is the
tele lens: 150mm. This is with adjustable beam angle wheel we can spot and flood the light from center to edge. Ok, so you have three different lenses
a wide-angle the standard one and a Tele lens – and you can focus them in here.
Can you explain to the people who don’t know what this kind of light does, what
you can do with all this. Because we see all different things here, can you explain
a little bit more? -Yes we have abundant accessories to use with the s30,
you can see that this one is we have put some iris-diaphraghm that you can control
the range of the light beam. -You can make a really sharp circle, so compared to
other lights where they’re really soft with a nice fall off – this is a really
sharp. -Yes and then we have a put gobo to form different background in fact we
also have various patterns for the users to choose for their creative lighting
and also you can use on some in video and interview etc. -So you can make
different patterns like this you can use them either in focus or even out of
focus, as like, well you can create your own light. Yes and then it is a with a
widely application you can use on the portrait photography wedding photography
pre wedding photography still life photography and interview and portrait
shooting etc. -And this is the S30 is that 30 watts?
yes it is a 30 watt and Daylight. And will there be other versions of this one as well?
For the version soon we will have a 60 watts and 90 watts
yeah (…) Is this one already
available in the market? -It will be available at the end of this month
yeah in September. -Alright that’s great thank you so much –
This was Joost at IBC 2019 at the Godox Booth looking at some video
lights. We’ll be walking around the show and make sure to check out the rest of
our videos!

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