Golden Linear LED Bulbs Light Fixture

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to our company’s third generation LED bulbs. This design is based on Edison’s original light bulb to give an all-round even light in all directions, high transmittance and will fit into all kinds of lamps, so that we can bring a new lighting experience to our living room. Just like a Tungsten filament bulb Yifond lighting’s golden linear LED bulb has the perfectly smooth curves of a high transmittance glass bulb produced like the manual glass blowing technique of traditional workmanship. In comparison to conventional LED bulbs, It is specifically designed to for decorative lighting design with a 99.8% light efficiency an unprecedented light experience. The Yifond Lighting Limited design has been produced with minute attention to detail not missing anything, to give you and your family a safe and environmentally friendly light source. Those golden linear Watkins LED bulbs are, by comparison to previous models more suited to classical lamps shades as they retain the old look of any of the lamps. Using the latest LED chipset this bulb is a breakthrough that leaves no dark areas and gives a truly three dimensional light for various environments and all kinds of lamps, a true luxury. Coming with either E14 or E27 sockets to match the standard light fittings there is a variety of exterior lamps to choose from . Precision aluminium turning and anodic oxidation treatment prevent rust and do not fade. In summer the indoor temperature is high, 70% of which stem from the traditional light bulbs. The LED bulb has only 44.5 degrees maximum glass surface temperature. Its retro style creates a nostalgic atmosphere, allows the use of crystal chandeliers and makes your space more cosy and warm. There is no general style for your lighting it is a personal choice If you want to pursue the retro fashion and create your own unique style in the art of lighting, select Yifond Lighting’s LED golden linear products that will fulfill your needs all around.

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