Google’s New Watchlist Tool Lets You Bookmark Movies and TV Shows

if you’ve ever found it incredibly
difficult to remember every show you’ve wanted to watch along with where exactly
to watch it with the deluge of streaming services in our lives now and Google’s
personalized movie recommendations in search Google has a new solution for you
the search giant has rolled out a new feature to Google search on mobile
called watch list with the new feature when users search for a TV show or movie
on their smart phones they will now see a new watch list option alongside that
watch now option that shows up where the
particular movie or TV show can be streamed or purchased digitally this new
option joins the watched it option which lets users keep a track of shows they
watch it’s easy to see how this feature might prove useful for users especially
considering that the watch list can be shared with other users if needed which
means your next late-night what do we watch tonight questions can be answered
more swiftly plus when you tap on the name of a show
and your watch lists it will helpfully show all the places
you can watch it making it easier to start watching immediately

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