Got Yelled at for Magnet Fishing , River Treasure , River Treasure (OutdoorMore)

so we are back here again where we would
try to find the bikes last time it looks like it’s gonna be raining today we did
not find them last time I don’t know if we will this time but we’re gonna see
what else we can find out there that’s how we were having good luck now I got
my powerful magnet 1000 pound magnet and I want to see that if I can pull
anything I put that baby is gonna magnet fish right here me right then we’re
gonna go try our luck way down there but it’s starting to rain right now but
Riza’s have you found something at that first dock but I have to run back over
there to see what it is so I’ll let y’all know a little bit I’m fixin to
throw mine out over here and see if I can find anything so I got my 1200 pound
magnet attached to this I’m gonna throw it out and see what they can get so on
this one I got a whole bunch of rust something I’m gonna throw it out more
that’s what I could find so yeah look at all the rust I pulled up
right there oh my gosh this is white wear gloves guys I think I
need the investing love Jesus Christ so mature and I can’t send away you tell my son
that I’m not allowed to be here unless you’re here with us yeah well no
I’m down here at the end where you tell me what the bytes is go far yeah yours yeah yeah okay all right see you in it Oh what is
that I don’t know but while in this some being told I can’t be in this area no
more unless I have my friend with me so I’m gonna have to pack up and leave
apparently the lady was yelling at my son or till the my son that he couldn’t
be here so yeah I’m gonna get my stuff and leave so they want me just over
there that’s a talk hmm nice right there was a whole bunch of us come on down here like
a white god be dead with it you this along hand your head so far just upon
this looks like some kind of bear trap or something I have no idea what it is actually doesn’t like me reply hmm
and then he found this goes in the ground I have no idea what that is
and then all I found rust and there’s big old thing right here so I have no
idea what it is yet see what else we can find Oh check that
out let me find out out thousands found this
this way I’d donut looks like a donut look rocks why these
rocks are metal maybe ders okay so it starting to rain right now
we’re gonna go ahead and pack up I’m gonna get everything going and I’m gonna
show you what we got so far so far and find a whole bunch of rust that this
thing we found a big metal object I think my son ticket so yeah I’m gonna go
ahead pull everything up and we’re gonna go play okay so what happened was I had
sent my daughter back to the car to get the bug spray and the lady told my kids
she didn’t tell me none she told my kids that we needed to move
away or get out of the area because my friend not being here so we were not
allowed to be in area if my friend wasn’t here so after talking to my
friend he said it was okay I was good to go
they brought me to the different balcony where we found my son found the big
stuff I didn’t get no big choices I think I got my double-sided magnet I
think this is my next mission and yeah so guys this was it I hope you’ll hit
the thumbs up and like my video Justin what did that lady tell you oh she said
she yelled at me to get off her property while I was going down there with the
luxray why would you tell her how’d you say yes
Milton order there’s a yeah so not very many people like us
magnificient but they don’t even realize that what we’re doing is we’re really
removing a lot of junk at that River every kid where to go and step on the
bottom of that River and get a rust in his foot oh that would have been bad for
the kid because he would have to get take neshama
I mean she didn’t want us in that area so we left luckily my friend you know
they hooked us up and let us stay on the dock and yeah enjoy

12 thoughts on “Got Yelled at for Magnet Fishing , River Treasure , River Treasure (OutdoorMore)

  1. Some people just love to be mean. Good video, keep cleaning up our waterways.

  2. Really? You had permission. Should've told that lady your friend said it's cool. Not surprised she didn't tell you anything. Just picking on kids. Those big bands go around barrels to lock the lid. That big metal piece looks like the bottom of a rusted out barrel. Keep the vids coming Greg.

  3. I’ve been asked nicely to leave, I’ve never been yelled at! I just Subscribed!

  4. That’s dumb. They’re acting like they own the place

  5. Good try. The big round thing you found looks like a drip pan for under a kettle barbecue.

  6. Great video to bad that lady got mad. Should of left the scarp on the dock lol if you get a double sided magnet get a brute for sure

  7. Enjoyed the video of you doing something fun with your kids 🙂 Some adults just like to yell at kids :/ Happy hunting 🙂

  8. alot of yall may wonder why i didnt say anything , i tryed but she didnt want to talk to me she attacked my kids

  9. very cool your channel. one more subscriber. know my channel too . Thanks !!!

  10. Hi there , why was she so angry ? were you on private property ? anyway some people have no sense of fun , no need to shout just have a quiet word ! and as you say you are actually performing a service , good video mate say hello to the kids , have subbed and liked ATB GL & HH Rob .

  11. People think magnet fishing is like regular fishing. Which it is not. As long as there are not any no trespassing signs posted, you can fish there, no doubt.

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