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Hello the wheelers ! In this video we are going to talk about mechanics, about electric unicycles, and big engines : this video is about the new Gotway Monster V3 in 84 volts. Coming next just after the title ! [ belgium / september 2019 ] Welcome to this video in which I will review my new electric unicycle : the Gotway Monster V3 84V with 2400Wh of batteries. [ 22 inches wheel ] [ 2400Wh of battery ] [ 150km range (announced) ] [ gyroscope circuit breaker ] [ built-in bluetooth speaker ] [ weight : 32kg ] [ reinforced shell ] [ powerful front light ] The Monster is aptly named. It is a 22″ unicycle which makes it the largest EUC currently available. It is clearly aimed at making long distance rides on long roads thanks to its great range Said differently, to do long road trips Forget about off-road in the woods, jumps or freestyle this unicycle is clearly not made for that. It is available in one and only “carbon-fiber-like” finish. Sadly it is not real carbon-fiber however the shell has been reinforced on the inside so it is much stiffer than the previous versions. It used to be an issue on older monsters but the v3 adresses this issue. The sides are now translucent and shiny which may seem like an awkward choice since it scratches easily. I find it rather nice but the real enhancement here is the replacement of the wood screws with metal screws and countersunk nuts. which means we finally have good screws that should last way longer. There is another enhancement on the sides and that is a seal going all the way around each side so that when it rains, there is no more fear of water leaking in where the batteries and electronics are located. Obviously this is a good thing, neither batteries nor electronics really like water ! The V3 also comes with larger pedals very appreciable for people with larger feet !
[ I size 41 EU and still could take some extra space ] As usual we have the magnet that holds the pedal closed and which works well. The gyroscope circuit-breaker is located under the handle and allows to disconnect the gyroscope when lifting the wheel so it doesn’t go crazy. Demonstration ! Let’s say I need to cross this obstacle. It is obviously too high to just ride over it. So I have two options : I can either lift the wheel thus pressing the circuit-breaker the gyroscope is disengaged and kicks back in when I release the button. If I had just lifted the wheel with no circuit breaker (which is not that easy now it has a circuit-breaker !) The gyroscope would just go crazy until it finally disengages itself. But this puts stress on the circuits… and you don’t want to stress your EUC 😉 The classic way of doing is of course to shut the wheel completely off now it’s totally off lift the wheel past the obstacle (it’s heavy !) and finally turn if back on. The buttons are exactly the same as in previous versions : the power and light switch the USB port and the charging port. In case of rain, consider covering those buttons so they don’t catch water, just like with previous Monsters. One good enhancement however is the new front light. It looks similar to the older one but has more power and is aimed correctly towards the road. It lights wide enough and has a brighter spot in front of the wheel This front light can really be used to ride by night and is not just some decorative light. Sadly, if we look at the rear side we have this 5-LED strip indicating the battery level when the wheel is standing still (full battery here) or doing some fancy animation when riding. That’s pretty but of absolutely no use to be seen from behind in the dark. So if you intend to use this wheel by night I strongly suggest you add a real red rear-light to be seen and for your own safety. Now for the wheel and tire itself : the tire is unchanged, still 22″x2.75 wide which makes it perfect to ride on almost any street The 22″ rim adds to this by smoothing out all the little bumps On the inside -we can’t see it- there is a 2000W motor, I think [ informations about motor power provided by Gotway are contradictory.. ] It’s the same motor on all recent Gotway wheels I think which gives some torque for this 32kg machine but obviously it is not as nervous and playful than, say, my 2000W 16″ Tesla… The accelerations are much slower but it feels also much more stable and surprisingly easy to drive. This large tire allows to get through many obstacles and pot-holes smoothing out the road and riding is really… a pleasure ! The Monster V3 comes with 3 battery options : 1300wh, 1600wh and 2400wh. Lower capacities are less heavy, but need to be charged more often. For my very specific need, I chose the 2400wh that should allow up to 150km out of a single charge I have not yet been able to check this in real conditions because I have the wheel for only about a week now but for what I can tell from the rides I have done -a few 80km rides- it could be possible to reach the 150km if riding at medium/low speed. Now a few words on the sticker you may have seen here This is my reseller’s sticker. Maybe you’ve already seen it, it’s It is a young company based in Switzerland that imports and sells EUCs and they did a great job to get this wheel to me right in time before my trip to Scotland (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the video in the description) anyway I had a deadline and they managed to get the wheel imported and ready just on time. At some point I almost lost hope but they made it and that’s great service ! I will now show you how I store this Monster in my van’s cargo area… because it really took some thinking to get it to work ! And… since… I am who I am… I also took the Tesla with me… and the Inmotion V5F too… the whole family ! Let’s check it out ! When I get back from a ride, this is how I proceed. We have this drawer that slides out with retractable legs so it stays level. On this drawer I can lay the Monster down on its side (you can see the Tesla already in place in the back) The unicycles are held in place using elastic straps and a cut-to-size place for the pedal covered with smooth carpet It goes like that : Grab the wheel… lay it down… and secure it using the elastic straps. There you are ! It won’t move. So that’s how I store my two heaviest wheels in the van. The tray is cut to the exact size of the cargo floor area and held in place using square brackets which get sandwiched between the van’s metal base and the doors so it really can’t move during travel. The V5 has it’s own place… … on the floor of the passenger’s seat ! That’s it ! I hope you have appreciated this video and learned some stuff about the new Monster V3 today This was my first product review so please bear with me ! I am still trying to find the good pace btw. if you have some good advice, feel free to say it in the comments below if you have some remarks, again use the comment section below that’s why they’re here for and I always like to read your comments 😉 Consider hitting the like button or even the share button if you enjoyed watching You know how it goes ! If you don’t feel like it, just do nothing : you decide 😉 and in the meantime see you soon for new content ! hey hey hey ! Don’t run away, there’s one more thing : What’s the top speed of this Monster V3 ? Well… 25km/h of course Well… 25km/h of course (pun on french law intended) What else ? Great device ! [ That’s BAD ! ]
[ **** pot holes hiding in the grass ! ] [ Belgian mole hole ? ]

22 thoughts on “Gotway Monster V3 84V Review (FR with EN subs) – VLOG

  1. Nickel cette petite présentation de la Monster V3 👍🏻. Juste pour info : à mon avis l’autonomie (à température clémente) sera probablement moindre que ton estimation sauf super optimisation depuis la V2. Pour la Monster, elle est plus lourde et on roule plus vite avec l’habitude que donc la conso augmente. Moi en hiver sur la V2 2400 wh j’ai 95 kms avant bip et peut-être max 110-120 en été (jamais testé). Autre observation : étant donné son poids et sa stabilité, elle passe incroyablement bien dans les petits sentiers forestiers. Certes c’est avant tout une routière et elle excelle en la matière mais ses capacités à base vitesse en milieu « hostile » m’ont étonné plus d’une fois. J’espère enfin que tu t’es dotée d’un garde-boue, c’est un must have sur ce modèle 😉

  2. Kikou Méline, je te souhaite un bon voyage, je partirais bien avec toi 🙂 c’est un pays que je rêve de découvrir pour ces paysages magnifiques tu vas en prendre plein les yeux 🙂 soit prudente et donne nous de tes nouvelles ! Hein 🙂

  3. Trop belle au top ça me tente trop mais faudrait que je vende un rein pour l'acheter ! LOL

  4. Perso, je trouve cette roue trop grande
    Sa ne rentre pas dans les petit coffre et trop lourd
    Mais c'est la plus puissante

  5. Quand je compare avec la batterie 500wh de mon VTC…là pour recharger il faut une

    installation sérieuse,mettre le chargeur à coté de la batterie et sans doute un gros convertisseur 12-220v. à utiliser en roulant avec le van ou recouvrir tout le toit de panneaux solaires!

  6. Méline si ça continue ,ta futur prochaine roue sera aussi lourde que toi ???? 😂😂😂

    Ok je sors —————————-> 👉

    Sinon ,belle présentation de cette Monster qui porte bien son nom 👍😉

  7. Bon choix pour Marcelline (la Monster 2400Wh) 😉
    Mais après une gyrorando humide, il est préférable de la stocker à la verticale, plutôt qu'à l'horizontale (valable aussi pour ses petites soeurs)

  8. Super vidéo ! Je suis en attente d'une KS16X de chez BlackDealDay. Je verrai comment ça se passe, mais effectivement les premiers contacts avec la personne qui m'a répondu ont été excellents et j'ai senti que la personne était une passionnée (quand on parle d'un pneu spécifique sur une série de roue et que la personne sait de quoi on cause, ça met en confiance)

  9. Très belle roue :). Tu fait parti du club encore restreint des monster V3. Elle a l'air vraiment bien mais ma MSX me va bien, on verra avec la version 5 haha. Te manque plus que la selle pour t’asseoir 🙂 .

  10. Could you please add English subs? I'm looking into the Monster V3 and would really like to understand this review 🙂

  11. Merci pour cette belle présentation
    Elle n’a plus de secret pour nous les néophytes
    Amuse toi bien et à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures

  12. Superbe roue, merci pour tes premières impressions. Impatient de connaitre ton expérience avec, après quelques centaines de kilomètre. Je pense l'acheter en fin d'année (si Papa Noël est cool), peux-tu me dire chez quel assureur tu as pu l'assurer ? (Wizzas ?)

  13. Chouette le tiroir à gyroroue 👌😂,moi c’est dans la douche avec des mousses,la trott les transats escabeau,le porte serviette étagère à batterie vélo et accessoires 😁 c’est ça quand on a pas de grande soute,bon voyage en Écosse et bonne glisse 🤘

  14. salut meline a tout hasard le site ne ta pas donne un code promo ? stp

  15. I've been riding EUC for almost 4 years, and it is shocking (in a great way!) to see a woman ride one, lol.

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