Grafton IL starts cleaning up after two-month long flood

Be the third time this year. We put up things as high as we could,
and we thought would be high enough, but everything got ruined,
it just all got ruined. So today we’ve been here since 9:15, and
we were just gonna keep going until we got all the furniture out,
but the storm stopped us. This year’s different, because it came
one right after another, three in a row. Normally we only have one flood. We did have a year where
we had two floods. We had a flash flood. Heather Brainsly was caught in that and
lost her live in the flash floods. So basically, just once a year,
and some years aren’t as bad. Some years it doesn’t come
up more than three feet. So, yeah, Mother Nature says, just because I let the water go down
doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay down. Gonna it up another couple inches. The best part is,
now with the water still in there, we’re able to float a lot
of this heavy stuff, and then that helps us get it out to the side,
decide what’s salvageable what’s not. Most things are going to be done,
it’s just gonna be done. We help with sandbagging, we help as
many people as possible and in turn, people help us also. We live on water street, I’m up in a loft,
but we kayakers can do a back and forth. We’re hoping that when
that water goes down, as much as we felt that our people
are there, they’ll help us all, so. And not just us,
everybody’s pulling together. Everybody that loves this town is
putting together and helping everybody. It’s just the thing to do. That’s what we do. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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