Grand Canyon South Rim BUS TOUR – Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Route 66, South Rim

hi everyone if you watched our 50 fun
things in Las Vegas video then you know that we were gonna go to a Grand Canyon
bus tour so the question is was it worth it and the answer is yes it’s totally
worth it and we would recommended it you’ll come with us on the tour and then
I’ll also tell you about some helpful tips at the end of the video so here we go our day started at 6:30 when the tour shuttle came to pick us up they pick up
some other people and then we get shuttled to where all the tour buses are
here you can grab some coffee and the included breakfast an orange juice as
much water as you want mini muffins a banana and belVita breakfast biscuits we
went on the day after Christmas and our whole bus was full [Driver] you guys’ll get the opportunity very shortly here to step off the coach take your photo of the Hoover Dam Hoover Dam straddles Nevada and Arizona
so the men and women’s bathrooms are in two different time zones since Arizona
doesn’t observe daylight savings time next we stop by route 66 in the town of
Seligman which is one of the last remaining towns on route 66 here you can
visit a bit of history and buy some souvenirs and take some nice photos
lunch was surprisingly good they gave us two bags of snacks a tasty sandwich with
some yummy moist bread and a piece of fruit
we got to the entrance of Grand Canyon around 2:30 but it took us 51 minutes to
travel one mile because there are just so many cars we get three hours at the
Grand Canyon and the bus driver gives us his advice on which trails to walk and
which shuttles to take so it’s 3:30 and we finally get off the bus at Bright
Angel Lodge it had been a long bus ride so far but then once we walked outside
oh my gosh it was all worth it it was a good thing that we already took
video at Bright Angel Lodge before we hopped on a shuttle to Mathers Point
because then a snowstorm came in and then we couldn’t see anything so even though we didn’t get to see much
of the Grand Canyon because of the snow it was still a fun experience and our
first time seeing snow together it would definitely be better to go
during the summer so if you’re interested in doing a bus tour here are
some tips number one don’t bring any heavy luggage there was a guy who
brought a carry-on and the bus driver told him he couldn’t bring it there’s a
security checkpoint at Hoover Dam where an officer actually gets on board to
check if there are any fugitives and then they also check under the bus after doing a lot of research the best tour was GC tours they give you free
breakfast free lunch a stop at the Hoover Dam and route 66 you get
unlimited bottled water there’s a restroom there’s movies they
cover the park entrance fees and they don’t ask you for fuel surcharges so all
the other tours I saw were more expensive or didn’t include as many
things GC Tours actually asks Sweetours to conduct the actual tour but if
you go directly to Sweetours it costs twice as much so make sure you book on
GC Tours not Sweetours and the third tip is to dress in layers it was at
least 10 degrees colder in the Grand Canyon than it was in Vegas so make sure
that you dress appropriately so we really enjoyed our visit to the Grand
Canyon hope you guys enjoyed this video see you guys next time

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  1. Who is taking luggage on the Grand Canyon tour?! What could they possibly be taking?

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