Gray vs. Data Xemnas/Data Final Xemnas

“Battle Xemnas again, but be warned – he’s stronger than before.” Y’know, I don’t thing that constitutes as a big enough warning. Maybe something along the lines of “PREPARE TO GET YOUR TEENAGE ASS HANDED TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER” would fit better. Ah, yes, normal Xemnas. Before even attempting this boss the first time, I prayed to the gods of light, dark, and nothingness that this would be all the game asks of me. But given that the title of this video is “Gray vs. Data Xemnas/Data Final Xemnas”, my prayers were not answered. Xemnas’s normal form is, all things considered, pretty gosh-darn easy. I mean, he’s not bum-rushing me with clones, cannibalizing my face with sharp air, trying to study me for an Anti-Sora, or going Super Saiyan and chucking me against a pillar. So compared to his allies, this is already a good start. Y’know, combos that last until the cows come home from the other side of The World That Never Was aside. Ah, Limit Form. Swear to god, I hate that ultimate. This would be the point where I say “Xemnas, you’re not the Lingering Will, you can’t just chain ultimates together like that!” But… yeah, Birth By Sleep is a thing and said “uh, technically he is. This is Terra-Xehanort’s Nobody.” Ah, yes, the Kingdom Hearts Conundrum/Pain Train often referred to as “The plot line.” “Come closer.” Do you really want me to? All right, fine then, Uncle Xemnas. I’ll bite. And that’s it. Stick a fork in ‘im, he’s done. Goodbye, Xemnas. “Riku has been added to your party!” Here’s the fun bit. Gray vs. Data Final Xemnas! Featuring Riku, the silver-haired pretty-boy with a nurse complex. Given how much damage those Nothing Balls do, I’m not about to complain about that aforementioned nurse complex. “We shall go together.”

Also known as “MASH TRIANGLE TO WIN!” Limit Form continues to be a literal life-saver. Fun fact – apparently the Reversal command during the ‘We shall go together” bit can just not work sometimes. Had that happened to me, I would probably be on one HP or dead right here. For the record, if I was ever asked to give legitimate strategy for this, I’d just shrug my shoulders. Explainng things kinda isn’t my forte. All I can give is a generic-as-hell “keep trying, find what works, scrap what doesn’t.” …hence why I’m using Ultima Weapon instead of Fenrir. Some pretty good Elixir timing on that one. Gray’s strategy for dealing with “Can you spare a heart?”: Dark Aura the Xemnas clone, run forward, repeat until you reach Xemnas and can free Sora. As you can see, it works like a charm. Leaf Bracer, my OTHER savior during this fight. And now, Xemnas’s final gambit – a metric fuck-ton of lasers fired at you in a last-ditch attempt to break your X and Triangle buttons. This is, without a doubt, the easiest attack to deal with. You just have to mash two buttons that you’re well-accustomed to mashing by the time you get to this point and there ya’ go. The only difficulty comes from the amount of time you’ll be doing it. Which is, for those curious, about thirty seconds. And Sora delivers the smack-down we all probably wanted to give to Xemnas at this point. Let’s finish this. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! See ya’ later, Xemnas. And I do mean “later”, Nomura brings you back in 3D for reasons that make sense only to him. One key to rule them all, I suppose.

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