Great River Learning: A Leading Edge Publisher

How much more could students learn if their textbooks were more engaging? While textbooks have always been an important
part of higher education, the traditional print-focused approach to publishing
textbooks has become lost on today’s technology-driven students. Those students
don’t read their textbooks until they’re getting ready to cram for a test
and many instructors find that static textbooks don’t adequately complement
their teaching style. Great River Learning has a different approach. As a
leading edge publisher, we partner with select educators to develop and market
dynamic interactive publications that are more effective for today’s students.
Our Acquisition Managers are looking to recruit qualified college and university
educators, who appreciate the way technology and multimedia can improve
upon traditional textbooks. GRL uses an innovative and proven publishing process
to provide our authors with the resources and support to create
engaging, high-quality print, and/or online materials. Here’s how it works: If you and Great River
Learning are a good match, our team of editors and designers will help
conceptualize the publication, create short and long term goals, and establish
a reasonable development schedule. We have the resources to create interactive
exercises, animations, and videos. We also handle all editorial processes, such as copy editing, permission clearance and typesetting. Lastly, we provide
royalties when applicable. That’s why with Great River Learning,
students and educators from all over the country are getting more out of their
educational experience. Contact us today to learn more about
publishing opportunities.

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