GREATER – Gifts of the Spirit // Spiritual Gifts // Pastor Mark Flood (Teaching Only)

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Let’s get ready for Real Life Online! Hey Real Life! It’s good to be with you
today. Excited to be joining with our campuses all around Central Florida this
morning and I want to just take one second because when we were singing
together just a few moments ago we sang these words I’m not enough unless you
come and I’m very cognizant of the fact that I am not enough to communicate to
you unless God comes and speaks through me and so nobody here needs to hear more
from MarK Flood but we all need to hear more from the Lord and so let’s just
invite him now to speak to us today. Father God, we are here and we have
enjoyed your presence as we’ve sung your praises but we also we need to hear from
you and so would you speak to us through your word. Cause it to come alive by your
spirit in our hearts as we lean in for your voice rather than mine today Father
we pray in Jesus name Amen. All right we are closing out a series entitled
Greater where we’ve been looking at the person and work of the Holy Spirit over
the past few weeks and no study of the Holy Spirit would be complete without at
least a little bit of a treatment of the gifts of the Spirit and so that’s what
we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna look at the gifts of the Spirit and we’re
gonna look specifically at 1st Corinthians chapter 12 and so you can
turn there in your Bibles or you can follow on screen but the very first
verse of that chapter says this. It says “Now about the gifts of the Spirit
brothers and sisters I do not want you to be uninformed.” and I think this is a
fair assumption that very few of us enjoy the feeling of being uninformed
right. If you ever felt like you were in the dark, you didn’t know what was going
on. You were left out of the conversation. It’s not a great feeling and just
earlier this week I found myself in an interesting position. My wife and I, Dawn
and I, we both enjoy reading and she will often read before she goes to sleep at
night and so she’ll have a book at her nightstand and she spent some time
reading before she goes to sleep and so the other night she was reading and and
she had she’d gone to library got some books and none of them were quite what
she was looking for and so she was forced to pull from my shelf which our
reading lists are very different usually and so she found, she found this book
okay. If you can’t see it the title is “The Best Question Ever.” It’s a book by
Andy Stanley and she just happened to be reading it the other night
and while the kids were getting ready for bed they all kind of came in they
were, they flopped on our bed and we were goofing around a little bit before
bedtime and they saw what she was reading and what happens when you read a
title like that? You got to know right. And so immediately they say well mom
what’s the best question? I mean if it’s the best question ever like I want to
know what it is. Now here’s the interesting part
I read that book a number of years ago and so I knew the answer to that
question. However I don’t think he states it until the second or third chapter and
she had only just begun reading it so she didn’t know. They didn’t know but I knew and so she saw where it was going she said don’t you dare,
don’t you dare tell them because I’m working for it. Like I am putting in the
time. I’m going through the process. Don’t you dare tell them and so I didn’t. I was
like this is fun. I’m the only one in the know. Like it’s kind of fun to be in that
position so I tied tucked them in later and then I whispered in their ears so that
they could know because Dawn had found it and but here’s what’s gonna be really
fun I’m not gonna tell you what it is. Because I want you to feel it right. That
feeling when you are out of the loop. When you’re in the dark. It doesn’t feel
great does it and it can cause you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do and
cause you get too desperate to find out what it is or it can cause you to make
assumptions and do things that aren’t necessarily healthy or right because you
don’t know any better and that’s kind of what’s happening to the church in
Corinth. In some ways there are some things that they just don’t know any
better about. They’re making mistakes. They’re doing things that are out of
order. They’re doing things that are even damaging to the church because they
don’t know any better and Paul says I need to write to you because I need to
straighten some things out. I need to light things up so you’re not in the
dark anymore. I need to bring you in the loop. I need to inform you about these
things one of them being spiritual gifts and so if we pick it up in verse 2 he
says “You know that when you were pagan somehow or other you were influenced and
led astray to mute idols. Therefore I want you to know that no one who is
speaking by the Spirit of God says Jesus be cursed, and no one can say Jesus is
Lord except by the Holy Spirit.” And so this is a little bit of review if you’ve
been with us over the past few weeks because here’s what we know about
work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. It’s varied but it is unified right. That, that
the Holy Spirit leads us into truth. The Holy Spirit convicts us and the entire
world of sin. He points it out. He brings it to light for us so that we can see
right from wrong. The Holy Spirit bears fruit in our lives. He guides us as we
keep in step with him. He gives us gifts. He does all kinds of things but
the scope of his work as its varied and different all points us in the same
direction in that it points us or moves us towards Christ and that ultimate
recognition and awareness that Jesus is Lord. That is the the heart and soul, the
profession of a follower of Christ who says it’s no longer about me and my life,
it’s about Jesus. He’s Lord of my life and so that is the creed, the
declaration of a follower of Christ that Jesus is Lord but none of us come to it
without the work of the Holy Spirit guiding us and shaping us, leading us to
that place so if we keep going verse four it says “There are different kinds
of gifts but the same spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of
service but the same Lord and there are different kinds of working but in all of
them and everyone it is the same God at work.” Just a little sidebar here that
this is one of many places throughout the Bible, Old and New Testament included,
where the Trinity shows up right. We don’t find that word specifically
Trinity in the Bible but we see the concept of a triune God the Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit are working in unison and what they do and we’ll come back to
it in a second but those three words are interesting as well. Gifts, service and
work as they bring some depth and scope of meaning to the idea of spiritual
gifts but the very next verse, verse 7 this one to me is is clutch for our
understanding of spiritual gifts and so I want to read it to you now. It says “Now
to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.”
These verses that we’ve just read together help us to answer the who, the
what, and the why of spiritual gifts and I think they’re very helpful for us and
thinking about how they function and work in the church and so the very first
question is who? Who does spiritual gets pertain to and he says it there very
clearly. He says now to each one but for clarity he’s writing the letter to a
church and so that each one means the members of the church. Those who have made a declaration not just with their mouths
but with their hearts that Jesus is Lord. That are gathered together in a place
that form a church, they are the each one that have been given a spiritual gift
so each one who makes up the church, each one who has chosen to follow Christ has
not only the Spirit of God dwelling in them but a gift from the Spirit to
exercise and to use and what I love about this is there’s no fine print.
Because don’t you hate the fine print? Like just this last week I got an offer
in my email that made me a little bit excited because my favorite coffee shop
in all of Orlando sent me a voucher for a free drink.
I thought they loved me just like just like I love them they love me too
so they sent me a free drink and I was excited because it’s across town, I
don’t get there often but I had a meeting scheduled with a friend in the
area so I was like no-brainer and win-win right. (Laughter) I am gonna use that
voucher and get a free drink and we all know how many coffee lovers are in the
room? You love coffee yeah. I love coffee but free coffee like now you’re talking.
Like free coffee is even better so I’m excited. I go to meet with my friend, I
connect with him and say hey I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go get my drink. I go and I
order my beverage and when you got a free drink let’s be honest you’re
getting creative with what you order right. (Laughter) You’re not, you’re not going to have the
brewed. You’re gonna have the double espresso doppio…whatever it is. (Laughter)
You’re gonna, you’re gonna go big or go home and so I make my order and then I
pull out my voucher and the lady just glances at it and she says oh no that’s that’s
no good anymore and I and after I recovered from being so offended and
shocked I’m thinking I just got this the other day. Like what do you mean it’s
already expired and she points to this little bitty fine print that essentially says it’s
good for like 24 hours. Yeah thank you. Thank you because I felt like it was
unjust. I felt like I’ve been wronged right. We all hate the fine print. Nobody
likes the offer that then has exclusions and exceptions and other than and
excluding this flavor or that item. We don’t like it right and here’s the
beauty of the gifts that the Holy Spirit distributes to the church there’s no
exclusions. Those who are in Christ have received
the gifts of the Spirit and so when it comes to the who of spiritual gifts the
who is you. You have received a spiritual gift if you have named Christ Lord of
your life all right. So that’s the who let’s look at what. The next part of the
verse says to each one, that’s you, the manifestation of the Spirit is given
okay. Now manifestation is one of those words that we don’t use a lot so let’s
think about it for a second. What does manifestation mean alright so it could
mean to show, to shine, to to light up or to become visible. It’s when something
appears and so when I think about it this this may not be the best example
but it’s how I think about it. I think of symptoms right that when symptoms show
up they sort of manifest themselves and when I was in fourth grade I got
chickenpox. Anybody here had the chickenpox? I don’t know why there’s
always a the in front of it. It’s like the University right. It’s like the chickenpox. I
never saw the virus right. I never got to look through a microscope and see little
critters down there underneath there and the microscopic universe but I’ll tell
you what I did see, the red bumps that popped up all over my body an itched to
high heaven right. The virus manifested itself right. It showed up. It
became visible. I was able to see it, observe it and experience it even though
I did not want to and lucky for me it came just about a week before school
pictures that year and so by the time I made it back to school in time for
pictures I still had all my pimply spots all over me and no I did not bring the
picture (Laughter) and so that’s kind of the idea around manifestation that when the
spirit shows up in your life, when he takes residence in your life as a Christ
follower he manifests himself or he shows up. He shines through. He puts God
on display. His work in you points you to and moves you towards Jesus. You could
say that in the exercise of these spiritual gifts the
invisible God becomes visible in you. You ever had that experience where you say I mean
I don’t know what it is about you but I just when I see you doing that thing,
singing that song, teaching that lesson, working with those kids it’s like I
just see Jesus shining through you. You’ve had that experience before maybe? It’s
because the Spirit is is manifesting himself through your work and through
your service and through your gifts and the thing that I love about the the
verses that precede sort of that four through six is it’s not just the
appearance of the Trinity in this section but it’s the way in which these
words build upon one another. The first one for gifts is is the idea of
abilities. That the Spirit distributes unique abilities and gifts to you.
Charasmata…that you have gifts that he gives you abilities and and the
opportunity to do certain things in a special way but then the second one
there the word service that’s connected to Lord Jesus Christ is the same word
that we get deacon from. It’s the idea of those who serve others and so it points
us in a very specific direction as we exercise those gifts and abilities and
then the fourth one the word work that’s attached to God the Father is the same
word in Greek that we get our English word energy from. It’s as though the
power of God is working through your unique ability to serve someone else.
That’s what’s happening in these spiritual gifts. That’s what Paul is
getting at when he teaches us in this way and so when the Spirit shows up he
moves and points people towards Jesus but he does it through you as you
exercise your spiritual gifts which brings us kind of that last part. So the
who is you, the what is the Spirit of God manifesting himself by working through
you and then it says to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for
the what? For the common good. That it it’s manifest, it’s showing up, it’s
working through you for the benefit of others and so when we talk about
spiritual gifts it’s about we not me. Spiritual gifts are for us. They’re
to be exercised for those around you and their benefit, for their growth, for their
building up. It’s a we not me and so this is kind of my working definition of
spiritual gifts okay. You are not gonna find this in Zondervan or anything. It’s not
in print because it’s still in process as I continue to wrestle with you with
understanding these things rightly but I would say this that spiritual gifts are
holy spirit empowered abilities expressed through each member of the church to
serve the common good of the body by pointing us to and moving us towards
Jesus. That’s why we have them. That’s why it’s it’s so imperative that we use them,
that we exercise them because they point us they move us to Jesus and the next
section really verses 8 through 26 it’s a big section it’s one that I think
sometimes gets the most air time but but sometimes can get us off track because
one of the next things that you get is a listing of spiritual gifts and if we
take time to dissect those and define them and and extrapolate all the
differences between them we actually get kind of off course because Paul’s not
listing the gifts to highlight the distinction between them, to define them
for you or to outline the playing field on which they work. He’s giving you the
list to help you to understand how much diversity there is and the work of the
Spirit within the unity of the body of Christ.
You see there’s other lists in other places and some of the things that are
on those lists are not on this list and there are other expressions in different
areas and so he’s not trying to give you an exhaustive here are all of the spiritual
gifts and here are how all of them work and here’s how you need to understand
each and every one of them, he’s saying within the one body because he says this
over and over and over again within one body there are many many parts and the
analogy that he draws is our physical bodies right. That our finger is not our
body but it is absolutely part of our body and the same goes for any part of
your body right. It makes up the whole and so we need all those different,
unique parts to build the whole and that’s how he’s put us together as the
church. We are the body of Christ full of diversity of gifts, of background, of
expression, of skills, you name it but we are unified as the body of Christ. That’s
why he says in verse 27 “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a
part of it.” Now he goes on to give us a second list. He says “God has placed in
the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, and then
miracles, the gifts of healing, of helping, a guidance, and of different kinds of
tongues.” He says “Are all apostles? Are all
prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do
all speak in tongues? Do all interpret? The rhetorical answer to that question
is no. No, nobody has all of those things but what he’s trying to lead us to is
the understanding that there are many gifts that make up the whole and each
one is indispensable. That the various different parts of the body that are you
and the gifts that you have received, each one is indispensable to the body
and I think it’s imperative that you understand that in two ways. That first
you understand it for yourself. That you are indispensable to the body of Christ.
That you have been gifted by God but if you have named Jesus Christ Lord of your
life the Spirit is living in you and he has endowed you with a spiritual gift
that was given to you to use for the building up of the body and so you are
indispensable to us. We need you and you have value and you have work and you
have a place and you have a role to play in the grander, wider scheme of things
that God is calling us to do and accomplish as a church. You have a part
to play and some of you overlook that because of your past, because of your
present, because of your own demons that battle in your head because any number
of reasons you discount your value and your worth and that you have something
to contribute to the body of Christ and that is not true. You have a gift that
you’ve been entrusted with that God has designed you to use and so some of you I
know you struggle with that. You struggle with your own value but some of you, you
don’t struggle with that you, you know what your gift is and you’ve even been
faithful to try to exercise it, to figure out, to get involved, to do something with
it but your struggle is the other side of that. You struggle to see it within
others and the reality is just as it’s true for you that you have value and you
have worth and you have a gift so does the one in front of you, the one behind
you, the one on your right, the one on your
left, the one across the room, the one in the back. Every
single one and it’s imperative that we not only see that God has given us
something important to use but it’s important that we see that he’s given it
to others and that you and your neighbor are
indispensable to the body of Christ and the mission of God through his church
and so that’s true all these things we’ve been talking about I got a
confession to make to you and that is that by the time we get to verse 31 I
start to have a few issues because verse 31 is always kind of plagued me. It’s
always one that I’ve kind of struggled with. I haven’t necessarily always
understood it in its context and why it would be stated and why Paul would even
use it because in verse 31 after saying all these things he says “Now eagerly
desire the greater gifts.” and here’s why I struggle with that. Reason number one
we’ve already made clear that the God has distributed gifts to everyone
okay so everybody already has a gift okay.
Secondly verse 18 we read these words okay. We skipped over before but let me
go back. Verse 18 says “But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every
one of them just as he wanted them to be.” which means not only do all of you have
a gift it means all of you have what? The right gift like like God didn’t mess up
by by sending his Holy Spirit to distribute the gifts by like righting down
the wrong zip code and like your neighbor got the gift you were supposed
to get and it’s all kind of messed up so we need to desire the right ones and
straighten out God’s mess. No, are you kidding right. That’s not how God works.
He chose, he determined and he gave it to the right person in the right time in
the right way okay so not only do you have a gift you have the right one or
the right mix of them. You have the right ones and in verse 15 he cautions us
against the envy that causes us to devalue our own gift and value by
looking at others and wishing we were them. In 21 he says we shouldn’t be
prideful about what we have and look down on others that have different gifts
and to make matters worse in chapter 1 verse 7 here’s what he says. He says
“therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord
Jesus Christ to be revealed.” and that’s at the very beginning of the letter. He’s
writing to the entirety of the church. He says you don’t lack anything which
here’s what that means, that means that whatever God has called us to do as a
church we have everything we need from him. We have every gift, we have every
resource, we have every talent, we have every ability. He has given us everything
that we need. We are not lacking in anything and so why on earth then would
he say eagerly desire the greater gifts? We have them, we have the right ones, we
have all the…how does this fit? As I’ve wrestled with it there’s two ways
that this needs to be resolved. The first is historically okay. We still tend to
struggle with this still today. Historically Paul is straightening out a
disproportionate valuation of gifts that are being used incorrectly. He outlines
it throughout chapter 14 that there are gifts that are intended for self
edification, gifts that are intended for signs to unbelievers, and they are being
glorified in the gathering of the church in an unhealthy way and he’s saying what you
need are the greater gifts that are gonna establish the church. That are
gonna send out new works. There are more important gifts for
you to be focused on together and so he clears that up
in Chapter 14 but it still leaves me wrestling with well but why is he
telling me, why should I desire the greater gifts?
Shouldn’t I be content with what I have like why is it that I should desire
those things and at that point I turned to my grandmother for some help. My
grandmother, her name is Barbara Worman and she my grandfather for all my life
they’ve always lived in Indiana and they had a farm and growing up we bought some
land from them so we lived about a half mile away from my grandparents.
They were hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people. My grandfather worked in a
factory all of his life and then came home in the evenings and on the weekends
and farmed a few hundred acres that they owned and they worked hard. My mom and
her her four other sisters, they worked the farm with him and just incredible
people. I’ve learned a lot from them along the way as they have led a simple
life but one devoted to the Lord and she’s a woman of prayer and I just love
her to death but one of the things that I kind of treasure in a weird way
about my grandmother is that there were some things that she said that were kind
of weird. At least they were to me because she was the only person in my
life growing up that I ever heard used this word
okay and the word was “Youns” and so every once in a while I need to go pick
up something from Grandma grandpa’s house or run an errand or just stop in
to say hi or find my brother who was always on a tractor someplace and I come
in, I talk to grandma I’d be ready to leave she goes hey before you go youns
need any of the green beans from the garden? Or youns coming back for the for
dinner this weekend or yoon’s okay? I know somebody was sick you know it was
all the time was yoon’s. I never heard anybody else say but we need words like
that because the English language fails us in how its rendered sometimes in the
New Testament so yoon’s, what yoon’s meant for Grandma was you and yours.
It was the plural of you right you. If you’re from the South you might say
y’all right. You all. All of you people right. For her it was sort of this
affectionate term of not just me, Mark but yoon’s, you and your family. You and your
loved ones. You and your people right. You and your
family, yoon’s and the problem for us is when we read the Bible and we read the
word you it’s just you and sometimes it’s you singular but most of the time
in epistles like Corinthians it’s y’all. It’s you all. Its yoon’s (Laughter) and we need to
understand that that me that makes a big difference because if I am instructed to
eagerly desire the greater gifts individually and singularly it’s gonna
lead me to some unhealthy places because if I am not satisfied with what I have
and I feel that I need something greater or more or bigger or better I’m probably
not going to use what I have because I want to be known for this not this. I’m
probably going to begin to envy those who have the expression of that other
gift and I’m going to magnify and glorify it and I’m going to envy and I’m
gonna take myself out of the game or if I have that gift that I think is the
greatest there’s a good chance that I’m gonna start to lord it over people or
operate in a sense of pride but if we desire the greater gifts it flips that
whole conversation on its head because now what I’m understanding is we as a
church need the expression of these gifts. We
need all of these. We need the gifts functioning in our church and that means
that I, I don’t need to long for that gift or that gift or that gift in me, I
need to exercise the gift that God has given me to build up the church so that
that gift would be used and I begin to see that whatever I’ve been given
whether I think it’s the best thing in the world or I’m still wrestling with
whether it even matters, whatever I’ve been given now I have the
opportunity to invest in the church to build it up to point others to Christ
knowing that in the process of exercising my gift God is going to
continue to raise up others and it’s the sense of together we, Yoon’s, we should
desire that God is doing a work in us and he’s raising up and he’s calling out
and he’s putting gifts into use because what we know is we have every
gift that he’s that we need. He’s already given it to us. The only question is
whether or not his church at whether or not God him so has access to the gift
that he’s given because so many of them stay on the shelf. Isn’t it nice that
God gave me this gift and we put it up there on the shelf and we leave it
alone. We never use it. We never exercise it and we don’t ever get in the game. See
we don’t we don’t lack anything but we often lack access to the things that God
is desiring to use to establish his church and to reach the lost. Sometimes
what happens is we have this sort of paralysis by analysis. You know what that
is right? It’s when you’re so wrapped up in understanding something and figuring it
out and researching it and defining it and all those kinds of things that you
never actually do it. I think sometimes that’s what happens with gifts in the
church that we’ve taken 17 spiritual gifts tests or inventories, we’ve been on
this resource or that book or that kind of thing and we can parse out the Greek
and we can tell you the difference between this gift and that gift and why
wisdom is different than knowledge and all these different things we can talk a
lot about the gifts but we never use them because I don’t have it figured out just
right. I don’t have that boundary line established just so and I need to figure
out this other thing and I’m paralyzed with indecision or just stuck where I’m
at because I haven’t ever put it into practice and
look I would take someone any day of the week who just knows you know what when
people hurt I just seem to be good at comforting them. I don’t know what to
call that but I know that when I go and I shed some tears with them they thank
me for coming and I leave knowing that I brought them closer to Christ. I would
take that any day of the week over someone who can teach me all the
delineation between the Greek behind all those words and all those gifts because
here’s what you need to understand if you want to understand what your
spiritual gift is you need to get involved in spiritual work. That’s how
you’re gonna figure it out. It’s by the serving, by the going, by the getting in
that the clarity comes because when you get into God’s work God’s work gets into
you and it begins to change you. It begins to transform you, it begins to
bring clarity and direction to your life not only as you’re interacting with him
but as others are interacting with you and having the opportunity to exercise
their gift and affirm yours.Say man when you do that, when you talk to that person
oh my gosh you’re so good at that. God has gifted you in that way. It’s so
incredible to watch you do that thing. You’re like are you kidding me?
I was cleaning the windows but yet somehow, someone came along and you spoke
a word of encouragement and they came to to life so maybe just maybe you’ve been
sitting on the sidelines for a long time. You say okay I buy it but I don’t even
know where to begin like I don’t know what my gift is and I certainly don’t
know where to get involved I mean what do I even do. Where do I begin?
I’ll give you three questions really quick that I think you’re gonna give you
an opportunity to take action whatever God is doing in your heart. The first is
this where do you see a need? Like what needs are jumping off the page in front
of you? Where, where when you show up here or you go to a group or whatever you say
you know what at this group we should really have some food. This is just you
know they’re not really being very well okay. Maybe, maybe you could bring the
food right like where do you see a need in front of you? You see the same person
doing the same thing every weekend when you come here and you think well it’s
exclusively for them maybe but maybe it’s just they’re the only one willing
to do it and boy they could use a weekend off but
nobody, nobody will jump in and help. So where do you see a need that’s the that’s the
first place you can start. Second place I would say is where are you being blessed?
Where have you been blessed as you plugged into the church? Was it a group?
Was it a care counseling session? Was it a weekend service? Was it someone who
greeted you warmly at the door when you were convinced that walking through it
would cause lightning to strike? (Laughter) Like we were blessed to be a blessing and
wherever you have been blessed, wherever you have received life, wherever you
have received encouragement, wherever wherever someone has brought you along closer to
Christ, wherever you been blessed go and be a blessing. Go to that ministry leader,
go to that volunteer and say hey this changed my life. Is there any way I could
be a part of making it better, of investing in it so that more people can
experience what I did and then after you revive them from passing out they’ll
tell you how you can get involved in that ministry and the third way is just
this ask yourself what do you love? What do you love to do? A simple way to start
that as some of you you just love people right. You could talk and connect and and
encourage and laugh and like you just are great with people. You love people
and you say okay I need to use that. We need you to use that here to build up
the church. We need you get involved with people and some of you say no I don’t
like people. (Laughter) That’s okay too because maybe God’s even given you ability to just get
things done right. Reality is you, you all have a gift. Make no mistake you all have
been given a gift and you’ve been given that gift to use but look if I stood up
here and I made this impassioned plea for all of you to get involved and join
a team because we really need you you would only be getting half of the story
because that’s true every, every, everywhere you go. Every church, every
nonprofit, everybody needs help so yeah that’s true we need you. The church needs
you but here’s the other half of the story. You need us. You may say well that’s that seems a
little a little arrogant right. Seems a little bit prideful of you to say that
I need you but no you need us. Here’s why I know that because I know that deep
down inside of each and every one of you you know full well that you were made
for more than living for yourself. You were made for something more. You were
made to make make a difference. You weren’t made to to game in the back room
all day. You weren’t made to to binge your favorite shows. You weren’t made to
accumulate stuff. You weren’t made to have the best physique by living at the
gym and you weren’t made to climb the ladder of success and you weren’t made
to arrive safely at retirement. You were made by God, for God to know him. (Applause) You were made to know him and to walk
with him not just to make it into the house but to be a part of the family
who’s joining into the family work which is changing other lives because guys
change lives do what? They change lives. You were made for more than just living
for yourself. God has put eternity in the hearts of men and you know deep down
that he’s called you to more. Jesus said it this way I’ll close with this in
Matthew chapter 16. He says it multiple times throughout the Gospels but he says
this “For whoever wants to save their life,” whoever wants to hoard what they
have, whoever wants to hold on to their time, whoever wants to hold on to their
treasure, whoever wants to hold on to their own talents and just hoard it for
themselves, “whoever wants to save their life they’re gonna lose it in the end”
because they missed it “but whoever loses their life for me”
whoever gives it away, whoever offers it out, whoever looks to the one who’s far
off and runs toward them, whoever joins me in my work, “whoever loses their life
for my sake Jesus says they are the ones who find it” because we’re tapping into
something bigger. A bigger story that eats away at the core of who we are
because we were made for more than living for ourselves. As we close I just
want to speak these words over you that may you find the joy that comes from
giving your life away to Jesus Christ and discover not only what gift you’ve
been given but how you can offer it up serve Him, to know him and to change
lives in the process. Let me pray for you. Father God, we give you thanks for the
way in which your energy is at work in us and how Jesus you have given us the
example of how to serve others and Spirit how you’ve empowered and gifted
us to do so and we pray as one body that you would answer this eager desire that
the greater gifts, the greater things that you have not only to express here
in this place but to accomplish as we offer ourselves to you. We pray that they
would be accomplished to your glory and then as we offer our lives to you we
might find them in the pursuit and transformation of many others. Would you
reach those who are far off and would you use us to build those who are here
that we might be effective in your kingdom for your purposes and for your
glory we pray in Jesus name amen. Thank you for joining us today for Real Life
Online. If you have any questions or are in need of prayer, we would love to
connect with you. You can go to Real.Life/Connect and one of our team
members will reach out to you soon. We also want to remind you that if you are
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Once again thank you for joining us today and remember that God is crazy
about you!

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