GREEN RIVER – CCR – Guitar Lesson ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

Hey, I’m Bobby [kristi] this video is part of my guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play Green river by CCR So I’ll play the [riff] first and then I’ll show how to play note [4] no using tabs Ok so I’ve broken it down into 8 riffs [okay], so here is riff number 1. I’ll play first Okay, just follow along with the tabs up above Okay, rift number two is this That’s please like this Good riff number three is this Let’s please like this Okay with number four is this Let’s play like this Okay, riff number five is this Let’s play like this Okay, rift number six is this That’s [played] like this Okay, number seven is this Okay, let’s play like this. Oh Okay, and rift number eight is this Let’s play like this Okay, the roof structure rift number one and twice [rift] number two twice three this number four twice with three number five and the soul out of six of seven three Five then roof eight three times Okay, and the chords played in the sun or e major see and a Okay, so it’s this type of filter Go up and down on [the] base see Hey [well] song [has] that feel and when you’re playing the rest. Here’s the tip? Pick the bottom notes with a pick hmM That and we want to pick the slide some of the sliding notes with your two little fingers here like that Okay, ah that’s a lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching

57 thoughts on “GREEN RIVER – CCR – Guitar Lesson ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

  1. yes i tryed to tell Bobby this over and over but this is his style so i learn to live with it 🙂 rock on Bobby!!

  2. I agree with this guy Bobby.Just play it before and then show how it's played.It would be a big help to me.For sure.

  3. bobby great teacher but im terrible learning so i suck at guitar im sorry but im unsubscribing and quiting the guitar

  4. hes showing you where to put your effing fingers
    he cant make it any easier!

  5. that's exactly what i was thinking reading some of these comments. AmaZing, I guess it's old fashioned to actually listen to a song about thirty times, find the tab download it, find a video of the band playing it live and go from there. They need everything encapsulated in one videol

  6. Thanks pal. Been wanting to learn this for ages!!!!! But have got a piano stuck to my but.. a.k.a I'm lazy. You just solved my age old delema. Appreciate it bucko. Will be learning this asap! you earned a subscribe big time!!! Extra double whammie big time! Mucho grande big time!

  7. Thanks Bobby Crispy for all the lessons. Fullfilling my Bucket list to learn Guitar. The breakdown of showing the tabs after you play it is great.

  8. Maybe this was intended for folks not as good as experienced players. I personally like a slower taught guitar lesson. I bought these DVD's for Skynyrd, ZZTop & SRV…the guy teaches very well but way too fast for me. Play, stop, rewind, pause, practice, play, stop, rewind, play, pause, practice…after awhile I get most of it. You'd probably like this guy cuz he's really fast.

  9. Bobby Crispy provides some of the best instructional guitar on YouTube! Great job!

  10. Great lesson, I was familiar with the tab already, but this really helps

  11. thank you for sharing your knowledge and enhancing the planet's good vibes.

  12. Thanks bro,,,you really broke it down well and made it easy to understand,,,your a great teacher,,,thank you,,,,,,wish you well

  13. Thanks for sharing your time and your skills for all musicians,I would like to know if you have the tutorial of"I put a spell on you" this song would be loved by many people,specialty when no one has it as of tutorial,Thanks Bob.

  14. 5 Star lessons. i would left my work all out if i stayed watching your video. thanks bro

  15. Thanks so much for teaching this.  I love Creedence and now I can play some 🙂

  16. Excellent presentation – thank you – shows how a simple arrangement can result in an all time favorite!  Nd to be ablk to "play" it myself its great  – I ma sure Mr Fogerty would approve

  17. Hey Bobby, I love your tutorials. There's just one thing what is really sad, In your drescription you show all the riffs for the whole song, suddenly i notice you write (solo). thats very sad because i can't handle tabs and you are teaching me so well with your videos, pleaase make a little video how to play the solo properly, i just can't understand these 3b4 tabs and so on..


  18. Thanks very much for this lesson! Very helpful with the tabs on screen while it's going too!

  19. **TABS FOR THIS LESSON:—Green-River.php

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