Green River College: Global Leadership Program

I recommend the Global Leadership Program
because you will learn everything you need to learn to be a leader. Whether you want to be a leader or not, if
you want to be a great person, you have to know about yourself first. If you want to learn more about yourself,
if you want to learn more about how people view you, and how you interact with the world,
then definitely take this program. You’ll go through that journey, and you’ll
get to see things in a different perspective. You’ll really make friendships, and build
friendships, and learn about community and teamwork, and – there’s just so much to learn,
so I really recommend you join this program. If you are confused about your future, and
confused about what you want to study – if you are confused about anything else, just
come here, because you’ll figure out what your personality is and who you really are. Don’t say that you don’t have time, because
everyone has the same time. And if you still think that you cannot do
it, you cannot come, let’s think about this – “Even ‘trash can,’ why can’t you?”

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