Green River Fossil Fish Hunting Compilation 2019 | Fossil Hunting in Warfield Fossil Quarry

so yesterday was our first day in the
quarry we spent most of it cleaning up you can thank Joe for that and in the
cleaning process we did get some nicer fish over here you can see a nice diplo right there another diplo some pretty knightias and then Joe got a
couple of Phareodus which are in that block and then a big 15 inch Mioplosus
so gonna spend another full day digging it up finding some stuff Joe what do you
have oh my god that is beautiful nice positive and negative I think the rest
of its going in in that corner let me take a look at that corner right there
yeah see how the ripples in this rock go like that
yeah I see Center rippled with the concentric Rings
so the rest of its gonna be in two pieces right in that in that crease
right there it’s gonna look so nice – yep once it’s all put together and that
gorgeous dark brownish red color because it’s right by the bottom of the quarry
and should have a full positive and negative of it nice nice
you know what the shame is look at the mortality later blank blank there’s one
fish looks like it’s undercover on the back of that end that is a pretty Phareodus look at those little teeth nice dark chocolate brown color you got fish
its a shame it’s split right on the face like that and left the body and
tail on that side yep oh well it’ll make a good positive and
negative Wow that is really cool that’s really
cool again another nice positive and negative yep it’s day three that we’re
gonna be digging here in Kemmerer Wyoming in the Green River Formation not
exactly luxurious living standards I’ve modified my dad’s expedition to be able
to sleep in but it is definitely got a good view you see way in the distance
there’s still snow on some of those peaks but we’re gonna get back out there
hopefully find something else really nice so stay tuned in case gotta wake up
we’ve been making a lot of progress with this rock there have been plenty of
great fish Mioplosus right there so this is really cool Kim one of the other
diggers here was thinning down a plate with two fish on it and you’ve got on
this side a fish here and while he was thinning it down he found
something nice there’s a beautiful little Pharo it’s gonna be a beautiful Pharo when you
finish prepping it Kim Congrats It peeled right on it it left
everything here yeah all those stingers broke off that’s
pretty incredible still Kim Thank You Kim strikes again really awesome
Puddle layer assemblage lots and lots lots of fish that would have been a nice
Mio too oh well this might not look like anything special but this is
literally a cool-ass **** one of the rarer fish in the Green River Formation
and whatever animal this was a big turtle or Croc it ate a gar and you can
see it really well right there for that one but there are gar scale all
throughout this poop you can kind of see them up in here but that’s pretty cool
and really rare nice very nice so we’re nearing the end of the day over here and
I just got a pretty fish it is a pretty big diplo probably
around a foot and that’ll look nice it came out in a couple pieces this right
here is where the the rock with the tail but that should prep out nice nearing
the end of the day hey lose anything somewhere in this four foot pile of tailings tails on the tailings
Joe hmm so earlier I mentioned but the views
that here are pretty beautiful well even from the crapper it’s pretty nice and
there’s no one out here so you can do your poo and well have a view if you
want to talk about something really cool I was not expecting to split this rock
and get that beautiful leaf from it I ahh thats so cool never really know what’s
gonna come out of these layers pretty happy with it that is and Aesineops, call it mystery
fish because the family it comes from is fairly poorly understood it’s a better
side I came out beautifully on the Ash layer
Joe how rare is that it’s pretty incredible personal collection bro yep
first new collection that’s awesome found another ray and that is always so
cool to see them come out it’s gonna take quite a bit of prep the rest of its
going into the wall where Joe’s playing around it cool you can see right here
vertebrae and then the disc is coming out looks like that is covered and
buried though rays over here but it looks like the
majority of it to be in this block very cool right her
I’ll go ahead and start taking out that block okay so they’re currently
working on freeing up some rock with the backhoe and this huge crocodile tooth
just dumped out of the wall see if I can’t get the camera to focus on it
that thing is big and beautiful it would have been one mean animal start our fresh
day hopefully we’ll find some cool stuff wish us luck more hunting to do this day 11
of 20 days whoo it’s on this ash plate that tail
right there that’s the tail of a ray and they’re trying to find the rest of
it in the wall just pointing at the barb in the tail of
the Stingray a lot of nice fish on that plate hopefully they can grab it monster d9 in the background working hopefully we find it that’s so cool
that’s a penny for scale a couple of German tourists yesterday found this
baby little ray that is absolutely adorable good lord its so cute okay so negative so I’m splitting rock and
I see this nice outline here this but oh yeah that is a juvenile Pharol see if you
can see the teeth its focusing on them that is a cool fish yeah look at those
teeth piranha so cool
well that is bright hey Joe splitting his rock rock is cool and it’s covered
up so we got the vertebrae coming down and that will prep out nice little
piranha so it looks like this pair of fish have been best buddies for a very
long time open this small rock and we got this pair of cool crossed fish Joe’s
over there beating up on the rock nice diplo too get it Joe so we’re over across the hill at the
other quarry and we got a rock x-rayed that we think has a bird and if you look
right here you’ve got finger bone finger bone and right there is the claw and
you’ve got long bones right here for the limbs and you got another limb right
here there might be more but we’re not sure there’s the culprit Rock no
cross-sections there that side that side and it looks like from the x-ray there’s
something coming all the way up to here oh my goodness I had no idea that those
would come out that nice Joe it turned out nice it took almost 15 hours what did
you use to prep it? a needle in a stick and prepared it under about 70 X
magnification and these are bird legs right yeah they’re from some sort of
wading bird because of the length of this bone but I haven’t determined which
one yet some sort of early Eocene wading bird that is so rare and
beautiful the lake (green river formation) that these come from is one of the few places that preserves
anything that falls into it so these birds would have washed in from the
shore and been preserved in the limestone sediments in the middle of the
lake even so they’re ridiculously rare that’s cool and then there might be a
stingray in here well there probably is there’s a cross section right up here
you can see the stingray coming out and a stinger coming out and maybe a vertebrae
but we’re not 100% sure so this is Joe’s stingray and you can see the vertebrae
line coming down getting larger and larger and the center of the disc is
gonna be right around this area god that’s so cool thank you so much doc for
letting us do this this is awesome stingray right there cool so we are back
in Florida and Joe has spent 10 hours putting together this beautiful ray I
cannot believe that he found this simply from the cross-section of the Stinger
right there and then we got it x-rayed brought it back to Florida and this
madman made a beautiful piece of art well to be fair nature made the art he
just perfected it I exposed the art you exposed the art yeah and who do you
think put the tail back on you put the tail back on yeah and I made
it so you can put it up on the wall – whoa he is a multi faceted Renaissance man
that’s amazing that detail goodness so we’re back in Florida where it’s hot and
miserable oh my goodness and so Joe’s taking me into his fossil shed to see
some of these beautiful fish after being prepped little ray oh yeah whoo
what do we have here buddy these are some of my better ones this is
a mioplosus with a little leaf next to it and it’s on a layer with some volcanic
ash that I’ve left on top of it that kind of comes in a diagonal straight
through it and I’ve framed it nicely that’s cool and that’s a big piranha
it’s about 2 ft long it’s a Phareodus encaustus funny when we were there and we were
finishing up hunting I was so ready to be back in Florida back-breaking work
like Joe’s put in so much effort in this and I was there the whole time and
I know what it’s like now but now that I’m back in Florida all I want to be doing
is finding more fish like oh this is just set up you can see he started prepping
this fish right here I got the jaw done and then I started to find how deep the
body was yeah Joe has to put a lot of work in under this how many hours do you
think would go into a fish like that probably 9 or 10 more yep I was an
awesome trip really enjoyed hanging out with Joe and going out west and doing
something really different and awesome I can’t wait to do it hopefully in the
future again but thanks so much for watching guys
make sure to like follow subscribe and thank you take care

86 thoughts on “Green River Fossil Fish Hunting Compilation 2019 | Fossil Hunting in Warfield Fossil Quarry

  1. This trip was an awesome experience! Let me know if you want me to camp out in the quarry again next year! And we will try to bring you even more and better content from Wyoming!

  2. Nice to see how these fossils chiseled out. Could they be victims of the 66 million yr old asteroid? I need one for my wall so yeah, make another trip for sure.

  3. Yes. Fossil fish and bird bones for Thanksgiving. Sort of like the very dry turkey I expect to be eating this afternoon, only much more interesting and epoch. Thanks.

  4. I never understood how did so many fish get fossilized in one spot and not one was eatin by scavengers all of them where burried whole where does that happen today? Those fish had to be burried fast.

  5. Looks like museum quality prep. What would a set up like this run if offered to a museum?

  6. Wow, not even "awesome" is descriptive enough for those! And those rays are exquisite! I am just in awe here–well done, well done!

  7. come on lads positive and negative ? , Part and Counterpart surely , lovely fossils though

  8. I go to Mexico once a year and a few years ago I saw a report of a site where they find some large and strange fish.

  9. That was unbelievable. Hoooly crap! I can't come up with words I want to say. I'm so jealous. Art that was millions of years in the making.

  10. Good finds. I was at a quarry in Kemmerer a couple years ago, found a diplomystus bigger than my hand, all positive.

  11. My wife and I went there many years ago but we were not allowed to keep anything rare (rays, etc…), only common fish. Have they changed that policy?

  12. Ok. Gonna try to troll this like the five idiots that gave you a thumbs down. Here goes. Stingrays are stupid they killed Steve Irwin. You should smash it. If you are on an expedition why are you sleeping? It doesn't look like anything special because it is not special. Try to build an ark. Yes. I found a leaf in the mud. Thank you. A better corcodile tooth can found on an Orlando golf course. Juvenile. You predofile. Awesome. Oh. You smoke pot. Redicusically rare. Yup here on YouTube I found one instantly. Effort? You just found them. I hope that helps with the thumbs down. I had a minute and loved your post.

  13. 11:38 Gorgeous! Did you hunt around in the plane of that rock to see if the rest of the skeleton might be nearby? SInce there's two legs there had to be something articulating them together during deposition!

  14. Hey guys incredible that youtube recommends this to me. What a magical algorithym. I got a question thou! I always look for special stuff to build tabletops etc with. And it would be hella awesome to get oneof those prepped ones under a glas panel. Is there a community or something where i could start looking for people that might sell some? (Europe/Germany) How expensive do you think those would range from?

  15. OK OK I was so caught off guard when Kim showed up! I know him personally. That’s always so strange when you see someone you actually know show up out in the “wild”

  16. Честно ! Нихуя не понятно но очень интересно

  17. Wyoming Rockhounding and fossil hunting is awesome! I'm trying to make time for a trip to Utah for 2020. I have been through there a few times, but it's difficult to find a place to stop for a legitimate search while I'm in my semi. I still find some cool stuff around the truck stops though!

  18. Wyoming fish fossils are sold all over the world but it is pretty clear that here in the Netherlands we end up with pretty boring small specimens.
    I'm looking more for the one of a kind fossils like the slab of german pterodactyl footprint sequence that I found for 1 euro in a thrift store and dino coprolites from the same box or my 20 kilos ammonite still looking for that T-Rex tooth!!

  19. you should come to Limburg in the Netherlands the lime mines are super-rich the ground around the entrances are full of shark teeth and the occasional mosasaur tooth the river the maas is nearby this is the river that gave the mosasaur its name most is maas in Latin.
    the open mines are where you can find mosasaur bones and bigger teeth as well as plesiosaur fossils on rare occasions the original fossil left a void which later would fill with quartz white or completely transparent quartz shark and mosasaur teeth and bones have been found but they are a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

  20. this is just like the lithographic limestone mine in Germany were the infamous archeopteryx was found I never found anything like that in that mine but plenty of fish, leaves, and parts of small dino's again coprolites are my favorites at places like this.

  21. pirana wow always makes me think of the pirana encounter I had I live near a grass processing plant and they cool the system with water and dump it out on one side so it is warm water all year one time on my way to work IN 2008 I saw a grey heron stabbing at a big fish on the ground way too big for him to eat turns out this was a species of pirana a plant-eating one a pirapitInga a huge bugger! about the size of my head! but flatter I stepped off my bike shoo shooed the heron away and dumped the fish in the side bags of my bike went to the starting point (cleaning the streets of garbage was my job to lots of walking) instead of going to the city center we went to our natural history museum and donated the dead fish this story went totally viral to the point I even made several tv interviews before the day was out and it was all over the web type pirapitinga Leiden on google and you still find web items even now!

  22. needle and stick! wow, how inventive! I use one of those tiny screwdriver sets for super small screws and bolts they go to insane small sizes and are super hard great for digging those bones clear
    a great tip for DIY fossil restorations if you have a shell cluster in soft sandstone just take it with you when you go showering use the said screwdrivers and a toothbrush to get off the excess sandstone it will leave a sh#tload of sand all over the shower room and you including your tender parts (ooh!! wash vigorously after or get sand burn!) but at the end, you have a museum grade shell cluster without having to work for weeks.

  23. Check out the Biggest fish fossil you'll ever see!
    Watch my video "The Big Island Fish, Bull and Crocodile". Plus many more Mud Fossil videos.
    Set Sail to NautilusNews*

  24. How stupid pooping well I guess your gay and like sex in the pooper too ? How weird sicko are.

  25. 1:57 STOP!!!! Get something to take off table top size slabs…the nicest fossil like these that I have ever seen was a coffee table size slab of 100 million year old starfish, the price of the big piece vs. the smaller ones would convince you as well… it will mathematically give you better odds of producing great pieces.

  26. Just found your vids, love this what caused this and are they only in one layer?

  27. My Hobby is metaldetecting, but i´m pretty sure this could also be a hobby for me….nice just nice

  28. In researching the Warfield Quarry in Kemmerer, they say on their site that you can keep all the fish you find, or anything else, but no stingrays or something else. How were you guys able to get the stingrays you found out? And will you post the exact location, name, etc., of the quarry you guys were at? Awesome finds!

  29. I love your videos and strong dedication 💛 I wish you the Best of luck on your next adventure 🎉 I wish I could meet y'all 😁This is really cool😘👍 congratulations on your hard work👍 love love love these finds 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  30. Went here back in 1997 with my 4yo she had the best find of the day so by all means please take your kids and also make sure to visit Fossil Butte national monument you won't be sorry

  31. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn… Y'all are literally setting up some of my future trips! In return, if you're ever around Tucson AZ, let me know and I'll take you out to see Native American petroglyphs up to 6,000 years old. You can't take them home (if I ever see anybody chiseling one out, I will push them off a cliff) but you can take all the pics and video you like and see some outstandingly beautiful desert!

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