Grocery Store Musical – Musicals In Real Life Episode 2

Oh no! No no no no no
No no no no no No oh. This fruit is lonely. The other fruits so far away. And this fruit just wants to play. Gotta give a helping hand. So who will join me? I will join you. We will find two fruits to squeeze. One fruit, Adam. One fruit, Eve. We will make a free fruit land. Let’s squish our fruits together. You’ve got an apple that is green and in my tastiest dream. We squish our fruits together. You’ve got a pineapple bear, why don’t we make them a pair. Let’s squish our fruits together. Our fruit is real. Let’s make a meal of love. It’s my fondest wish. My fondest wish… to squish our fruits together. Look at these fruits! Isolated in the separated bins! We gotta squish them together! Why? Because we can’t leave all these fruits alone. You want us to squish fruits together? Fruits deserve a chance to mingle. That sounds crazy. But delicious. ‘Cuz the worlds are vicious place. But it’s not when fruits embrace. We can make a change today. That sounds amazing. Like fruit salad. No, fruit salad is too chunky. And if we want these fruits to get funky we gotta make a big puree. Yes! A big puree. You know… the man says we can not eat our fruits together. Well I say yes we can. Yes we can! So this is what we’re gonna do. Half the people in the world are gonna pick up a piece of fruit. The other half the people in the world… will also get already picked up a fruit. But we’re gonna pick up a different kind of fruit. And we’re all gonna squish our fruits together. Are you with us? Are you with us? Yes! Let’s squish our fruits together. We’ve got some strawberries here, so bring my grapefruit near. Let’s squish our fruits together. Look at what’s in your cart, then look at what’s in your heart. Let’s squish our fruits together. Our fruit is real. Let’s make a meal of love. It’s our fondest wish… to squish our fruits to squish our fruits… together. Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “Grocery Store Musical – Musicals In Real Life Episode 2

  1. What if the one forgot the lyrics and other one is waiting for other to continue xD

  2. Subscribed to this now! It’s 1 am and I’m over here laughing like a lunatic!! Love this! ????

  3. This is actually really good. The singing is amazing. Everyone is confused lmao

  4. These actors are so professional! If that was me probably I'll be dying of laughing ? ? ?

  5. This might be the best thing I've ever seen also WHY CAN'T THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!


  7. Was it just me who was expecting the pregnant woman to pull out a watermelon?

  8. Lol the little kid at 1:12 is like "oh man, all my dreams are about to become true!"

  9. Haha XD
    The music sounds good, I just don't know about the topic XD

  10. Improv everywhere ….you guys have talent,creative i love you more

  11. I love the fact that its now 2018 and Im seeing these people whip out their flip phones???

  12. I agree with the guy at the end. It would be pretty cool if once a while, supermarkets would do a musical about their foods. HEY! Maybe it could be like a challenge like the police lip synch battle right?

  13. @ 2:52 It never fails to get me when they're singing "look at what's in your heart, look at what's in your cart…"and Nana does exactly that in checking out what' in her cart….one of the best YT vids ever….

  14. I just wish there was some random person who wasn't supposed to be there to join in randomly

  15. ?Fruit, the musical! ? It's not the first time there were fruits on Broadway!?

  16. Is this fake? At 2:58 you see all the customers in the back, but at a different camera shot at 3:10, they all disappeared.

  17. There should be warnings for these lyrics. I said "let's squish our fruits together" to a girl I liked couple years ago and she slapped me. Maybe it's because I wasn't holding a fruit when I said it- could be why she thought it was sexual or something.

  18. 10 years from the future and i'm just telling yall if you try to do sing in a grocery store here you probably gonna end up being a meme

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