Group of gnus in the Mara River – Wildlife in Serengeti EP02, #07, 마라강가 누우떼

Gnus begin their travel
in groups of hundreds, and now these groups join together
with other groups and became a group of
tens of thousands, and this group darkens
the entire grassland. They have been marching north
for 4 months now. They reached the Mara River
at the border of Tanzania and Kenya.The Mara River
The place across the Mara River
is their final destination. There is one last obstacle
for the gnus. They have to swim across
this 30m wide dangerous river. A dark wave of gnus crowd along
the river in a twinkling of an eye. The sound of the rough stream
depresses their spirits, but they refuse to end
their journey here. The leader goes first. It watches the current
and the width of the river carefully. While the group at the head
of the line hesitates, more gnus rush in uncontrollably
from the distant grassland. The leader summons up
its courage once again and looks for the narrowest spot
in the river. The leader finally makes a decision, but its courage disappears
as soon as cold water hits its jaw. The herd waits for its leader to make
the first step into the river. On the third try,
the leader finally begins to swim. Following their leader,
the gnus begin to jump into the river. The gnus challenge the rough streams
following a natural instinct that has been in their blood
for 2.5 million years. A herd of tens of thousands of gnus
crossing the river through the rough waves is one of the greatest natural
spectacles on earth. They march forth with all their might. If they don’t do this, they will be
swept away by the stream. There already are some victims. There are some gnus who lost
their courage and are now going back. But those who march on to the other
end of the river are rewarded. Through the battleground filled
with the dead, another gnu successfully
crosses the river. Even at the other end of the river, the gnus have to fight a fierce battle
to safely cross it due to the speed of the stream. It’s shallow but if it loses its footing, it will drift away with the torrent
in a split second. A young gnu seems exhausted. It writhes under the pressure,
but it only sinks deeper into the river. The scavengers of the savanna,
the vultures, that devour the dead, fly in anticipation along the river. New groups of gnus are arriving
along the Mara River. Here, there is twice the danger and they need twice the courage. The crocodiles have been waiting
for their chance and now begin to hunt. A gnu is caught by a crocodile. The sacrifice of one life makes it possible
for its mates to cross safely. The group loses a few, but hundreds of thousands of gnus
safely cross the river. However some gnus from the leading group
turn around and come back toward the river. They are the ones that lost their family
while crossing the river. A mother gnu feels uneasy
after losing its offspring. The younger ones are
looking for their mother. Mother gnus and offsprings are
vacantly looking around to find family among the newly arriving groups. There is nothing to stop
this great flow of gnus. Even on the 5m high cliff, these gnus throw themselves
without hesitation. A young gnu takes a false step
while jumping down the cliff. A mother gnu crosses the river, but comes back down the slope
beside the cliff to look for its offspring. Now only the mother and its offspring
are left on this side of the river. If they don’t hurry and join the group
on the other side of the river, they can be the target
of flesh-eating beasts. It takes much more courage to jump
into the river alone than with others. The hesitating mother finally makes up
its mind and jumps into the water. An excited crocodile attacks the mother. To make things worse, a sudden
downpour has made the river rise. But for some reason, crocodiles give up
on the gnu in the middle of the struggle. The gnu escaped by the skin of its teeth,
but its leg is completely broken. In spite of the excessive pain, the mother continues to walk
toward the group. It must be thinking
only about its offspring. But the group is too far away. The pain and the despair eventually
become too much for the mother gnu. She cannot get up again. Her journey ends
right in front of the promised land.

97 thoughts on “Group of gnus in the Mara River – Wildlife in Serengeti EP02, #07, 마라강가 누우떼

  1. Absolutely I love it. Obviously i like any documentary about wild animals. Just I have a question. If someone knows let me know please. Why didn't made any bridges there for use the animals ? so because we see any years died too many animals. Thanks

  2. are you shitting me?! this stupid bitch sat there and died from a little leg injury. Gnu's are weak

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  4. @8:34 hell no i just got here and now we heading back? (Confused )
    Lol🤣 after all that struggle smh

  5. humanos miserables gravan cuando los animales se estan muriendo y nadie los ayudas hjios de perra x eso estas como estamos cagados somos tan malos x en de ayudar disfrutan de la muerte de los animales

  6. 10:42. You hear that noise and then see that Orange thing land on the bank .. pause at 10:42–10:43.

  7. Уважаемые гандоны ваши реклама заебал

  8. may all beings and creatures be free from enmity and danger,
    may all beings and creatures be free from mental suffering,
    may all beings and creatures be free from physical suffering,
    may all beings and creatures be free from suffering,
    may all beings and creatures protect themselves,
    may all beings and creatures be able to take care of themselves peacefully.

  9. ผมจะดูตอนจระเข้กินแบบชัดๆถ่ายได้แย่จัง

  10. Coitadinha , com a pata quebrada assim , está a beira da morte, pelo menos não esse infeliz do Jacaré que devorá-lo.

  11. If you can't identify an animal just call it a GNU. It's nice and easy for kiddies.

  12. I think your embellishing when you claim the leader assess the current and tries to locate the narrowest point of the river to cross. I just don't think these animals are that smart. So often they will enter the river in massive numbers to start crossing only to reach the other side and have a 20m high vertical cliff face to scale. So you're suggesting they can assess current strength and estimate the width of a river, but can't see 50m to the other side of the river to ensure they have the ability to get out of the water when they get there?

    It's so dangerous when you feel the need to pad your documentaries with made up facts because sometimes people might be looking to use the information from the video in maybe something academic like an assignment and if they did they be so wrong

  13. I hope the people whom filming this have a heart to save those injure animals, not just talk and be cold hearted.

  14. Its like a giant living version of those coin push machines at arcades…..but with crocodiles lol

    Crocs & vultures do a fantastic job of getting rid of all the dead bodies….if not for them whole sections of river would rank bacteria filled toxic zones.

  15. Subhan ALLAH
    Itni zeada mkhlooqat no paalney or snmbhalney Waley RABB .ul KREEM ki Shan buht hi aalaa hay

  16. Vou morde o primeiro idiota aqui o crocodilo kkk

  17. 8:53 poor dude (to the left) lost his footing and that's that. Hard deal on the Serengeti…

  18. yaar janwro ki video se jyada jruri unki help jruri hai

  19. 2.5 million years? so where about in the fossil record are they?

  20. I felt very sad and disappointed after the miserable death of poor mother gnu while crossing the death river occupied by death beast she sacrificed her life for her calf

  21. I really angry on the reporter , God has give you two opportunity 1 )call the Wild life team to Support the Bull give him a second life or to Make Famous yourself by showing the Video to the World ?

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