100 thoughts on “Grow Lights Explained CFL LED and HPS easy and cheap to efficient and expensive

  1. I bought a full spectrum led from Amazon for 24.99 …it works great im using it to grow my kratom plants in the winter …so u can find them for decent prices …hands down there are better ones than the one i bought but if u are balling on a budget its great.

  2. He had me at "One and a half pounds"…until he said "tomatoes". Great video though! I'm using CFL on my "Green Tomatoes" 😉

  3. To think most of this technology and ideas started off as something used in illegal activities. Now it's being used by people who genuinely want to grow plants, like vegetables and herbs (the legal kind), indoors. Times changed, man.

  4. Hey if i was growing one plant would i need one light? Also what watt would i need for cfl & led bulbs? Thank you !

  5. the 1890s? lmao think you mean the 1980s. They were just barely getting the very first light bulbs into homes in 1890 lol. Cfls would have blown their minds.

  6. HPS lights in my opinion are great if you live in a cold area or wet area. I used to go sit in my grow room when it was rainy for days or weeks. You will feel really good and it's good for the plants you breath out co2 which the plants need.
    You will need to cut a hole in the celling about 4 to 6 inches for the vent. Have a great day!

  7. Here for the newbs. If you're growing some bud for the first time, then you should get a decent LED or some HPS lights.

  8. You delivered like a real expert Steve, Now I know something about lighting and especially about the CFL bulbs. Great Job Buddy Ken From Houston Texas .

  9. my god.  people, you do realise, that really bright thing in the sky, generally between the hours of 0600 to 2000 is a sun right?  and it's been growing plants of all types of species, since the beginning of time…. right?  and that's not even the BEST part here people… wait for it……………..ITS FREE.lol.  Talk about $$$

  10. OK Stop LYING about there being these "Billions" of years nobody can FACTUALLY PROVE. 6000 Yrs since GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE can not be DEBUNKED to this day unless you LIE.

  11. wow,learned more in 11 minutes than—well you know thank you ,peace out and god bless

  12. Lol he has a carbon scrubber for his "tomatos".. yuup cause yknow, "tomatoes" have a pretty strong smell ;P

  13. In the video, you mention 2100K and 6500K CFLs. Based on your recommendations, I am planning to purchase a 4-light CFL tube shop-light to setup in our basement. I have found multiple options for the fixture and the 6500k bulbs in 4' lengths, both T5 or T8. However, the closest to 2100k in either T5 or T8 seems to be 2700k. Is 2700k close enough to be useful? Do you have a source/recommendation for 2100k bulbs? I am glad to use a referral link if that helps you. I have seen a bunch of grow lights sold online that just use the 6500k bulbs. Your information definitely seems to explain why both are important, but why do those (nominally successful) units only use the one? Thanks for the videos and all your help!

  14. Nice video, I appreaciate your insight…. I'm currently trying to put together a small cupboard garden to grow some micro veg…Something about small baby carrots and tomatoes just intrigues lol

    I was looking around and came across Reptile bulbs / sun lamps

    Here's one of them but they have a whole range.

    The tempreture in my planned growing space currently is 10*c so I'm thinking I'd probably benefit from the added heat factor. What are your thoughts, I have yet to come across anyone else testing or using them :/ Am I just crazy or are these E27 bulbs a viable option ? ? ?

  15. I may have missed it but if I do want those huge tomatoes, what's your recommendation?

  16. I'm new at growing "tomatoes" and are on 3-4 th node ..I'm using one grow light and 2 LED bulbs ..what is cheapish and best to use?

  17. This is specs on product. 50-60hz… ..166red/34blue… lumens 1500lm.. 24w and. Will this work outdoors on small experimenting patch of Bermuda that struggle in shade.

  18. so can i swap out my bathroom bulbs for those bulbs to grow plants in my bathroom? i just want to grow houseplants…

  19. This whole red and blue light thing is a scam. It’s misunderstood data from nasa. Plants require full spectrum light. No matter what you are growing full spectrum light will always give you better results. The statement that plants only use certain light is completely incorrect and a serious misunderstanding of how plants function.

  20. Yeah, indoor tomatoes… sure. Me too. Tomatoes. Why not show us your indoor garden?

  21. You failed to mention Halogen bulbs??? They are super bright but get rather warm.

  22. Damn where I'm from we call those tomatoes weed but hey to each his own lol jk tomatoes SMH lol

  23. All I have is a small LED grow bulb, just a couple watts so I put it 6" from some small succulents. Will this be enough provided that I leave it on long enough?

  24. So when are LED lights for plants in aquariums, terrariums, and garden going to become affordable?

  25. Thanks a bunch for this video. I just want to do leafy greens. I have tomatoes outside that took over my small outdoor garden

  26. I’ve never seen someone use a filter with tomatoes ?

  27. Lmaoo but y he look n talk like that one mf from that show the office ??

  28. You overlooked one…the normal LED lightbulbs (Not those big specialized LED plant grow lights). Those would actually be a better choice that what you concluded to with the CFL.


    AM I EVIL?

  30. Thank you for explaining how different ? lightbulb work now it’s so much easier make my plants grow

  31. My neck hurts from watching the first couple minutes but great job ?

  32. tell me why this nigga look like he do drift racing in tokyo for a living

  33. My tomatoes are looking fantastic. Strange enough, they look and smell like bud.

  34. One cfl equivalent to 100watt incandescent pulls .39 amps on average. Combine enough and you will trip a 15 amp breaker. Be carefull!! A real good t5 fixture is the next step and safer,then on to the big boys…..

  35. This guy is boring. He needs to make it enjoying and happier. He's sort of monotone

  36. Make sure you are using the best in horticultural lighting. These guys fit the bill: shorturl.at/eszPW

  37. Nowadays its just LEDs as self build COD lights are cheap and good, you dont want CFL anymore replace your CFL tubes with philips LED tubes if you want to reuse your fixtures

  38. This guy's a dork he should teach us how to grow weed instead of punk a** tomatos

  39. Glad he clarified it was tomatoes and peppers, I wasn't sure if it was that all plants only required those 2 spectra or just weed.

  40. Since he said it repeatedly he obviously is somewhat uninformed. He showed and was using a metal halide not a high pressure sodium. He should be calling them hid's . High intensity discharge. Metal halides' blue spectrum. High pressure sodiums red.

  41. Wonder why almost everyone uses the same vocal inflections in these videos.

  42. Is there a difference between regular CFL and CFL grow lights? and are CLF lights too hott for citrus trees?

  43. LED lights don't lose as much light with distance. Uh, all lights lose the same amount of loss with distance. Inverse square law. Basic physics.

  44. Been laughing my ass off with the Tomatoes comments. Thanks guys for making my day. ??

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