Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

so how do you grow your YouTube channel
fast I’ve got five tips coming up hello and welcome to expert influencer
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out of our new guide social media checklist that’s available on Amazon
I’ll have a link down in the show notes but just five power tips that you can
use to grow your YouTube channel fast so the first tip is the power of search so
YouTube is owned and operated by Google and Google is the world’s largest search
engine which makes YouTube the second world’s largest search engine
and this gives you a huge advantage especially if you position your brand as
consumer or customer facing people searching for how to videos or product
review videos they search these things all day long and so if you can
incorporate a specific product or a specific topic from your niche and you
can show your audience how to get from point A to point B this gives you a huge
advantage and when users look up those terms like how to change a car tire how
to replace two D batteries very specific titles you’ve got an incredible chance
of ranking on the first page the second tip I have is one engine to rule them
all if you can use the tips in number one and you can position your video and
rank on the first page of YouTube which is usually in the top 20 videos this
gives you an increased chance of ranking on the first page of Google for that
exact topic which is awesome because it’s all organic it’s all safe so a
video like how does a glade show plumb Fantasy air freshener smell
something very specific like this is laser pointed positioning and there is
absolutely a great chance that you’re gonna rank on the first page of Google
so the more specific you get with your topic and your video ideas within your
niche the greater the chance of also ranking on the first page of Google as a
bonus the third tip is the invasion of the hashtags so I don’t know if you know
this but YouTube now allows up to three hashtags to be displayed above the fold
on every video and what that basically means is it’s above the title this
allows you even more precision targeting of your content and if your brand is
unique enough and you have unique enough ideas you can really dominate the white
space on YouTube for hashtags and whenever anyone types in your particular
hashtag like ours is hashtag expert influencer Academy you will definitely
show up in the results and your audience will definitely find you so do some
hashtag research on your niche do some hashtag research on your video topic and
make sure you’re using hashtags you’re allowed 3 take advantage of them the
fourth tip I have is keep this in mind that different is better than better you
know one of the unique things about YouTube is that it allows you and me and
everyone to show off their personalities and this is a this is huge in the brand
building and marketing niche people love to do business with those that they feel
an emotional connection with I mean there’s only one you and there’s only
you that can deliver your message the way you do don’t ever be afraid to be
yourself on YouTube don’t ever be afraid to be yourself in your business and in
your videos in the long run your community is gonna respect you for it
and finally the fifth tip I have for growing your YouTube channel and your
face fast is be consistent consistency is key you know in order to be
successful on YouTube it is vital that you develop a posting schedule and you
really need to stick to it make sure that you’re posting a minimum of once
per week and that you have to stay current and relevant for the algorithm
to really boost your content up YouTube gives priority to consistency relevancy
and recency so you really want to make sure that you’re posting fresh content
at least once a week on your YouTube channel to be in the algorithm and show
up on what’s called suggested videos and the way you can do that is just make
sure that you’re producing valuable and real value adding content on your videos
make sure you’re making those deep emotional connections with your target
audience you really want to help them provide a solution you know an expert
influencer Academy we learn from the Great’s and we teach that you are not
the hero and your customers story they are as a brand as a marketer and as a
business person it’s really your position to be the guide and guide your
clients and Glyde guide your customers along their journey and I’ll tell you
what if you master this you are well on your way to being successful well guys
there you have it five tips on how to grow your YouTube channel fast if you
like these and we invite you again check out our guide that’s available on Amazon
Kindle it’s called a social media checklist and it goes over five major
social media sites and why we are on the platform why we think you should be on
the platform and at the end of every chapter and my favorite is we offer
these five power tips to kind of cut down the learning curve for you
you know it’s taken us five years to get to this point so we wanted to cut down
that learning curve for you to help you get results fast well guys that’s it for
this video thanks for tuning in and we will see you next time

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