Growing a pepper cross under the Sansi LED Floodlight

so I want to give another update on the Sansi LED floodlight I’ve been using this probably for almost a year now and several plants, I’ve gotten many everything I’ve put under there I’ve gotten it to fruit as you can see this one actually is like a double hard to see with the angle here, but a double pod this is a cross I made between a a Malagueta and a Khang Starr White Thai both of them I had under this light got them to to fruit and cross-pollinated the Malagueta with the Khang Starr White Thai and this is the one plant, the f1 that I’ve grown from that and it’s in a a DWC setup small hydroponic container air pump which I have turned off right now and also have a kratky plants, this is a mellow brown in a water bottle and I’ve got a ghostly jalapeno kind of catching side light as well and and this peri peri in a can and it’s actually starting to fruit it’s a pepper in a can contest also growing some succulents I’ve got this pencil Jade and these are all the same Jade plant, started out with this one and propagated that over to there and there I’m giving these Masterblend 4-18-38 mixed with Epsom Salt and Calcium Nitrate and I just mix a few gallons at a time the light’s doing really well it still impresses me considering it’s not even meant to be a grow light this one’s even got pigmentation reaction to the excess light on the pod there some other pods in the back so anyway I just wanted to share that still using this light works very well I’ll need to probably prune this or raise the light up a little bit at some point it does a great job anyway thank you very much for watching I hope you liked that please like, comment and subscribe

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