Guadalupe River State Park, Texas [Official]

[sounds of running river] Guadalupe River State Park
was created to provide river access to the public. What’s so unusual about this
park is we’re very close to San Antonio.
We’re just 30 miles. We’re very close to Austin,
just an hour and a half south. And yet, you can come here
in a short amount of time and be completely removed
from the city life. So you really accomplish the
outdoor experience very, very quickly. Guadalupe River is also
the only state park with a State Natural Area
right next door. Between Honey Creek
and Guadalupe, we have nearly 5000 acres of pristine, post oak
savannah. Now the difference between
Honey Creek State Natural Area and Guadalupe River State Park It’s that we manage the
State Natural Area for its cultural, natural
resources. You can only come into
Honey Creek under experimental permit if
you’re doing research here or we have Saturday morning
guided tours from 9-11 a.m. This is probably the reason
you came. This is Honey Creek. It’s never stopped flowing that
we know of. We’re going to try
this fossil right here. See this round one right here? We have an agreement with
the Northeast ISD in San Antonio and we’ve got a 3rd grade
outdoor science program that goes on here during the
Fall and also the Spring. They actually get to come
out here and see and feel and touch and they get to observe
nature right here in real life it’s here for them. A special trail over in
the state park welcomes visitors with hooves as well as feet. This is just the 2nd time
we’ve been out here but we really enjoyed it
the first time we came a week ago so we’re going
to keep a regular weekly trail ride
session going. It’s certainly very peaceful
getting away from the city and noise and
it’s quiet and beautiful and it’s a way to relax
with your horse. Many different features
draw people to Guadalupe River State Park. Most come for the river. [music] A lot of families come out
with young children and have them play and wade
along the river. It really appeals to a lot of
different people and a lot of different ages. [music] For more information on Texas
state parks and historic sites, visit our website or call

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