Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] [man’s voice]
There go the fish. There they go. [Mark Dillow, Chapter President, Guadalupe
River Trout Unlimited] The mission of Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited
is to protect, restore, the Guadalupe River fishery. [music] [Mark Dillow]
We’ve been around for about 50 years. The trout fishery that exists came into being
when Canyon Dam was erected a number of years ago. Below the dam,the water became too cold
for many of the warm water species to thrive. And some far thinking people at that time
decided that putting trout in the river would be the best way to restore an opportunity
for the public to fish. So, for about 13 miles below the dam, in Canyon Dam here, we have
a world-class trout fishery. [lightining strikes] [Mark Dillow]
And through the years, typical of Central Texas, we’ve had years of drought and flood.
Some of those floods have been devastating. We’ve been working closely with organizations
in the area to restore the damage that’s done when it happens. [music] [Jimbo Roberts, Vice President of Fisheries,
Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited] I’m fortunate that I’m a Texas native, and
I’ve been fishing this river for all my life, really. And the rivers gone through tremendous
changes over the years. We’ve seen high flows and low flows but when GRTU came in and started
their chapter, it really changed the way this river’s been utilized. We started stocking
rainbows, and over the years we’ve done many things including the support of more
limited harvest restrictions on the river. That’s allowed more river fish to stay in
the river, and allowed the river to flourish. And that’s attracted sportsmen from all
over the world down here. It’s really amazing. [fisherman]
I got ya. [Mark Dillow]
We encourage Catch-and-Release to return the fish to the river as quickly as you can and
handle them very carefully so this resource can continue, so that the efforts the Guadalupe
River Trout Unlimited are putting into making this a world-class fishery can continue. And
other people can have that same opportunity catch the fish that you caught. [splash] [Chris Johnson, River Guide, Living Waters
Fly Fishing] As a guide and a fly shop owner, we really
see the economic benefits of this fishery. The local towns of Sadler in new Braunfels,
those local areas see the immediate economic impact of people stopping in the restaurants
and gas stations, and, you know, many of us make it a habit just to fill up our gas tank
before we leave town, just in support of the area fishery and the local town and community. [music] [Dakus Geeslin, Aquatic Scientist, Texas Parks
and Wildlife Department] In January 2015, Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited
held its first annual youth trout camp. It was here right on the river, where kids experienced
fly fishing, river recreation, fly tying, and the kids got a guided half day trip here
on the Guadalupe River. [Dakus Gesslin]
If these kids enjoy the river, they start caring about the river, and the next thing
you know they’ll want to conserve and protect the river. What we saw was a conservation
legacy being developed firsthand over that weekend of our trout camp. [Chris Johnson]
Guiding this river is a real pleasure simply because we are able to bring people out here
to catch rainbow trout that are some of the biggest the people have ever caught. We’ve
landed 27 and 28 inch rainbow trout out of this river, which is absolutely surreal. That’s
a big fish for anywhere. [music] [Chris Johnson]
Those are large rainbow trout and we’re seeing that in central Texas. [woman fishing]
OK, we’re ready. To go fishing. Ha! [Chris Johnson]
So it’s really a wonderful fishery, a precious commodity. Catch-and-Release is something
that’s near and dear to our hearts to see a sustainable trout fishery in central Texas
is absolutely Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited’s main purpose and goal. [Chris Johnson]
There you go. There’s a nice Guadalupe Rainbow.

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  1. Last time I saw the Guadalupe River it was a mile wide.

  2. Channelize the river bed for low flows and put some weirs or pour overs in place. Cool to hear of a trout stream in Texas! i find stocker fish pretty boring, but I would love to fish for those trout versus no trout! All that aside its great to see folks able to fly fish for trout so far south, and some big ones! I wonder what they do, stock 30K rainbows, 25K small, and 5k big ones? Or are they actually surviving over the summer? Cool and interesting, nice work!

  3. It would really help out if you made it catch and release only past the first marker!!

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