Guild Wars 2 – Quick Raid Guide – River of Souls and Statues – Wing 5

Unlike other wings, this one has 4 separate
events instead of the second boss. They are not that hard, but still deserves
a guide. Each event has a timestamp down below. The River of Souls is about escorting Desmina
thru a very narrow path, dealing with obstacles and keeping her alive. She has a protective bubble what removes damaging
debuff when you step in its range so stay inside as often as possible. Alongside the path are rifts what pulls you
towards the edge. They can be disabled for a few moments if
you hit them 10 times. Another thing you have to deal with are mobs
what can hurt Desmina. From the front side comes bombers time to
time and then there is a constant flow of easily killable spirits from behind. You will also encounter a few Enervators what
stops Desmina and disable her bubble, and that can be dangerous. Just run ahead an kill them in advance. There are also moving walls like on the first
boss, but these only down you. Random players with also receive timed bombs
what stun everyone in their range. They have a 2 step timer. Once inner circle gets filled the bomb will
be planted on the ground and explodes with the outer one. You should always place it somewhere off the
others. If you die and it’s not from falling off the
edge, you can still be saved. You will be transformed into the ghost, and
you have to quickly collect sparks along the way in order to revive. After the River of Souls, you can pick 3 Statue
Events in the order you want. The Statue of Darkness happens in the dark
maze divided by the wall in the middle. Players have to split into 2 groups and kill
2 eyes pretty much at the same time. Eyes will randomly teleport, but fortunately,
you can mark them and easily keep track. 1 player from each group has to stay on the
wall and throw light orbs on his party because Eyes can’t be damaged while in the dark. The Light Orbs can be carried over when eye
teleports or used to stun other mobs in the maze. If any eye remains in the dark for too long,
it starts quickly damaging everyone in the entire maze so move fast. There are also other mobs, especially this
big bull what can quickly wipe entire party, but you can easily outrun them. The Statue of Death happens on the right platform. The player with the highest toughness has
to kite the boss while others kill the spawned spider. When it dies, it spits out 5 orbs. 5 players have to pick them up and throw all
of them on one of the socket pads where tank moves the boss. Damage him until he launches red orbs into
the air and heals back up. Around every 50s spawns this green goo what
throw players what staying in it into the air. The goal is to collect in total 18 of those
red orbs which lit 6 torches above the portal. You won’t be able to do it in one go, so you
have to repeat it until it’s done. Once all torches are lit, you can kill the
boss. The Statue of Ice is the easiest one and happens
on the left platform. The Boss stays in the middle facing his primary
attacks towards the player with the highest toughness. You have to deal only with 2 things. The first one – these Ice cracks on the ground. Just don’t stay on them or you will die rather
quickly. And the second one – these slowly falling
shards. During the whole fight will spawn small green
circles and at least one player has to stay inside when shard hit the ground. If some of them remain empty, it will result
in massive, most likely fatal damage to everyone. Each player who gets hit by these shards receives
a stacking debuff what disappear after some time. You can handle only 3 stacks at once or else
you be frozen. Otherwise just damage
the boss.

9 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 – Quick Raid Guide – River of Souls and Statues – Wing 5

  1. Pro tip: The timed bomb insta kills the small mobs and is extremly effective versus enervators (2 of them can CC and kill an enervator with no need for additional dmg) so use it to your advantage whenever possible 😉

  2. For Statue of Death you're saying "you can't do orbs in 1 go". It is easily doable by skipping 1st green and sending 4 people up in the second one. It's also way easier too.

  3. Love your videos, but hate the english 😀 Thanks for the quick guide and also for all the TacO markers you put out

  4. your guides are rly helpful, is there a dhuum one on the way? would be nice

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