Habits of Highly Successful People

hello everyone I’m trolls Watson founder
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time to our channel we welcome you and please consider subscribing so today I
want to talk to you about three Habits of Highly successful people you know in
the time that we’ve been researching this and becoming influencers ourselves
I’ve noticed from my mentors and from the books and guides that we’ve been and
courses that we’ve been taking is that a lot of highly successful people share
three traits and I want to bring these to you today so to start out I want to
borrow a quote from Jedi Master Yoda and that says do or do not there is no try
you know I know that in life in life you have results or you have crappy excuses
and that’s really all that boils down to I know that as a society in general
we’ve gotten really good at making excuses for why we’re not where we are
and where we want to be in life I mean I understand that lives these days are
jam-packed with work family kids band practice Little League I mean I get it
we’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions and we feel
like everything needs our time you know you’re constantly finding that you’re
you just don’t have enough time I mean are you finding out constantly that
you’re on the short end of the stick are you not getting the results that you
think you should especially from your entrepreneurship endeavor your brand
your marketing are you not getting the results you need I mean maybe you know
maybe it’s not for lack of trying but maybe you’re in that position because
it’s it’s a lack of good habit it’s habits and patterns I mean pretty
much dictate the direction that our life is going to take there’s no doubt about
that with that said it shouldn’t come as a surprise that successful people have
even more successful habits and routines I just want to share with you that as an
entrepreneur it’s going to be imperative that you develop good habits and stick
to them like a religion so I got three habits good habits to get you started
first habit and first tip is successful people wake up early getting up early
and attacking the day is a vital habit to develop if you want to be successful
this is especially true if your business is like ours which is the in the side
hustle or part-time phase we all have the same amount of hours in a day and I
can guarantee you that CEOs aren’t sleeping until noon and then casually
strolling in the office they’re up early they’re tackling problems they’re
getting prepared for the day they use those pre office hours to focus on the
day ahead and I mean this could mean all kinds of things it can mean exercising
it could mean meditating it can mean catching up on current events you know
the old saying the early bird gets the worm still holds true so get up and get
going you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done I have a cat and a dog so I
apologize if I feel a little distracted sometimes a cat attacks the doc tip
number two for being highly successful there’s the cat is that successful
people set goals and they actually achieve them long-term goals are great
and dreams keep you motivated however what you get done today is greatly gonna
affect how long it takes you to achieve your financial future and your future of
tomorrow so with that said I recommend you keep a calendar use it log notes
meetings daily reminders and then check them off get in the habit of checking
those tasks for your list if you’re gonna be
successful you’re gonna have to take massive action make goals just for the
next day to get started so I know you have long term goals and weekly goals
and stuff like that but to get started just make one or two goals for the next
day accomplish those goals achieve them and then check them off the list and as
you build a routine you can add more and longer-term goals to your list no
problem and finally the third tip is focus focus and focus some more don’t
get distracted you know I think one of the biggest reasons that people fail
especially entrepreneurs is because they take their eye off the prize you need to
remember that this isn’t a crit get-rich-quick scheme your business is
gonna take a tremendous amount of time and dedication you know and you’re gonna
have to wear different hats and you’re gonna have to learn how to do things you
know you don’t have a website you don’t know how to build one you’re gonna have
to go and learn to build a website if you need a credit card merchant account
you’re gonna need to go and open one up business and entrepreneurship takes
massive action it’s one thing to just sit there and dream about it and think
about it but nothing is gonna get done until you actually take action you know
it’s easy to get overwhelmed but you just need to relax take a deep breath
and realize that building your brand building your business and becoming
successful is gonna take time it’s a marathon
you know most overnight stories take about ten years you know before you get
that overnight success overnight success takes about ten years now I know there’s
exceptions of course there is and but we’re not talking about that I’m not
privileged enough to be one of the exceptions I know you’re not either
probably that’s why you’re here watching this so we’re in this together so it’s
gonna take a lot of time it’s gonna take a lot of dedication it is a marathon not
a sprint so buckle in for the long run you want to keep working and keep
hustling use your time wisely and stay focused on
your end result that is why I always talk about are why you’re gonna have to
have a really strong why to keep you going you’ll learn to live you know like
like you said you live today you know you live like nobody wants to
live today so that you can live how nobody can’t tomorrow so keep that in
mind and just leave you with this establishing good habits can and will
lead to effective performance and winning results well guys that’s all the
time for the live stream we have today please let me know what good habits you
guys have in the comments hope you enjoyed this I hope to do more live
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