Halloween Lighting Ideas with ChauvetDJ by Karma Event Lighting

Hi everybody this is Jeremy with Karma Event Lighting here and we’ve got a really cool spooky house to show you we
decorated this house for the entire month of October for Halloween
and it’s really awesome well we use all Chauvet DGA lighting and it’s really
cool so check it out all right so I also as you see here
we’ve got the abyss light LED USB and down shining down on this guy this is a
water effect light and you can just leave it on blue for water but what
we’re doing is we’re creating a different atmospheric effect where it’s
this kind of an ambient texture effect and so you can see by shining down on
this statue or created some cool shadows and taking it out of context it just
kind of adds this really spooky eerie effect and we’ve got the Abyss Light in
this house and a couple different places. We’re going to show you all the
different places we used it. We used them on the ceiling a lot, it’s really cool
when you do it on the ceiling and not just always on the ground. Check it out
this is the Abyss Light right here really really cool. One thing I wanted to show you,
when you’re using strobe lights you don’t always have to blind people
with them. Sure in some haunted houses you might want to actually blind people to
disorient them but, in this house we wanted to do something a little more
subtle, so we’re creating this lightning effect back here where we have the the
shocker panel kind of hidden underneath the stairwell and we’re causing indirect
lighting. When you think about lightning coming into your house it’s not
very ambient just kind of omnidirectional so this is this kind of
a little simulation that we have running. In order to achieve the effect that
we have in this house we used a lot of different lights from ChauvetDJ. We have
the Abyss Light LED USB right here that’s this one you see here and across
new and throughout the house. We have the Shocker panel down there in the floor
then we have a whole bunch of Freedom Par Hexes. We have the ShowXpress
and the D-Fi Hub that’s communicating to all of the lights with the little D-Fi
Sticks as well. We also have the Core Par UV that gives us that
backlight effect. Those are all the lights that we use from ChauvetDJ to turn this house fantastic. It really just transformed this whole house, it’s an
amazing effect I hope you enjoy it and good luck on all of your Halloween

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