Halloween Pet Costumes – Ideas for Dogs and Cats

in this video we’re share with you guys
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some awesome Halloween costume ideas for your pets so this is copper and our
kitty jinx and we’ve dressed them up to give you guys some great ideas for this
Halloween season welcome ladies and gentlemen to the fashion show let’s get
it started here we have the veteran of the runway jinkx who is showing attitude
came out of retirement just for this show and as you can tell he really would
rather be somewhere else and he has a difficult reputation and that’s why a
lot of people don’t like working with him anymore here he is is a signature a
lion look as he just tells people that he doesn’t care he is full of attitude
ready for this holiday season and pretty much he is work done now here is the
newcomer copper and new to life really at 12 weeks old he is spry sporting his
Iron Man costume courtesy of rubies and iron pup is well really hungry and just
kind of bounces around everywhere there he is doing a signature move walking on
hind legs really showing this flexibility in that cosmo he got
distracted by stale and there he is a nother rear shot just looking for food
we really didn’t have to pay him much as you can see he’s just keeps eating
there’s another break oh here he is asked the Wookiee companion Chewbacca –
Han Solo scoping out fresh from the planet Kashyyyk and taking another snack
break as snacks are important when you’re on the puppy runway
and he has got that walked out there’s jinx coming in for a closer look
and copper’s was really showing how it’s done take another look at their cat
there you go and oh he is ready to go and he’s off to his next adventure here
we have him in his signature mariachi bands look from just south of the border
and he is still not interested in that hat at all but his a poncho looks good
and he continues to just snack and eat food here on the runway that’s pretty
much his what he gets excited about is just food there he is a doing the
signature sit just trying to get him but this is a great look from rubies as well
and he is out Arriba hey guys thanks for checking out our video I hope you
enjoyed a little puppet Fashion Show yeah we hope you guys got inspired for
some pretty awesome looks and costume ideas for your pets this holiday season
if you’re looking for more ideas just go ahead and checked out the show notes
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6 thoughts on “Halloween Pet Costumes – Ideas for Dogs and Cats

  1. awwwwweeee!! So cute. I love the pets. I have four cats and a dog and they would look so cute in all of these costumes.

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