Harangi Dam 2019 all four flood gates opened Coorg Karnataka Dams of Karnataka

Here you can see a board that says, Welcome to Harangi Dams garden but if we come here seeing that board What we get to see is a closed gate last year they used to let us in, i have made a video of it if you want to view that video you can click on the link below To keep everything closed like this, why do we need authorities? or why do we need government, i do not understand any one can keep it closed it is easy to keep it closed, but to open it by providing it with right security to make it possible for public who visit to see this place as per my understanding this is Governments job This is my request to the authorities who get this place closed i am requesting that please do not do such, because you can see many people tourist who come from far in this rain with difficulty they come here but here if the gate is kept closed, it causes difficult to all so we do not need authorities to create such problems for us we want authorities to give us access inside the place or to make it possible to go see the place if there are security issues, then accordingly make provisions and then permit people to go in not by keeping this closed, this is not the right way this is my opinion the same way general public are not permitted but which ever VIP comes, they will let them in, only general public are not permitted to use cameras firstly not permitted to go in, if permitted then camera not permitted they say but VIP not only get to go in but also can use their camera all provisions are made for VIP’s one rule for VIP’s one rule for us , this is not right , isnt it? That too its been 70 years since we got independence but still if VIP culture continues, it is not nice is my opinion With this regard who ever are the concerned authorities i am thinking of writing a letter to them i am thinking of mailing them if you too put a similar mail if everyone puts such a mail if all put some pressure on government and authorities i feel some provision or another may be made. This is my understanding.

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