32 thoughts on “HARLOE – Rivers Run Dry (Acoustic)

  1. You don't have a talent. You have a gift! Bravo! Love your style. The name. The voice . The look.

  2. Damn, woke up to this song playing outside this morning with my coffee, blunt, and birds chirping all around me! Love this ❤️

  3. Is this the background music from En Vouge Don't Let Go? For sure sounds just like it.


  4. I was YouTubeing, and your song popped up in between the ads. Right away, I started loving you…

  5. Finally the perfect soundtrack for poser communist millennials to cut their wrists open.

  6. This is gonna go viral and I’m just happy I was able to find this beauty on my own ♥️🍰

  7. Love this stripped down acoustic version can really hear your beautiful voice and the piano!

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