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[Singing] Walk with me, Lord. Lord, walk with me. Walk with me, Lord. Lord, walk with me. While I’m on this
tedious journey, I want Jesus to walk with me. Tropical storm Harvey is
pummeling southern Texas. We’re live here in Houston where
Harvey’s rains keep coming. It’s not the initial impact, but
the flooding that will follow. Record-shattering
rain, massive flooding. Families stranded. Waters keep rising. This is just the beginning. Hi, if anybody’s out there
and can hear us, please help. I need a rescue. These are three kids,
no food or water. Do we have anyone in
the Friendship area? Friendship area. Where’s that Humble address at? What’s the Humble
address where they’re trying to let the boats get in? There’s been a report
of another five foot of water about to
pour out of Baker Dam. In Normandy, we need help. Families are going
under with the current. The boats are capsizing. We need strong boats. I-10, Normandy. Families are on these boats. They’re all going under. They need boats out there. They say a white truck
went under the water. So, and I’m like,
well, it can’t be him because he was
heading to my house. Also I kept calling
his wife, dialing 911, and no response I kept
calling him, no response Hi ma’am. This is Texas game
warden Carmen Rickel. It’s my understanding
that you guys have called to be evacuated
from your residence? Is that correct? Do you know the condition of
the water around the house? I don’t know the answer. Stand by. We’re going to try to get
somebody out there to help you. We don’t get names. We just get the call. Sometimes that’s all you get. A quick two second, I
need help, I need help! And the call hangs up. And that’s all you have. The truck had been carried out
by the currents of the water and had gone on under the water. Of course, you’re still
just praying and hoping that you know, it’s not
them, or the truck went over. That they got out. Midday, a call comes
in that there’s a vehicle that’s being
swept away by water and that the call, they
can hear screaming. And people who are
in major distress. For everybody standing around
here, listening to that call, it’s just not easy to process. I mean, you’re having to
work through something where two people did not make it. And I hear somebody talk
about a pastor and his wife who had been in a vehicle
that were swept away. And whether or not those are the
same two people, I don’t know. Fort Bend deputies are
clearing this scene where they recovered earlier
today the bodies of a married couple in their 60s. Those two people driving
down Pool Hill Road here hit that high water,
and were submerged. One of the victims
was on the phone pleading for help with 911
when the phone went dead. Thank God they were
able to pull them out so that their bodies
just didn’t float. It was — it was
definitely them. And it was just hard. And they just told us, you
can’t — you can’t faint. You can’t — you know,
you have to be strong. And you’re just thinking in that
moment, Lord, give me strength. Because how are you
going to be strong? You’re seeing your parents. And I couldn’t wrap my mind
around how this happened. [Phone rings] Yes, ma’am. You are under a
mandatory evacuation. They don’t know what
this water’s going to do. It may recede, it may go up. I don’t know. I’m not — It’s gone down quite a bit. Well, I have a boat out
front that I can take you. There’s other issues involved. Tell me, tell me. Well, I’m a cancer patient. Yes sir. And I’m just post-transplant. Yes sir. I can’t be around
a bunch of people. It would be extremely difficult
for me to leave right now. Extremely difficult. And
dangerous for my health. As is staying. You understand, this area
that we’re working in is below the dams that
they’ve been releasing. As of a few days
ago, the intel we had was that they were going to have
to release at the current rate for upwards of three weeks. Uh-huh. O.K. With the
potential they would have to increase that flow. O.K.? As difficult as it is for us
to leave that house knowing that if that flood
or that levee breaks, or the rain continues, that more
than likely that they are going to be in a really bad spot. I mean, we just have to move on. Because there’s so
many people to help. Millions waking up to a
scene of epic flooding. Never seen anything like this. 50 inches of rain. We need help out here,
because it’s starting to rain and thunder again. And, we can’t take anymore rain. Officials are very
concerned that the death toll will be rising. Don’t take shelter
in your attic. Get an ax and break
through your roof so rescue workers might see you. There are new concerns over
the fallout of a chemical explosion. Hurricane Harvey continues to
wreak climate chaos in Houston. A group of people
forming a human chain to try and rescue an elderly
man who was being swept away by the flood waters in his car. Hopefully, today, we’ll
get to the rest of you. Please, please
don’t give up on us. I mean, they must
be rescuing people in countless, countless
houses in this neighborhood. Because we’ve been
hearing this noise for the past couple of hours. And it has not stopped. And the rain is starting again. The water really beginning to
recede in a number of areas here. We’re going to be O.K., but it’s
going to take time to rebuild. Yes, there’s a lot of
heartbreak right now. But we are Texans. We will help each other. If you need something,
call, and we’ll try to get you
whatever help we can. The fourth largest city
in the United States, the results are devastating. The number of people that
game wardens have rescued is going to be in the thousands,
just from Fort Bend County. At the end of the day, when we
were finally done, of course, we wait for every game warden to
come back from their last call. And so things are kind of
quieting down a little bit. We’re just wrapping up
numbers, wrapping up calls. When it’s finally time to
get in your truck and leave, there’s that moment of
silence when you just breathe. The actual funeral’s going to
be at the St. Paul Missionary Church in Brookshire. Yeah, on the 9th. Yeah, we’re doing
O.K., just trying to take it a day at a time. And people who — people we
don’t even know are helping out. It’s really — I mean,
it’s really emotional. It was really beautiful. I don’t even know how to
really respond to them. These types of tragedies,
they pull people together. I mean, just the amount of
support that we’ve gotten, people wanting to help from,
not only all over this nation, but people around the world. I don’t have time to sit at
home and lie in the bed and cry. I have a mission. I have work to do. You know, we all do. That’s the point.

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