Haunted Colorado | Callahan House in Longmont Colorado

so we’re going down into the basement
and do some sessions down there and since we caught some great stuff up in
the attic the spirit box called Mr Martini out by name and Dori who is
the physic medium that’s here with us I wish I wish indeed that my mother who’s better
memory I chase across the veil of you could have been here to see Thomas and Alice Callahan moved to
Longmont Colorado in 1889 they opened a small dry goods
store on Main Street and called it the Golden Rule in 1894 their only child was
born Raymond Callahan Tom and Alice opened many stores
throughout the Rocky Mountain region and the Pacific coast Longmont also had
another citizen named JC Penney and yes it’s that JC Penny. penny was a butcher
and his shop failed and he took a job with the Callahans from 1899 to 1907 the
Callahan’s helped Penney finance his first store in Wyoming Penney later
opened up a store in Longmont Colorado and called it JC Penney’s the
callaghan’s prospered and purchased the Callahan house in 1896 but the house was
first built in 1892 for Jay Kay Sweeney over the years the callaghan’s made many
improvements and additions to the house upstairs is an 1893 Steinway piano in
1896 Tom gave this piano to Alice for Christmas
there have been claims that the piano plays on its own
in 1906 Alice purchased the lot to the self from the widow of dr. Jones and had
the small house removed to create a formal garden Ellis also purchased a
30-foot strip of land from the Flanders just north of the Callahan house at the
time the Callahan house had the largest private yard in the city of Longmont in
1938 the callaghan’s moved to Nevada to be near their son Raymond at that time
they gifted their house and garden to the city of Longmont it was their wish
that it be used by the women of Longmont as a meeting place and social center you so what’s light blue when you go through
here so the light by this picture whoo as
these guys were doing a session in here and this room supposed to be pretty
haunted so we’re gonna we’re gonna try to see if we can catch something with
the spirit box in the k2 this way right this way you saw me and
you’re sure it’s not that switch so this light over here went off by itself I
mean it looked totally powered down in a different session and now it just might
as we were saying here came back on yeah we thought the ball blue yeah what do
you want I want you to whistle for me whistle now please whistle he said
whistle sad whistle thank you we appreciate it we know it takes a lot of
energy for you to communicate have respect upstairs it sets have respect
upstairs to said I can’t you want to ask it a question so we know it takes a lot of energy for
you to talk or light up our devices so we need you to speak very loud into
these black devices or you can speak really loud into the device that any of
us are holding and you can also let us know if you’re here by touching the ends
of these and light up the lights we would love it if you could do that for
us and let us know that you’re here all you have to do is touch the ends do you wish to harm us that’s not cool so the k2 just started blinking just one
of them did was that you who lit up the device you just need to touch the ends
we know it takes a lotta energy for you to do that but we really appreciate it
and we really we just want to talk and you just have to touch the ends of this
gray one or this foot or this black one and it will light it up and it will let
us know that you’re there okay thank you can you light them all the way to red
the longer you touch oh oh we can tell you’re trying good job come on you can
do it let’s get them to read all the way to read use my energy if you need to how
about this yes or no read for No do you want us to leave here were you the owner of this home are you
spirit that that does not like Patrick it’s right now so I can vouch for him
he’s my husband he’s a good guy he’s a great husband a great father I swear
he’s a good person I’ve been married to him for 33 years do you like me and just
to verify everybody has their phone in airplane mode yeah Tom Thomas Tom so you
asked if it’s name and it said Tom yes where’s des can you tell us your
name so what your with drew from 303
paranormal he’s right in front of me and we’re going up into the attic we already
have the IR setup unfortunately we think of this on film
the spirit box said Patrick’s name mr. martini your batteries drained
what IR is that is that the 4k one no okay put that Patrick’s name up here’s
clears there it also tells us get out so we just we had set up the IR camera up
here and that’s totally drained of battery but let’s set up our second one
Thatcher’s back it sounded like it said penny follow these guys they’re awesome
they’re so much they’re so cool they came up here just at the spur of the
moment stuff in the bag you guys are here so
now his head hurts and mr. martini just left because he was telling the energy
drained so he had to leave the building completely and now he’s getting a
headache so how easy I just came on when I was in
the seitan for me to wait it’s at Patrick’s out there all
right Patrick’s yeah Patrick is mr. martini and he went outside because he
wasn’t feeling very drainage and it just said Patrick outside just said poor and
there’s one two three four Patrick it just said Patrick again why are you to
consume the Afric do you miss your family it’s Patrick okay I’m trying I think
Tom’s following me around actually and my digital recorder give me his name and where’s he standing exactly doric right
behind you by the human the fireplace the piano is not a good conductor
because it’s got too much what fireplace a Christmas tree now but
you know I mean as you can see even the Christmas light doesn’t set off okay – oh yeah we’ll say the initials you

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