what is up and welcome to another
haunted adventure my name is Omar today I have James we’re meeting up with our
friend ImJayStation we have to go find him he came in a couple hours before us
we’re gonna be doing an overnight challenge it’s been a long time since we
done one and we are at one of the most haunted locations that happens to be on
old Native American land we are at Hales bar dam so many paranormal stories here
they do do Ghost Tours here if you’re in the Chattanooga area I will leave a link
in the description if you want to come check this place out for yourself I’m
gonna be sharing with you some of the stories I hope you’re ready for this
adventure make sure to smash the like button if you haven’t already let’s do
this [Music]
Oh [Music]
so this may look like you know the tunnels but there’s a lot I’ve been in
here literally for just two minutes and I’m hearing all kinds of noises like I
hear noises over there your noise is over there is that you J yo let’s go
we’re gonna find him Oh J went a little bit ahead it was he
was doing like a ritual yeah and you wanted to do a rifle and
I’ve been trying to give them that come out do some exploring videos with us if
you like the Explorer [Music] that you je veux not be messing around
is he in here there’s a couple other buildings do these cars come into links
will be in the description go check out my boy and hey he does some really cool
rituals I’ve done a few on this channel he does a lot more of them so go show
some love if you like those kind of videos and also tell them did you know
you want to see him do some cool exploring videos with us to them so they
have a whirlpool inside of the dam area that sounds so funny hey a little
history on this place ok ever since they built this place I think it was 1913
don’t quote me on that date I know it was 1913 1914 when they blocked off the
water it stopped water from going to a sacred
whirlpool that Native American Indians used to I think they knew their loved
ones or know it they used to feel like the earth wouldn’t go down there to the
afterlife okay that’s that’s the story okay see honey get get it 100% right so
ever since they built this dam and it kind of ruined their whirlpool they’ve
had nothing but problems and in fact this place from the very start I mean
did it close down I think like ten years later and it’s been vacant ever since so
you know where it’s at sweet some of the paranormal
investigators they’ll come in here and sit down
and do like EVP sessions be really careful James all kinds of things to go
around oh it’s massive in here
well they got boats and jet skis and what was the story that they were seeing
about this balcony and the one the is there a balcony way over there I’ll be
way over there by the whirlpool and if you stand on the balcony over by the
whirlpool people can see a black figure like entity from this balcony up there
and if you’re on this one did you burp no you did I heard like a I don’t know I
heard like a burp that wasn’t you I’m sorry I cut you off there again and if
you’re on this balcony right here you can see a black man from the other
balcony by the whirlpool have you seen I haven’t seen yet apparently it all
happens at 9:00 time a lot so that’s the balcony right there we got to get up
there mm-hmm and try to see if we can see it yeah oh
do did you hear that did you get that on video let’s go check
it out now this isn’t the whirlpool from the
Native American Indians but this was built on sacred Native American soil I’m not gonna talk let me know if you guys see that black
operation that could be seen on that balcony or the one over here I think it’s the water so there’s like a strange current I fee
it Wow I wonder if that appeared after they ruined the Native Americans
whirlpool that’s what I’m wondering you know check it out bro it’s like a hole
oh it’s right there it’s so cool I wish my camera would pick it up you could see
it going it oh wow this is dangerous brother scares okay there’s something
into can you shine down in the middle right there yeah see that yeah dude it’s
like the weirdest thing ever as soon as we started going on this side
that we started picking up what do you say it’s a storm sounds like it’s raining that came out
of nowhere Wow
yo what’s that noise over there sounds like a frickin Florida hurricane ding
that’s so weird if you guys heard anything yet the Freak
was that [Music] that wasn’t that was that you know did
you hear there was I could see was that a kid did you say so here’s I could do Deedat like was
from the Stormers on D the walkers guys went ahead of me I’m coming back I
just want to make sure there was not enough you guys know this but I love ins – we seen this door open all on its own can you get it get it baby wait
yo there’s no cat up here I found some candy though it’s candy everywhere I
wonder if those are offerings to the Native Americans
I saved Native American some people say Indians you know some people get kind of
messed up about either way you say that can you see that whirlpool now
I’m gonna show my light we all three need our lights on it oh good we’re
gonna try to show you this whirlpool a little bit better there you go
that’s the best shot see we can only see that with our eyes but our cameras you
know they can’t see as well in low lighting see what would happen if we
liked my first one right there yeah get sucked up off once you go grab my
mask doc the boys already turn around look and they’re gone
this is a really big place pretty easy to get lost [Applause] hey J you here Oh got arrows so you guys feeling a really strong draft coming
from here I could probably even hear it coming through my microphone tons of
tunnels down here well that’s kind of weird just a chair right here though have no idea what I’ve gone towards this
draft it’s got that feeling like I’m gonna get
lost or something okay this must go to outside oh shut up this
is gonna be a big rock it is a big rock on the Hulk no it’s a styrofoam not sure
what this use was but I’m sure it served an important purpose see a ton of it up
there – so sad – this place you know all the money that went into building this
place better the community give them power but I mean it goes to show you
that sacred stuff is real and yeah goes around comes around
and he just came over here and probably just built whatever they wanted did they
build on your religion without your permission hotdogs those are bed have no idea what America pretty sure
that’s asbestos so it’s pretty good that I have this mask on right now do it
these clothes too what’s that noise [Applause] whoa those are even bigger pieces hello
Oh sounds like rain never seen styrofoam that big I mean gosh look at that it’s
like oh well I can’t kick that one it’s pretty heavy all right I got really bad vibes in here not disrespecting you guys just want you
to know I’m doing your pain I could imagine somebody taking away something
that was so sacred to you something that you used to remember your loved ones by
I’m so sorry I really faint oh look outside I know it’s not raining
anymore literally lamp rain for I don’t know
like five minutes come back here again feel like one of these guys are gonna
top off scare me again strange ladies could be for this storm
oh this is all rock solid concrete it goes out wheelchair in so strange
oh just like sitting there there’s a couple of chairs here
I know paranormal investigators will sit here in the dark let me know in the comments whichever
going something like this all by yourself and I wouldn’t in wait a minute
hey myself well technically I’m not because you’re here with me I’ll
probably be legit more scared if you weren’t here but I don’t know I think
after doing this or so long it takes a little bit more to scare you
on our pal I though this place it doesn’t really scare me scare me like
where I’m gonna run out of here but I just feel feel some heaviness definitely
some creepiness to still have no idea where James and J’s oh this is the
entrance to these tunnels about Jay and James here sort of a long walk to walk
after about an hour two hours I don’t know we’re supposed to be spending the
main so I’ll link up with them so I do not want to be spending the night by
myself it’s on my go to dark places like this always looking like behind my back
make sure it’s not following you or somebody following you nothing got that area yeah not been to places
where Eric’s are usually really loud I’ve been places where spirits are very
quiet I don’t know what scares me the most
actually I do spirits they’re kind of like quiet to me is just more mysterious
because you don’t know it later on and it would be something crazy
oh this is cool I hear these guys the heck are these guys yo what are you guys at yeah I’m right
here aboard do what y’all want to see that
real like what kind of board just not welcomed here freakin Phillip fresh lemon juice Joe
that’s so freakin cool though if you guys want to see that make sure to check
out all three stations video because yeah I guess like a board how big was
the board you don’t think it was leave white men something about good because there’s a
draft like was right when I was doing the EVP I’ve been here all kinds of
noises in here but I mean what kind of stuff you just like feels like they’re
building shaking and like just very quiet noises like nothing crazy just
very quiet guys one where it’s been wandering around in the tunnels all why
I’m self guys scared I thought you guys were in there so we’re gonna go back to
those tunnels that I was just and the people that come here and do
investigation at the Hales bar damn they say that if you play Native American
music stuff gets really really interesting in here now James has his
friend over in Taiwan that happens to study different cultures and he gave him
some music for us to use for this so we’re gonna do it right here in this
creepy tunnel this is what I was that earlier so dude I went down here was so
scary it’s like another building or something
you guys heard that right yeah we just heard something come from Louie
we come from there I don’t know who did it to you no freaking way that didn’t
have much work we heard a cure they did actually white man dude I thought
somebody was coming or something yeah [Music]
all right so we haven’t even started playing this music yet no do you have it
I go for yeah and put your canvas course
[Music] this music is supposed to summon the
spirits James is just [Music]
Shh turn off turn off I don’t know hello hello bro what is that music that you
just played like wasn’t nothing evil where you can hope it’s not to some it’s
almost that was legit pretty scary we are gonna stay from that area until the
Sun comes up so the guys and I pretty much agreed it we’re just gonna find a
place to lay down yeah you down almost think we should like sleep in one of
these cubby holes what about over here we get all kind of grab one of these
blocks yeah I’m not sure here in the corner yeah II we should definitely
stick together there goes Jay goes change not just figured out I’m the only one
here without a name with a J I got a new name for me well Joe Moore Joe Morgan
anyways I’m gonna take a little mini nap I am freezing cold yeah hopefully I’ll
see you in the morning in one piece hello somebody there hello are you tapping I heard you okay I
am officially freaked-out still want ice I spent the entire night at a haunted
location can you play on my phone or anything to distract me because yeah
there’s no reception behind these walls all right look [Music] [Music] just woke up this guy woke me up right
now it’s more of an absentee when you guys were sleeping I kept hearing
something on the other side of this wall was like knocking on the wall owner
who’s that cat here yeah oh I never noticed this what does it say watch your
step watch your step what’s there yeah there’s nothing
[Music] Oh bro you got a bunch of lead-based
paint behind you I don’t think and I don’t know about you but it like out
warm it’s like I’m like ready to take this jacket off Oh watch your step we
need to wipe your paint a little bit better do we spent the whole entire day yeah
all right fam thank you so much for sticking to the end of this video as you
can see the Sun is getting ready to come up there look so pretty or right by the
water I’m gonna stick around a little bit longer until the Sun comes up fully
and I’m gonna take some really cool drone shots please let me know if you
heard or seen anything in this video that maybe I may have missed throughout
the editing process don’t forget to show my friend some love here there was a
time when we did split up a few times and you might catch some stuff in there
videos too we got um J station he looked tired exhausted then we got James aka
the fam he looks hungover their links will be in
the description also I got some fresh merch here make sure to peep it out if
you haven’t already make sure to give this video a big fat like and let us
know how much you love these adventures I gotta go but before you
leave [Music]


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