Today is Monday the 14th of November and it is Supermoon and I’m going to photograph it tonight but for starters I need to
go to the Hazelmere dam I confirmed on Friday with Umgeni Water that something is happening at the dam that has not been published
in the newspaper yet. and I’m not going to tell you upfront, I
want you to go with me and have a look but it is definitely going
to be a pleasant surprise I would love it if you can go with me. I will show a lot of things
that is happening there. If you haven’t seen it yet and you have always been interested you can actually have a look. There is some other videos from
me that you can see as well that will show how the
drought affected the river and the dam over quite a period but today we are at a new phase in the new dam’s history I call it a new dam because that is exactly what it is and will be Let’s go! Today is the 14th of November 2016 This is how the dam wall progressed The dam stands at 71% this morning and you will see in my footage that
they are letting out a lot of water obviously so as not to affect the building works (construction),
they can’t really allow the water to go any higher and the dam will be
stabilized at this level it looks quite good, it’s very very promising as the dam’s
capacity will be increased by this raising of the dam wall So by June 2017
So by June 2017 we should have this ready and completed and that will do a lot if we get the necessary
rainfall to backup the dam It is wonderful. Perfect man! I haven’t seen the dam as
full as this for a long time. This is the first time
actually I see this dam like this….71% today but they’ve let out a lot of water to keep the dam at this level because the can’t afford it to go
much higher because they are busy with the construction work on the dam wall I am very impressed, I am
very impressed and it is
with the construction work on the dam wall I am very impressed, I am
very impressed and it is beautiful to see this because this dam has been empty for a long time and we were in a dire situation You can almost imagine
that they don’t really care about how much water
we use at this moment because there is an abundance of water but the situation can
always change quite fast so we can never sit on our laurels as
far as this is concerned Guys man, this is special. I don’t know what to say to you man This is good stuff [Goat bleating] yes…yes…it’s filling up Looks better than it used to. Yeah, it can’t fill up more
because they are working there They are letting water out actually Are you running a survey? No, no, no, I am taking a video oh o.k. eish Hope we don’t get recorded You are, doesn’t matter hehehehe sorry I didn’t know Wow, things are looking much
different now from the last visit Let’s go and have a look down there man! You know, last time I’ve been here
the river was flowing very strong it was actually calving (carving) into the….embankment Today, the river is flowing but it is a wide slow river, because the dam has pushed it back so much that it is actually part of the dam now and it is a complete different situation from from the past. The river is obviously quite deep because you can see how high up it is. It is completely different Things have changed so much and it is and it is such a good thing and
there probably is more rain on the way, but as I said, they can’t let more water get into the dam, they
have to let it out. It will be interesting to know
if they can cope on that side if their sluice gates can actually handle a big flood at the moment because normally your dam will overflow when when you have lots of rain. It is quite gloomy but normal rainfall was predicted for this period We don’t know if anything
will get out of hand but, but it is lovely, I
am just happy to see this You are not going to believe this. This dam is full here
You are not going to believe this. This dam is full here and where I used to have
to walk through the mud to get to the water, the launch the motorboat launch are covered now so they can actually launch the motorboats and that is what the lady at the at the gate also told me All the ablution blocks here are going to be moved eventually because of the
doubling of the wall So, the piece of land here will will be much smaller, the picnic
spot will be much smaller so it is going to be
quite a nice leisure dam once it is completed.
It is nice to see this I am quite impressed by this. Look! Its all the way down. all the way I am so impressed by this, so impressed So, as I said, this
is where I used to go walked through the mud, a lot of
people done this, a lot of journalists, They had lots of interesting photos Nobody can do that anymore for the immediate future its in the past It is so beautiful here, it
is so green, the green is actually a luscious
green you know, like a nitrogen green….very fertile and it is actually a very
beautiful day here today nature especially, it is
actually a nice place to come down to for a visit I can recommend this So there in the background
is the water tower where I which I visited before to take photos from the top July 2015 and that was round about that time that it was very dry here and I wanted to show how the water
was coming in from the pipeline Now the pipeline is not
even working at the moment because there is no need in
pumping water into the dam because they are actually
trying to reduce the water When I drove past there
I actually realized it obviously it is not going to work I just wanted to confirm
it, definitely not working No point in wasting all that energy to pump the water I will be going back soon but I just hope you enjoyed this video I hope this video was informative You know, obviously not
everybody can come done there but everybody is interested
to know what is going on If you like this video, please
subscribe to my channel because I
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