HE HIT THE SEMENUK DROP! Pushing Limits | Green River, Utah – Part 2 | Jordan Boostmaster

In the previous video, you’ve seen a few shots of this interesting looking mountain. That is where we are headed today And yes, it was as gnarly as it looks Wesley had been here earlier this summer, so he showed us all the lines that he knew about Oh boy, gnarly run-in huh? look at this Once you’re used to it. It’s not so bad but I’m gonna do a little practice run up Your moms watching! Yeah it’s just a bit windy Alright! I clear that pretty good didn’t I? Yeah that was good This is the Semenuk Drop, this is what Wesley had been thinking about for the previous couple months, and this time he was determined to hit it You could probably just start the run up here, or do you think that you need to go higher up? Yeah, I think so too. Yeah, cuz you get a good amount of speed Just from this. Alright, I’m just gonna do a run up All right See what it looks like Oh frick you got a lot speed. Oh, sh*t that’s a lot of speed! Dude, you get a lot of speed man! It’s I don’t know I find It’s just scary like how much speed you need because it just feels like it too much. It feels like you know If I hadn’t crashed earlier, and if the landing had an actual run out I would consider hitting this I just had to say no and I was content with that, but Alex was doing a little more wrestling though He was having a harder time making up his mind Eventually he just decided not to go for it No you know no no you can stop See this is another good reason why I didn’t need to hit this drop that is the worst ending I have ever seen constantly running into a wall does not look fun. If there’s a way of fixing up this ending I would definitely consider hitting it in the future Come out far again So well like even a bit higher yet The landscape here was just really cool, and so unique it kind of felt like we were having our own mini rampage Oh, how are we gonna fist bump now? All like yeah, yeah true There you go, all right, let’s shred Oh Get beat here or there Oh Yeah, dude get out there And we continue to do some more exploring we found some more cool lines like this one skinny little run up into a drop Whoa-ho-ho, baby All right whoa right on Check that out huh okay hitting it oh I can’t do that. Are you kidding me Rick? Sick dude, that was sweet Yeah, um the thing I was trying to gap there’s like no chance There was just one last feature that Wesley really wanted to find it was featured in an old mountain bike film And we found it really unique really gnarly Absolutely crazy Wesley was even considering hitting that as well but ended up deciding not So those were the three days that we spent in Green River after this we packed everything back up into my car And we drove down to a virgin for the first time ever we were about to watch rampage live in person Thank you guys for watching If you enjoyed it leave a like and subscribe if you are interested in seeing more be sure to check out my patreon page

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