Headed To Secret Glacier Lake Day 5 Of 30 Day Survival Challenger Canadian Rockies

100 thoughts on “Headed To Secret Glacier Lake Day 5 Of 30 Day Survival Challenger Canadian Rockies

  1. GIVE AWAY to enter all you have to do is comment "Im watching every episode" or something to that effect in the comments of all the 30 Day Survival Challenge video! #1 PRIZE, A brand new set of all my gear i take on adventures or $1000 cash. As well as a 100 other prizes for 100 runner ups.

  2. Give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime .I say thank you for being a Brother's Keeper and sharing the knowledge that you have to everyone that cares to listen so I say thank you.

  3. I do not understand this 30 day survival,when you have access to a vehicle, no survival here for sure.

  4. ok I know everyone is doing this but, Im a huge fan- Im watching every video and will continue. Thanks for the great vids. I also like the gear. I have watched your whole Texas 30 day survival challenge. Great stuff.

  5. Love the videos keep up the good work I'm happy to see people out enjoying nature, no better place to be my friend

  6. Go on Zach I know last time you lost by one fish but this time try and beat him by at least one, come on Zach! Also loving the series, love how different it is to Texas one @Fowler's Makery and Mischief

  7. I'm watching every episode because this series is the best survival series on youtube

  8. Dear, Mr. Fowler

    Greg is really chilled. But I been waiting and waiting for this season. I’m so excited to see you back at it. The sites you show us are incredible I can only imagine seeing it with my own eyes. Just wanna say thank you Mr. Fowler for helping me keep my mind off the depression in my life right now. Don’t really wanna put it on blast like this but me and my wife just had a miscarriage and I was really excited to have the baby so it really sucks to sit and have that on my mind all day. Just doing my best and keeping faith. I just got to this video so I’m just now catching up. I’d like to go do this with my son (who is 4 now) and maybe one day with another if and when we get passed this loss or not. But I’d like to show my boy that it’s a wonderful planet and this is how we survive. I don’t know if you will read this cause of so many comments but I hope god keeps watching over you and your kids so you can keep making these awesome videos and enjoy life.

  9. I flipping luv your videos…darn tooting I'm watching all the episodes. Even though this is the first one.

  10. Bro when i watched Texas I was so excited to see what you had in store next and this is even better so thanks

  11. We hiked WY last summer for 5 days. Man I missed my kiddo too. But it was awesome! Cant wait for him to get old enough to take with. He is already loving outside in MN.

  12. 24:12 ….ugh lol unnecessary lip smackage my dude lol Love the series though 🙂

  13. We dont need a prize to make us wanna watch we will do that anyway but prizes are always nice!

  14. I want to go camping with my dad but he said the stuff would be too expensive but ya I am watching all the videos I love the 30 days camping trip

  15. "Im watching every episode and so far so good. You got some huevos de acero too walk out alone in bear habitat stay safe. The food looks good!

  16. I’ve watched every episode and will continue to do so! This series is amazing

  17. I’m watching every episode! I’ll have a lot of time to watch now Bloody sheep broke my leg

  18. You are one of the best youtubers I have ever came across keep up the great work

  19. Love you vids keep it up bro I love surviving and all the stuff you do and somtimes I cant do the stuff you do so I just watch you vids and they make me happy?

  20. You sure are slow uploading videos…I've seen day5 for two days now??‍♂️??‍♂️

  21. You are one of the best you tubers I know and a great inspiration to a lot of people like the videos

  22. I'm watching every episode and I really like Greg personality, he doesn't talk so much but he's the kind of guy you want to be with in the bush.

  23. ive watched every episode of 30 day survival challenge in texas and every episode of this season of the 30 day survival challenge so far and am about to go buy some wadoboo

  24. I'm watching every video I just forget to comment on everyone cause I'm too excited to see the next one sorry zach


  26. Still watching the series loving it…….again why dose everything u cook I get hungery for that exactly lol

  27. How called your knife clliped on your backpack? 15:01
    I like this episodes.

  28. "I'm watching every video" and will be watching season 1 next. Enjoy your channel and will be subscribing. Will you do a different biome each season?

  29. I'm watching every episode! I love the little add on sound effects! The "ow" from the worms and the munchy noises! 🙂

  30. you should not live by bread alone ,Jesus is lord of all those who say they love god.,walk the walk bring god praise, life is short , do all to the glory of god,so to take a life is to bring life ,so- add life to what you say ,we watch every episode

  31. Loving these! Gophers back on the menu! Lol thanks again zack, the notes your lady left ya were a good idea I’d really want to know what they say

  32. I’m watching every episode. Regardless of the giveaway. I love this stuff!

  33. by any chance have you taken photographs this these beautiful areas? by golly i love the high 4k quailty you put into ur videos and its very stunning to so how beautiful the areas are. i have tryed to computer capture the video in spots but utube and or my browser dont allow it.. =(

  34. This all started while I was out filming an 8 day solo trip so Im catching up!!! This is awesome!!!! Im "disabled" dealing with Spinal Cord injury and you are a huge inspiration!!! I watched every episode of your 87 days in Maine and 30 days Survival in Texas!! Just great work brother! Ill be watching every episode of this season too!

  35. Heyheyhey . Dayy 5 finished . Im waiting for day 6 . I watched every video with or without a give away. Watching from Philippines

  36. back with the second leg of these awesome videos. love each and every episode especially the worm and slurp sound effects in this one. keep it up!!!

  37. I want to go to the Rockies now. I love the nature there! I'm gonna watch all 30 episodes.

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