Headlamps in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: MULTIBEAM LED

100 thoughts on “Headlamps in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: MULTIBEAM LED

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  2. If MB is SSSOOOO gOOOd-why were they the last company in the world to get past the one year guarantee joke.The best or….?

  3. I have to say they improved but when it comes to headlights bmw will stay winning in this category

  4. I gonna tune My old e60 into 835hp (My friend’s old c220 got tunned to 950hp,i kinda like it),did that too dangerous?

  5. Свет хорошо. Только никакой ремонтопригодности и цена зч на нее и стоитмость самой фары как чугунный мост. Поэтому обычный биксенон мой выбор. Светит худе немного, зато лампы стоят по 1500р и линзы по 3000р. Никаких 150000р за фару.

  6. Allahım biz nelerle uğraşıyoruz adamlar neler yapıyor. Bugünlerin temelinin atıldığı geçmişimizi kim mahvettiyse Allah belalarını versin. Onlar yüzünden ancak videolarda izleyip sadece imreniyoruz.

  7. So much technology in the headlamp. Can't imagine the cost to replace one of these ?

  8. then why do you need a high beam , just a few more leds would do , in fact , why do you need two headlights , wouldnt one do just as well.

  9. good, now everyone is protected from my beam, and myself from theirs not at all… thanks

  10. laser headlamps ?
    I'd prefer rocket launcher or minigun on top of the car
    no one will ever block my way

  11. Wow its very smart!!!!! solving a problem that doesn't exists. When it will stop working 2 years later, u have pay thousand of dollars to fix it.

  12. Light projection mapping and tracking? lmao, I'll believe it when I see it. I highly doubt there is any tracking involved, it's just an overpriced LED lamp that is still blindingly unsafe to other drivers.

  13. Опять проклятые немцы украли идею у автоваза!!! Опять первыми потент получат и на ВАЗе продолжал вставлять парафиновые свечи в фары авто…. все из-за немцев…..

  14. You wonder why these cars are expensive, you get this if you go for it. luckily, it trickles down so benefits us all, eventually!

  15. If only MB put this much effort into designing a diesel engine that didn't cheat on emissions……

  16. Mercedes can BEND light!? I guess they bend light in the same way they bent the rules on emissions because bending light is impossible LOL

  17. Ребята, сколько будет стоить такая фара?

  18. Awesome, very intelligent if I say so myself however, will this cost about half a car to replace if damaged?

  19. This is insane! Great job Mercedes! Hope every car has this in a few years! I'm so sick of being blinded by every other oncoming car at night!

  20. See but how fast can react? Can it react fast enough to dull the headlamps in the right place is so that those idiots that flash me their brights (thinking that I have mine on) won't blind me?

  21. This also has a timer function, when the vehicle gets past its warranty period, it goes "DING DING DING" then breaks

  22. Can the main headlight bulb be changed on a 2015 W212 E class with the intelligent light system? Mine has stopped working and mercedes in the uk want £1200 for a headlight.i already spent £1200 on one headlight unit because the lens’s cracked.please mercedes help me i cannot afford another headlight for the other side now as it stopped working.Please please i need help is there anything you can do for me mercedes?

  23. The problem is, the idiot coming the other way in his Mazda with his foglight and high beam on doesn't have this tech? so he blinds you?

  24. Damn, I’d hate to find out how much it cost when it time replace the headlamp… I thought H.I.D.s were expensive…

  25. the good thing is you don't need to replace these unless you get into a crash, the bad thing is, you're invoking a crash by blinding oncoming traffic constantly, and the car in front of you, which is going to road rage and kill you. what was broken about the older lights? nothing? couldnt see as good with a bright screen of a phone as you text and run over people while on social media so you needed brighter headlights?

  26. 3 años y a un sigo esperando por esta tecnologia que prometieron, hasta la fecha no hace lo que dicen que haria.

  27. These headlamps will certainly be smarter than some of your drivers. Finally the car will lower the beems on oncoming vehicles as the drivers have been too ??? to give a damn. Great work Merc keep it up.

  28. Wow, they headlights are so good, when you break them, your car is totalled and your insurance wont cover it, awesome!

  29. These light technologies should be mandated on all cars. How can you commoditize something as an inalienable right to safety like this? It's a massive conspiracy to weed out the less fortunate. These cars with advanced lighting systems will surely have advanced collision avoidance so even if an inferior motor vehicle causes an accident, these drivers of luxury on wheels will simply avoid the chaos and be safe while others will suffer the consequences. Not very dissimilar to the rich being able to jump queues for doctor visits and better health care.

  30. Do we need ANY of this?
    Its technology for the sake of technology rather than demand.

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