Headlight Controls | 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Mopar How-To

[Music] you’ll find the headlight control switch on the left side of the instrument panel turn the control to the first position for parking lights turn to the second position for headlights you can also turn the control to the a or Auto position in this position the headlights will turn on or off automatically based on the surrounding light levels the dimmer control adjusts your instrument panel lights with the parking lights or headlights on or with the switch in the auto position rotate the dimmer control to increase the brightness of the instrument panel lights rotate it to the next position to brighten the odometer and radio controls rotate it to the last position to turn on the interior lights to activate the fog lights turn on the parking lights or the low beam headlights or put the switch in the auto position then push in the headlight control switch push the control in a second time to turn the fog lights off this video is not intended to take the place of your owner’s manual for complete details and other important safety information please see your owners information [Music]

5 thoughts on “Headlight Controls | 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Mopar How-To

  1. i have a 2018 GC TH with the halogen lights and different light unit. how much would it cost to have the lights shown in this video, with the led drl and bi-xenon lights in both head and fog lights installed?

  2. Kinda stupid how my 2018 GC Limited has halogen and not LED lights considering it cost $45k

  3. ? If anyone still needs information regarding this converting halogen to the headlight in this video feel free to contact us, We offer the conversion harness and headlights as well…
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