Heavy downpours slam Seoul and southern regions, causing flooding

Let’s start with the extreme weather that
slammed South Korea’s central region last night. During an hour of intensely strong downpours,…
75 millimeters of rain lashed Seoul and its surrounding areas, causing flooding and property
damage. Forecasters are warning that more of the same
could be in store today as well,… so be prepared
Kim Hyo-sun starts us off. Heavy downpours flooded streets and homes
in South Korea’s central and southern regions on Tuesday night. Cars were half-submerged on flooded roads,…
and facilities near rivers were completely flooded. Store owners tried their best to prevent damages
as water gushed into the ground floor of their buildings, but there wasn’t much they could
do to stop it. While no major damage or casualties were reported,…
the flooding affected thousands of homes. “We blocked the bathroom door with towels. The water kept flowing into the living room
through the floor.” According to the Central Disaster and Safety
Countermeasures Headquarters,… nearly five-hundred cases of sewer overflows were reported across
Seoul as of nine p.m. on Tuesday. Major roads along the Han River were also
blocked due to flood concerns. Flood warnings were issued around major streams
in Seoul, where heavy rain advisories were issued, including the surrounding Gyeonggi-do
Province and northern Gagnwon-do Province. Authorities are urging people to watch out
for possible damage as heavy rain is forecast to continue through Wednesday. Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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