Heavy rain causes flooding in southern England

Safety advice to residents after flash floods
hit Hayle. Heavy rain and flooding has caused severe
disruption in parts of southern England, with some areas seeing nearly 2in (50mm) of rain. The village of Cardinham in Cornwall saw 2in
(52mm) of rain over 36 hours while Bastreet Downs got 2.1in (53.4mm). Devon and Cornwall Police declared a major
incident on Thursday and said downpours had caused localised flooding, with a number of
roads left impassable. The A30 bypass at Hayle was temporarily closed. Meanwhile flooding has also affected large
swathes of southern England and the Midlands, with 45 flood warnings and 192 flood alerts
put in place by the Environment Agency. Yellow weather warnings for rain remain in
place for large swathes of the south until midday on Sunday, but forecasters are predicting
that the situation in Cornwall will improve. A spokesman for the Met Office said: “There
will be some showers around but nowhere near as much rain as today.” But he added: “More rain is coming from
the south through the night and tomorrow. “Most of the rain will be in the eastern
part, eastern England and Scotland, gradually improving throughout the day. “It does look, as we head into next week,
that the weather will turn drier.” Some 30 flood warnings – where flooding
is expected – were in place for England on Thursday evening, alongside 189 flood alerts,
which warn flooding is possible. Norfolk and Suffolk Police said parts of both
counties had been inundated as of Friday morning. The Environment Agency said it was monitoring
the situation and the public were advised to remain vigilant.

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