Heavy Rain, Heavy Snow, Flood Threat Increasing, Atmospheric River, Major Winter Storm Ryan

31 thoughts on “Heavy Rain, Heavy Snow, Flood Threat Increasing, Atmospheric River, Major Winter Storm Ryan

  1. your videos are always amazing. I messaged you on snapchat because I have to ask you something if you want to check it out 🙂

  2. Another great video! How much snow has the Donner Pass area gotten so far as of today? Sounds like it could be a record breaking snowfall season up there?

  3. If the Sierra's get as much snow as expected, this will a historic year like no other. Over 550 inch snow-base now at Mammoth, 200 more? Over 700 inch base!! Lake Tahoe region has already broken the February snowfall record, this will just add to it.

  4. WIND absolutely INSANE in NE Kentucky. Lots of downed trees, power outages everywhere and flooding as well as lots of mud and rock slides. Our Country roads have pot holes big enough to swallow up a VW Bug… Last 18 months have been out of sorts…. Thanks for your reports

  5. I'm in the central Sierra foothills near Yosemite, This has me very concerned. Thank you for these forecast's

  6. I need to travel from Yuma Arizona up the coast to Vancouver. When does your weather improve?

  7. Not as bad as last April wind. 10:18 PM EST standard in toronto the winds have picked up some snow but, so far ok no power outage in my neck of the woods

  8. Evening David…. I am so tired of winter (NW Montana)….When is Spring coming, brother ???? Thank you for your research. God Bless.

  9. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I can't help but wonder, all those fires last summer. 100s of thousands of acres now bare hills and this winter (&spring?) Uncharicteristic weather. Massive rainfall amounts. =????

  10. Ahhh there you go again.
    The world stops at the 49th parallel.
    I will continue to subscribe. For now anyways.

  11. This wind makes me fell like I’m gonna die. ;-; ……….help

    I’m making a vid so you guys can hear the wind

  12. I just uploaded the vid. I flip’n scared

    And to sum up this winter now and later
    To many winter storms ,wind ,record freezing temps

    Wind is to the point that it sounds like thunder ;-;

  13. central illinois was clobbered with 60 mph gusts…the sustained wind was just, ….insane.

  14. Thank you David. We had such strong (70ish mph) winds last night, our dogs kept barking cuz they thought someone was coming in the back door. I told my dad he should demand a refund from watchdog school. They did a lousy job. You on the other hand, do an awesome job! Thanks for keeping us up to date. God bless

  15. Wow. Oroville dam was just fixed and should be able to handle the big rains and snowmelt. After putting a huge chunk of cashola in it , it better be.

  16. Interesting how the bullseye of these storms are the same bullseye of the fires in Redding and Paradise , Calif.

  17. Welcome to a more typical weather pattern for the West coast after years of on and off drought.
    Oroville's new spillway is ready for action!

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