5 thoughts on “Heavy Rain Hits Southland As Officials Warn Residents To Be Prepared

  1. You have the most fucked up weather. Northern CA floods, Southern CA bakes. Finally rains, Northern CA fights for water. Then SoCal Bakes, Oroville floods. Totally fucked up weather patterns. Here in Michigan we have a ton of water too. But we try not to let anyone build a house on a floodplain, unlike you who encourage 8 million dollar homes be built on cliffs. We cut old growth timber before it catches fire and burns $500 mil in houses. "Ah, but it is warm and does not snow." Political climate fucked up, english not the 1st language, confiscatory taxes levied. Not the Golden State anymore. Keep your sunshine, multi-sexual identity, sanctuary state bullshit. I'll deal with some snow.

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