Hell bound up the Congo River on a shanty boat

The ‘Gbemani’ and a captain are fighting against the strong current. After a week, they’ve made only three hundred and ten miles. The journey is turning into a long, tedious nightmare. But the delays create good business for Marie, an unemployed nurse,. A combination of the weather, worsening sanitary conditions are starting to make people ill. There’s no doctor, and no sick bay on board. So the captain appoints her the ship’s doctor. – I am a passenger like any other person, but I studied nursing With her limited medical knowledge, Marie tours the ship looking for the sick. Most on board, have never seen let alone been treated by a doctor. The voyage is particularly hard on the children, especially when the poorest parents give them river water to drink. Every day, river traders climb on to sell supplies. On today’s menu are garden vegetables, forest fruits and fresh fish. But there is rarely enough for everyone. – He’s vomiting, and we have cases of typhoid … The noise I know how to differentiate it. There is rage, you felt it as if you were typing: Boom boom.. – I have to do this to avoid air bubbles.
We look at the feet if we can prick there. It’s like war medicine, because the conditions so are terrible. Nine days on the river and they are six days behind schedule. So late that those who are sick may not be able to wait for proper medical treatment at the final destination.

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  1. Videos like this make me appreciate the small -little things I have in my life. May God have mercy on all of us.

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