“Hello Sweetie!” River Song Meets The Twelfth Doctor | The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

27 thoughts on ““Hello Sweetie!” River Song Meets The Twelfth Doctor | The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

  1. It wasn't until this moment when I truly understood just how in love River is with the Doctor, and just how deeply he is in love with her. Gods, this scene left me breathless. Bless Alex's acting; I was tearing up.

  2. It's moments like these that make me think Capaldi should've been the last Doctor. A beautiful ending to The Doctor and River Song's relationship, a full circle with him meeting the first Doctor, being the final Doctor to help save Gallifrey "No Sir, all thirteen." As much as I like the idea of another Doctor (shame the writing for Jodie Whittaker's hasn't been great so far), I think it was a good time to end the series.

  3. Love this scene to bits and shows how much river really loved the doctor one of best scenes from calpdi era

  4. now this- this- i- my heart melts, thinking abOUT THIS SCENE. the chemistry between Twelve and River is so,,, genuINE. LIKE I ACTUALLY SHIP THIS. no offence to the Eleven and River shippers, but Capaldi and Kingston really sold my heart a lot of feels on the spot.

  5. Watched it before: cried. Watched it yesterday: cried. Watched it today: cried again. I always cry with this. I'm begging you, bring her back!

  6. This is almost like watching a pantomime. You just want to shout "HE'S BEHIND YOU!"

  7. I love how the baddies know more about how much the Doctor loves her than she does. And it also makes me sad. I'm not crying, you're cutting onions.

  8. I always used to think that a woman should love like River Song not Rose Tyler. Rose gave up her life to have the doctor, she put everything and everyone, including her family, on the line for him, just to have him love her back.
    And River, so strong and independent never let her love stop her from running across the universe alone, raising all kinds of hell and just enjoying the few moments she could get with the man she loves. She's so sure he doesn't love her back, she has told herself that over and over again and she's brave enough and complete enough to be okay with that.

  9. this just goes to show how tragic the doctor and rivers love story is
    its probably one of if not the most tragic lovestory in fictional media
    their lives where completely backwards and river sadly had to go for 250/300 years thinking that the man she loved with all her heart never loved her at all and only thought that she was nothing more than "fun" to him she pretty much only ever thought the doctor saw them as a friends with benefits kind of relationship so glad she found out in the end that he did truly love her in the same fashion it goes to show that she died with some closer also to note their love is literally eternal seeing as their romance is pretty much a temporal loop.

  10. Oh I just realised her name is actually “Song River”. Well Bajoran’s in Star Trek say their name backwards. They new Doctor is wearing a Bajoran style earring. Maybe she alway carries a little bit of River with her.

  11. What bothers me is if you follow the 2 timelines they have. When River first met the doctor with all that shinanigans with the diamond and killing the dude, she would have known it was the doctor, since it is the last time she sees that regeneration. Her timeline goes back in time and he forward, so that was his first meeting, and her last meeting. Right? So they both should recognize each other from the bat.

  12. Please, please, puh lease bring River Song back…she is bloody brilliant and this series is in desperate need of life

  13. The doctors face when river says the doctor never loved her….just breaks what’s left of my heart :/

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