Help After the Storm: Your Insurance Claims | Texas Department of Insurance

If your home was damaged by the hurricane
or the flooding that followed, you’ve probably got questions about your insurance coverage. There are three major types of policies that
will cover damage to your home: Windstorm insurance, Homeowners insurance, and Flood insurance. If you live in one of the 14 counties along the coast or parts of Harris County, you probably have
a windstorm policy. Windstorm insurance is similar to homeowners
coverage, and it covers you when the source of the damage was high winds or hail. If you live farther inland, your homeowners policy will cover damage caused by wind or hail. Windstorm and homeowners polices do not cover floods. You need a separate flood policy for damage
caused by rising water or a storm surge. Be sure to notify all your insurers about your damage and try to be there when the adjuster comes. Each insurer’s adjusters will determine
what damage is covered by their policy. Remember to notify your auto insurer, too. If you’ve got comprehensive coverage, it
will cover flood and storm damage to your cars. We’re here to help with your
questions and claims to get the recovery process started as soon as possible. Our Consumer Help Line

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