HERMEL: Adventure on the Assi River, Rafting, Camping, Food and the Mountains. (North Bekaa) Lebanon

Go! Greetings from the Assi! 3 hours from Beirut, you get to a region that’s wonderful. I will call it an adventurous episode.. An adventure in Herlem. Meshwar (trip) starts now! How are you Anthony, you’re early today! We move at 5:30 AM, Greetings. Let’s go. This is our business the Furn. From long ago.. We didn’t choose to work anything else. I’ve been working in Tannour for almost 25 years now. Whoever gets to Hermel and doesn’t try Tannour, is just like who gets to a well and doesn’t drink water. The tannour here is very special, they’ve been working for 30 years now. On firewood… Tannour is what I think, was copied by the French people by doing crepe. Look at how thin, crunchy… it’s taste! Wonderful. A bit of Tannour with thyme and cheese before we continue our trip. You can eat it without adding anything! Mind blowing! The bread is easy to make, but the steam or the smoke is very hard to do. It comes out and there is no place for it to leave. Anyways, this bread is harder for the cheese and thyme. Thyme is put on top, but if it got stuck onto the oven it has to be flipped. But what’s harder is the cheese that needs to be closed very well, and needs a strong slam to stick. It has to be closed well so the cheese doesn’t melt outside. So it needs a master to slam it. We can call it biscuit with thyme. amazing! with labne… This shop has been open for 50 years. Em Jamil. Em Jamil yes. Great, we will taste everything you have. What do you want, I’ll serve. I turned Lebanon but it’s the first time I see a lady doing Hummus and Beans. I’m so happy, I came from Beirut for you. Her mother is from Brazil, she lived there for 8 years and her dad lived in Sin el Fil. What a small world. Water from the sink, up till this day we open the sink and drink. It’s the water of Ras Il Mel. I noticed something, that this lady tries everything out, I asked her not to add garlic so she’s tasting them before serving them. She puts some on her hand and tries it like the old days. The smile isn’t leaving her face. This is yours. We start. We had manoushe tannour… and now Hummus and Beans that’s been done for 50 years. Let me introduce you to Noureddine, called me to come to Hermel. Today we started from Al Assi, after we finish our breakfast here… we’ll go to the field. You will get to see the trees that are more than 5000 years. We will go to the alley and have a camp fire, we will spend two splended days together. I want to tell you goodbye. I’m so happy we met. I am happy as well! You’re smile is amazing. I promise I’m very happy I met you. The brazilians will love you! Thank you. The meshwar (trip) continues from Hermel which is one of the biggiest villages of Lebanon. You get into one road to another. Each time I fly the drone thinking I can take pictures of Hermel, but it’s bigger than it seems. From the alley of Hermel we are going on a 40 minute ride to a village called? Amire. Amire. We are going to see the mountains of Hermel which are called “Al jered” so we’ll see some pictures with the drone, and we’ll see what we’ll do when we get there. The tree of “Al Lezeb” I don’t know the importance of the cedars, it’s so old. Tell me more about it. The Lezab tree is aged more than the Cedar trees, The importance, it’s the most tree that filtrates air, It gives oxygen as well. Even if the bird “Kaykhan” and ate it, it’s the only way it grows back. When the bird eats it, and digests it then comes out as waste. That’s how it grows back normally. If you came and tried to plant the “Lezab” it wouldn’t grow alone. Like this tree, I can’t estimate it’s age but I can say it’s older than 2000 years. We are on the “Jered” (field). I don’t know how many meters above sea level because the phone can’t connect. The altimeter isn’t working. But we got to a place called Maresh Hanna, and we looked to the phone and saw Akkar, North, and Bekaa. We are in the triangle between those three. We are in a very huge, green flat. Between mountains and the wind is amazing! There’s no phone service. I hope the car stays safe. We will continue the tour and we will discover new places. From Marj Hanna we got to Sahil Il Sawah. Extended to Jbeb El Homor, till Eyoun Il Simen on the other side. It’s unbelievable how you discover new things everyday in Lebanon. I thought we only had one flat which is the Bekaa, But from Bekaa behind the mountains, there are more flats… From a mudy and dusty road, to a highway that’s lined and wide, which links Hermel with Douniyyeh on the other side, till Tripoli. We got to Hermel at 9 AM, I don’t know how it’s 1:30 PM, the time passed… We went up the fields and the road is very nice, we came up here car after car… We got to a place called Al Jered. It’s 2200 Meters above sea level exactly, I think the highest touristic interest is in Lebanon. The idea is for the tourist to come and live a new life, away from the city life. Eat organic food, and try the natural exercises This plan is within the Reserve of Al Lezzeb. We then called it the Reserve of Ghandi and Houssam, it’s in the memory of the young men, who got into a car accident, my son and nephew. So in this reserve there is a reserve of Ghandi and Houssam, and the project of Al Jered started. This project is basically of, tents of hair and cotton… we wanted to do this model because it’s from the natural region around us. And it’s a new model. So the tourist is coming to see, houses of wood and rocks he’s living in a hotel. He comes here to live the nature the way it is with it’s tents, way of living, and what’s new of it. We’d let him get away for a while. Even the light is on the solar energy. and the hot water as well. Everything natural is in excellence, the sewage is used for planting. All of this is within this reserve on 1,200,000 Meter Squared. An apple. It’s for fun on the way. And the wind… An apple from Al Jered. Whomever haven’t enjoyed a Lebanese apple… haven’t seen anything in his life. If you look at this water path you’d say it’s a waterwheel. You’d follow it until you’d see water coming out of the mountain. It’s a well, look how it’s flodding. If you want to come over to my place you’d come from Tripoli’s road Sir El Denniyeh or from Hermel from… Omeir road. You have those two paths… This tree you took a shot of is Al Lezebeh it’s the oldest one here. Some people say it’s 7000 years old But what I’ve calculated it’s more than 10000 years. So we call it The restaurant of Al Lezebeh. Fafi is joking, he told me how about I make you try the tomatoes? I told him let’s go! Let’s eat fresh tomatoes! Those are the tomatoes. From the land. I don’t know what’s the secret, but this tree we are sitting under, has amazing chill breeze! I’m shy to wear a jacket in the middle of summer… and this gathering makes my life longer! Lezebeh just ask about it, as they say go surf the internet and see what is does to nature. Meat, hummus, salad, Everything is fresh. They’re all fresh. A simple setting, before we continue our meshwar (trip). I’m so glad I met you. Thanks dear, me too. And fries that are chopped by hand… Without bread, the way they are, one piece of fat and one of meat. Everything is domestic here, I asked them from where they said El Jered. It’s a shame if you ask from where. And best for last, the Kashta! Look how solid! They call the Jam, Maoud here..Apricot jam. A good Lebanese taste. It deserves a picture but I can’t wait to eat it. Waw! I want 2 or 3 more of these.. I love it like that I will ruin the way of eating it, but you get a fork and you do that It’s like this Are we ready? Rafting? No. Rafting is for tomorrow morning… the first day people come over… we give them a touristic tour. We spend this day like that, we have a camp fire at night, and tomorrow we have breakfast and go rafting. 7 kilometers, first part is full of trees then we end it with a 9 kilometer waterfall. Great then, I’m not bored and the day hasn’t ended. There’s a sunset. There’s dinner, and you sleep in, and tomorrow morning we go to the rafting. Let’s listen to the sound of the water in the mean time. I don’t know… I don’t know what they do. I know you hear a special sound This is harder. Is it good? Does it have to make a ringing sound or not? It has to ring. it has to. This one no. It’s lighter. Which ever you want. I like the sound of this. 16 kilograms! God bless! We opened the shop and we chose the name of Quara, it’s an old name of the honeycomb.. Just for the significance of domestic and national production. We have sushi and Lebanese meals, we have sea fish and river fish. Yes true. It’s super juicy. It taste amazing and it’s not dry at all. It’s amazing! Lebanese good meal. In a place where it doesn’t have arabic music and hookahs. And not usual arab restaurants by the rivers. It’s in an upscale place, you wouldn’t consider having in Hermel. We crossed the street and came here to the place where they prepare the fish to send it to Beirut. or it would be exported. You’ll see that there’s something that looks exactly like Salmon. It has the same color, but the difference is that it’s made in Lebanon Hermel. Trout fish. This is the last thing we do for today, camp fire before we go to the tents and sleep. And prepare yourself at 5AM. 5 AM! Meshwar (trip) to Hermel… continues. I can’t get enough of it. Good morning Lebanon! 5:30 AM and the day starts. The night was amazing, it was relaxing and it’s clammy. It’s chill in the morning. The sound of birds and water, I slept like a dead man and felt nothing. Today is the adventure day, they’re waiting for us with cheese, fresh milk, a breakfast and then rafting! We are ready. I will let the guys help me. We will switch to another type of camera…. And leave this one here because there’s a lot of water splashes. The experience and adventure will start. 360, you’ll watch later. Go pros for a wide experience. In the water, 2 hours going down… I won’t say more! Let’s go. Are you ready? Ready! God! You will see Kareem paddling. Ready! Hold here. Oblique on your thigh, it’s not okay to flip it Your role in rafting… i have to spread the force on it. and that’s how you stop! Life jacket like that. I place my legs infront of me, and I would let me legs go for the monitor to come pick me up from the raft. If you felt that it didn’t work what would you do? I pray for Virgin Mary. Other than that, before praying… Unbuckle your life jacket and helmet. You put them on any tree branch because they’re very expensive, and then go. Great. Okay? Ready? I want you to listen well. All of us fall under, bend downwards fast. Okay hold, stay like that and go up, up, up! Stay in! Okay up ! They are paddling and I am taking pictures. I have to introduce you to the guys which are all moniters. We’ll start from here. Noureddine. Mohammad. Mohammad. Hadi. Ali. Ali. Those are the guys, when you come here know that you’re in safe hands because they’re all professional and they’ve worked for ages. I’m all wet. It’s good thanks! Stop, go right All go all go ! Sit down! This is it. The experience of Hermel it’s from the most important places in Lebanon. There’s nothing scary, go up to Hermel and enjoy. Rafting, nature, calmness, and very good food! Those two days are historical, thanks for everything! I hope everyone comes here to meet you guys, and see your kindness and generosity and your smile. You’re good vibes and good experience. And the good meals! Greetings Anthony, greetings kareem, your house is here Thank you so much! Obviously you’d eat Trout, we ate it raw… and grilled. Today we are eating it fried, like chips and with its skin. It’s very good! I don’t know what to say, and I’m so happy! And obviously I’m coming again I promise you. You’re welcome, and I say again it’s your house i hope you enjoyed and we gave our all. I know they’re famous with fish, but meat also? Frakkeh is amazing with bulgur. Nice!

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