Heroes of Hurricane Harvey

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  1. Wow. A natural disaster happens and you show off some more light moments and funny things for it, you donate to 2 charities, and make 1. Yet this is one of the least seen GMM episodes. I know from the comment this is newer, but all newer episodes have more views.

  2. Thank you Good Mythical Morning! I enjoy watching your videos, and this one is especially awesome.

  3. Lost everything due to the hurricane, please check out gofundme.com/harvey-losteverything!

  4. My wife & I moved to Houston 1.5 years ago and just bought furniture from Mattress Mac a couple months before Harvey. So glad we did! Mac didn't only feed his guests, he fed them steak dinners. Many restaurants started making food and handing it out. No victims here, only overcomers. Texas ROCKS!!!!

  5. I live in Houston Texas and believe me when I say this with hurricane Harvey was devastating like most everyone street was flooded and many people died and not many people got donation so I'm glad you guys are helping out.

  6. I live in Dickinson which is near Galveston and it was bad I just feel bad for that nursing home if anyone watched the news when this happened

  7. Wheb I was a cart attendant in my younger years there was this really hot day, and my store and conditioner was never really any good. So I stepped into the furniture store next door where there was a nicerbair conditioner. The manager saw me drinking water from their fountain and how hot I was. He told me to sit on one of his niice chairs they had for sale and brought me over a wet wrag and a cold bottle of water. I sat there for about 15 minutes.

  8. me and my parents used all of the profits from my grandmas' estate sale and donated it to the people hurt by the 4 hurricanes and the earthquake that happened that week.

  9. I want to thank y’all so much for your support of those who lost so much during this horrible event. My husband and I lost our home and have just now gotten into a new house. There are still so many on our town displaced thank you so much for remembering them. We love your show and watch it every day y’all have brought so much laughter to us but unfortunately we have not been able to watch GMM until today and are now trying to catch up. 4 episodes in and already a lot of laughing. 🙂

  10. This is so sad the storm didn't stay for long and not enough (American) people died so sad I will pray for more storm for u hope u death

  11. Make a video of like 6 seconds where you say
    Rhett: let’s talk about that
    Link: let’s talk about that

  12. This video was uploaded on the 6th of September and my birthday is on the 6th of September

  13. I saw the plunger man video it was so funny but a good way to brighten everyone’s spirits. I hope that everything is going better now that Harvey is gone

  14. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

  15. i will never forget having to watch my parents and my dog have to swim out of our house. Thank you GMM for the shining light on something dark! you guys are the best!

  16. there is to much water to be electrocute by that small a voltage like if u put a toaster in the sea everyone would not die lol

  17. Looking back at this still makes me smile. I answered the phone at a fire station for 72 hours straight and it was really heartbreaking the calls we got. Thanks for this y’all.

  18. also, mattress mac is known by almost every single person in houston. he is one of the best people, and our world would be a much better place if more people like him existed

  19. also rett, you guys in cali must not get alot of floods. when it floods, water and power are cut off. no risk of eletrocution

  20. huh and all I did was push water up hill in the mall I work at during harvy

  21. This brought me to tears still to this day My mom said alot of her friends came to help in houston (cause they couldn't help anywhere else) 🙂

  22. Trust me it was awful unfortunately i spent my birthday stuck at home in a blackout and it almost flooded my house but luckly we werent flooded

  23. There are still humans out there that need help and you chose to help animals…

  24. Still going on btw, some people are still having construction done on their houses

  25. The fish story was on the news also I had to walk through chest high water

  26. It's amazing what you guys did to support people affected by the hurricane!

  27. my father dusted off the canoe to go pick up a neighbor whose house was flooded and bring them back to his house and then floated down the street to the grocery store which wasn't underwater to get groceries. they were one of the only houses in the neighborhood to not get flooded

  28. The fish is a pleco, a suckerfish that lives in the Amazon that's a popular aquarium fish

  29. I live on westimer in Houston. just now seeing this, mattress Mac is a hero REP HOUSTON

  30. Wow, hope the same thing happens tomorrow when we get hit by Hurricane Florence

  31. Americans overreact when "hurricanes" we call them cyclones, come. We have at least 50 cyclones a year and I've been through the largest cyclone in the world "cyclone Yahsee" I went through that when I was 4

    Also here are some translations from your words to our words

    Shrimp = prawns
    Hurricane = cyclone
    Also y do most Americans hate seafood pls reply

  32. That's a PWC, not a jet-ski. Jet-skis are standing room only, like skis. Hence, jet-ski.
    Not mentioned, but still important: the Red Cross always needs blood, and donating after a disaster is NOT helpful. Blood has a short shelf life and it takes time to process it and get it where it needs to be. They end up throwing out literally tons of blood because they literally have no use for it. Ideally people would donate BEFORE a disaster, so it can be where it needs to, but obviously we can't predict that kind of thing. Best practice is to just pick a random day and donate, or better yet, pick several random days to donate.

  33. Love you guys. From Houston, watching this a year and a half later and it brings me the good feels.

  34. The M110A3 can only ford up to 15 inches of water… if they graduated from Charlie 58th Trans, maybe they’d know that?

  35. Decided to go back and watch old episodes lol….I was actually standing next to the guy that recorded the video of the monster truck. It was a mile away from my home

  36. Mannnnn Harvey hurricane was on the first year I was going to school at Houston. Just arrive and the hurricane came

    Devastation reign, the man saw his future drip dripin' down the drain……

  37. So I'm getting here late … I didn't know this existed. I lived in Houston, experienced Harvey. Myself and my, now wife, thought we could wait it out, but we evacuated when the water was about five feet in our area. We were taken in by complete strangers who let us stay with them for almost two days … Harvey was something I'll never forget, but amongst the chaos, we saw so much selflessness and care from complete strangers.

  38. Rhett and Link confirm people are awesome, because they are awesome people, showing real heros.
    I'm a hugh fan of gmm and now an even bigger one.
    Rhett and Link you guys rock.

  39. Ont thing I love about GMM is that they don’t talk much about recent events or news or drama or anything. But it’s nice they did this. Natural disasters I don’t mind being talked about, but anything controversial I’d rather just watch silly usual videos lol.

  40. Monster trucks are Like Cars with massive wheels on them but they are faster and cooler

  41. Yall americans probably never heard of us but im from a small island in the pacidic oceon called tinian and we experienced a super typhoon nearly about half a year ago and i can really relate to this and i thank you for sharing the love

  42. Im glad that my house didnt flood in hurricane Harvey but i had ro go to school and i stayed there until 9 and my mom brought my uncle with his monster truck and we helped people that had the same situation

  43. I was only in third grade When Harvey hit ….luckily, our house didn't flood, but Marina almost did recently

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