Hidden Trails of Red River Gorge: Hiking to Cloud Splitter and the Indian Staircase

hey I’m Johnny bluegrass so we’re here
today with the Red River Underground our inaugural trip yeah right here we have
Country Style Troy Slade and the man with the camera Joe Ray AKA
mountain man and we’re going to take you on hidden trails of the gorge today we
thought we’d started off with an oldie but a goodie we’re gonna start with a
marked trail thank goodness number 100 shall we trace will we go by
jump rock suspension bridge up Sand Mountain then up to cloud Splitter which
will be a one of the hidden trails of the gorge
then we’re going to take you on this run around the rim through frogs knob and
then down the Indian staircase so these are trails that most people have it
don’t know about but they’re some of the best ones in the in the gorge so we’re
very excited red river ground presents Hidden Trails of the Gorge. go ahead it’s gonna be
badass badass hey we’re about a quarter mile into the trail it’s not very far as
you can see right here we have the Red River running up to our left when the
background is a very famous rock I’m jumping called jump rock or on top of
the famous red river suspension bridge before we start I want to say that our
unofficial sponsor today is going to be ale 8 one
we don’t actually go across the bridge on the trail as you can see where Joe
ray is standing over there we’re coming up on this side next to him on the Left
we’re gonna go up the hill towards cloud splitter go up right yes hey it’s Johnny
bluegrass again we’re we’re just coming up the hill right from the suspension
bridge it was down there by the Red River what you want to do now is to mark
trail but it could be difficult in the fall because the leaves we’re gonna go
up this way Joe Ray knows the way around here where we’re coming up here
is a good week saying half a mountain is what we call it it’s badass me it’s a
mini hidden trail if you notice the right is whether the regular trail
deviates but the the special trail is up around here it’s going to hug around the
rocks and then we’ll film there from Sand Castle Mountain we’ll show you what
it is and but you want to go left here it’ll come back to the main trail I
promise hey y’all Troy Slade here just with a
quick tidbit for y’all see these diamonds and turtle shells always stay
on these trails for example many moons ago Johnny bluegrass and I came up to
this impact and fell right here leads nowhere
so just reminders always stick to the trails it’s Johnny bluegrass here with Joe ray
we’re just coming up to a one of these rock formation junctures on the trail
we’re still on the Sheltowee trace but this is a great watering hole if you’ve
got yourself a Sawyer water filter all right so this is the main cutoff
here I threw the trail by somebody saw you guys walk probably about a half a
mile maybe tomorrow this is a the start of cloud splitter, it’s one of the
most elusive to get awesome parts of the gorge and how you get up and we’ll see
you guys up here at the top your trails going to basically be a
ditch line you’re gonna have a lot of roots to hang on to
it’s a pretty crappy trail and you’ll walk all the way up and you’ll see a
small rock facing here keep climbing splitting clouds it’s gonna be badass y’all so we’re at the scene of cloud splitter
you got two rounds to go out going on the road like our boy Johnny bluegrass
is going to do you can climb up the rock where it goes around like a poor choice
like it is as choice they would say it’s badass I’m gonna go up on the rope check
it out just how you do it you want to go I can’t climb so yeah second interest
we’re the best overlooks begins Wow take this
fucking about I mean this is badass man it’s still going up look at that country
style what do you see Hey Troy Slade here on the third king
of the mountain here above the clouds here cloud splitter and Johnny bluegrass upthere having a great time like he’s Rocky it’s one of the best views in the
gorge Phoebe’s gonna do with us this is the finale a
cloud splitter after you get down from the overlooking come back we initially came in it and then you come into the cave we’ve got to go over you got to
crawl through it and then go to the other overlook cloud splitter dude
thank you Joe right okay so once you come in through the cave you’ll see
Johnny and bluegrass and Bill Murray you got to climb up the trees by the
cloud splitter gods that someone left into the crevice there and then you come
out into the right-hand side to the Overlook part 2 he’s come back down from clouds splitter
we’re going to get back on the sheltowee trace again in and then we’re
going to go up to a frogs knob and go down the Indian staircase all right this is about two miles after
the cloud splitter do a nice gentle hike up to what we call the cat’s eyes after
the cat eyes we’re going to go up this trail right here there’s a trail right
over there we just it’s just a little to the right when you go to the cat eyes
but here it is kind of over this cliff over here I don’t know if you can see it
maybe there is one here’s the other now the Red River Underground wants to give
you a safety tip I’m Johnny bluegrass I’m going to show you how to Daniel
Boone and look over a ledge now a lot of people when they look over edge then
they stick like that and look over but sometimes that little bit of shift of
weight and the vertigo can cause you to fall over so how you properly look over
a Ledge this is how Daniel Boone did it and you should too
you get all fours distribute the weight and then go good god that’s a so this is
important right here is like once you get up to the top from that rock
formation is where we’re going to split from the trail the regular trail the
Sheltowee Trace goes that way you can see the white marker there on the tree
but what you’re going to do once you cross come up here so you want to go
over here to the left there’s a lot of trails up there but they all deviate
towards the main trail this comes back down from the Sheltowee trace but ignore
those keep always going to the left yeah I know right Troy Slade it looks
like how we’re going to do it but I’m going to show you how to do it because
the way I discovered it was someone came up from it so it surprised the hell out
of me but here we go what you want to do is
come over here to the right there’s a couple of little roots a little Ridge
that you can run across and then you’ll see there’s a trail down there believe
it or not alright be very careful guys it’s a little slick coming down there on
the leaves you and there’s a interesting sanctuary here
for a very rare flower called the white tailed goldenrod typically they bloom here
under rock shelters this time of year there’s no blooms at the moment just some Ivy this is
one of only four places in the gorge in the world you fill this little baggie up
I’ll show you some folks you’re here in a second we’re going to fill up and have
enough water to get back home you screw it here on top of the waste bag there
are you opening up the cap and squeezing and pour and enjoy that limestone
goodness so how’s it taste ray tastes like nature we’re leaving that
direction and coming up this hill toward Indian staircase so right here you can
take the steep rock you could take side rock and see so you’re saying
that’s where you walked across right down there on the ridge Gee’s goes down doesn’t it it’s a very
popular repelling spot you’d like to repel, great place, you repel off the knob
no sir there’s a tree from behind the knob is too dangerous we say choice late only badass night
kind of go down the rock face there’s frogs nom that’s where we came
over the cliff and walked around the rim just want to show it from this angle and
on this trail down where Mike is stay we’re a big country style coach style
This is part of the sheltowee trace had gone the other
way there’s a arch called Adena arch to be seen that direction well we cut
that out yeah and he took the hidden trail right and so we want to go to the
left here now we’re coming back down from the Indian staircase we want to
make sure you go to the right when there’s a work which we got to film at
earlier right here is a nice little pit stop where you can stop eat your Clif
bars and drink your limestone wine fortunately our awesome day is almost over although we have a couple
maybe a mile and a half mile hike back to the car to the suspension bridge
parking lot we are now I put the road where so in terms of the woods we’re
done for the day however Joe right here is going to show
us the the where you park and take a shortcut up to Cloud splitter and we walked in
the road probably a good eight nine hundred yards and you’ll come up or
there just on the left hand side and right that will mark the trail but we just wanted to show everybody
that we walk along the rough road back to where we started right here is this
road back to the parking lot for the suspension bridge parking lot and you
can see over here on the other side of the road that’s what we started earlier
today it’s been want to fun for for us doing this so anybody got any other
words it was badass man and we’re back nothing like a cool smoke
after a 12 mile hike huh oh now hold on let me see oh no I don’t
know I don’t

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