High Island Reservoir, East Dam | UNESCO Global Geopark | Hong Kong Travel Vlog

hi everyone, hello, hi we are scatabout My name’s Amanda and I am Dean and today we
are going to the east dam which is in the UNESCO global geopark. Yes and what should we find there today Amanda? I don’t really know, so we are just going
to have to go and see. So where are we now though? We are at the Volcano discovery centre. And why are we here? We are here because I researched online and
I found that this is the place where you can buy tickets to do a half day tour, I understand
the tour bit is in Cantonese which is just really just a bus that will take us to the starting point then
we can walk around the park ourselves. So it is a good transport option so you don’t
have to worry about getting there and back they’ll have a shuttle bus for you to take
you there at a designated time and bring you back You can also actually get there through a
taxi there are taxis there typically but you run the risk that there may not be any there because it is quite isolated trying to get a taxi back could be an issue. But it depends on the time of day I hear that
early on in the day is probably the best time to try because a lot of people are still coming
into the park I believe you can actually also walk there are a few kms walk from an entrance
where a bus or a taxi could drop you off but today we are a bit lazy because the weather
is not great so we will get a shuttle bus from the Visitors Centre. Cool? Yep. Awesome! So Amanda where are we? We are at the Hong Kong UNESCO GeoPark which
is in Sai Kung area and we are actually at the East Dam at the moment and there is also
a west dam. So in the 1970s they decided that they may
not have enough water so that’s why they built the dams and the reservoir and in doing that
they actually uncovered some different rock formations so we will see some hexagonal type
rocks and different things through volcanic activity You know that was over millions of years not
while they were building the dam? Yes Dean I knew that! And it’s really really windy here at the moment
and I am regretting wearing shorts. So we really enjoyed our time at the East
Dam. Really recommend going it’s a little bit different
and you can see all of the volcanic rocks and everything and the nice water. We managed to actually fly the drone which
was good so we got some good drone footage, nice day out. Recommend if you have enough time that you
could actually walk there but I do understand it is 9km which Dean didn’t want to walk. So Dean tell us three tips that you would
give people that are visiting. Well my three tips would be:
Tip #1 – Transportation is always important. I recommend that you have a plan for how to
get back. Tip #2 – There are actually some very good
vantage points around the dam where you can take some really cool photos. Of course if you have a drone highly recommend
bringing it out, there are some really cool drone footage especially where the barrier
is for the sea, but also then the reservoirs themselves, so definitely bring a drone if
you can. But there is actually a platform along where
the sea is that not many people go on so there are times where you can actually have the
entire length of it which is about 150m all to yourselves so some really good photos to
be taken there. Tip #3 – there are actually some other trails
around the dam, so you don’t have to go around the dam itself, it takes about 2 hours around
the dam but you spend another 1hr or couple of hours 4 hours total. There are some other trails, there’s even
a beach you could walk to if you have time to spare so that would be my tips. Thank you

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